15 Best TV Shows Like Ncis Los Angeles Update 02/2024

TV Shows Like Ncis Los Angeles

While NCIS is unquestionably the best procedural, there are a few others that are equally deserving of apologies and praise.

For over a decade, “NCIS” has managed to set itself apart from other crime procedurals on CBS. The show, an offshoot of the popular “JAG” series, focused on crimes involving the U.S. Navy. It was immediately clear that the show’s premise was unlike anything you had ever seen in a cop show.

It also stood out because of the way the characters were portrayed in the show itself. In a lot of crime novels, the tone is serious and spooky (rightfully so). However, “NCIS” quickly demonstrated that it is still possible to include humor in the storyline.

In addition, the show is well-known for its depiction of flawed and multi-faceted characters. I think it’s because of this that the show has been around for so long. The following shows are sure to appeal to fans of “NCIS,” so give them a try:

1. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Is The Longest-Running Crime Procedural Around

Blue Bloods

As of 1999, the show was created by Dick Wolf. In addition, Mariska Hargitay, a star of the show, said, “All of a sudden I started getting a very different type of fan letter, with victims actually disclosing their stories of

2. In Evil, The Cases Being Investigated Are More Sinister Than Typical Criminal Cases

“What we really wanted to show was parallel tracks, where you could look at present day phenomenon and you could interpret it scientifically and supernaturally,” co-creator Robert King explained while discussing the show. For us, we didn’t want it to be like “The X Files,” in which aliens and strange things are immediately acknowledged.

3. SEAL Team Takes A Closer Look A The U.S. Navy’s Elite Unit


David Boreanaz portrays a team leader who must also deal with problems at home in the television series. That he’s conflicted internally as a Tier 1 Navy SEAL piqued my interest,” the actor told Collider. That’s why when you’re with your loved ones, you have to slow down.”

abuse, and many for the first time.”

4. NCIS Has Dabbled In Espionage At Times, But Homeland Focuses On It

CIA operative Carrie (Claire Danes) is convinced that a US prisoner of war has been turned against the United States of America in the show starring Danes. There has been an escalation in the complexity of the show’s plot after that discovery. Over the years, 39 Emmy nominations, eight wins, and one honor have been given to the show.

5. S.W.A.T. Combines Crime-Solving With High-Stakes Action

Creator Shawn Ryan says that “a lot of times the subject matter is elevated and when you’re dealing with a show like S.W.A.T., their job is to respond to big things, so the stories can feel big.”

6. The Rookie Is A Crime Procedural With Bits Of Comedy, Just Like NCIS

The Rookie

Nathan Fillion plays a man who becomes the LAPD’s oldest rookie in the ABC series. “[John Nolan] is literally starting his life over, from scratch,” Fillion explained. He has a long and illustrious history, but he’s starting from scratch. For most people, it’s an enticing prospect.

7. FBI: Most Wanted Centers On A Special Unit That Hunts Down Notorious Criminals

The Fugitive Task Force is led by widowed father Jess LaCroix, played by Julian McMahon, in this “FBI” spinoff. Anyone on the FBI’s “Top Ten Most Wanted” list is being monitored, according to McMahon. In terms of physical appearance, there’s a big difference between the two shows: FBI versus road-trip drama.”

8. FBI Is A Sophomore Crime Procedural Headlined By Missy Peregrym

Peregrym says that the show’s plotlines are as real as they can be. It’s possible that any of us could find ourselves in one of these situations.” It’s not like we’re making it up; we’ve seen it on the news. She said in an interview with Global News: “We’re doing things that are real.

9. Blue Bloods Focuses On A Family Of Police Officers

Blue Bloods

Henry Reagan, a former New York City police commissioner, is the ancestor of a long line of law enforcement officers in the Regan family. In addition to Frank Reagan, the family patriarch, his son Danny is a detective, and his youngest son Jamie is a police officer. Erin, Frank’s lone child, works for the District Attorney’s Office.

10. Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba Team Up As Police Detectives In L.A.’s Finest

“I’m a big fan of Bad Boys,” Union said when discussing the show and its origins. However, I aspire to play the role of the hero. None of the above choices interest me.” “A badass cop, and she is trying her best to be present for this kid,” Alba said. Season two of the show has already been slated for release.

11. Chicago P.D. Is Led By Somewhat Shady Sergeant, Hank Voight

“He’s interested, but he’s not interesting,” Jason Beghe, who portrays Voight, said. In order for him to be so intimidating, he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about his feelings and whatnot. He just is.” Then he said, “He might have made an error but he’s not going to yank his hair out over it.”

12. Nancy Drew Is A Show That Revolves Around Everyone’s Favorite Teen Detective

Nancy Drew

For sure, that original character is 100 percent in there,” says Kennedy McMann, who plays the title character. She’s still the witty, brilliant, fearless, tenacious person she’s always been, despite the differences. This time around, she’s in a completely different situation. For her, she’s in an entirely new era. In addition, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.”

13. NCIS: New Orleans Is Headed By Gibbs’ Old Friend, Special Agent Pride

As Pride, Scott Bakula’s character is based on a real-life NCIS officer down there, and so he’s there as our technical advisor—his name is D’wayne Swear, and he’s eager to show us around his city.” According to him, “He loves everything about New Orleans,” which includes the people, the problems, and the city itself.

14. NCIS: Los Angeles Focuses On The Service’s Special Projects Unit

NCIS Los Angeles

NCIS agents in this office have a tendency to go undercover on a regular basis, unlike most crime procedurals. Their cases, on the other hand, can have an impact on national security. Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, Linda Hunt, Barrett Foa, and Renée Felice Smith are some of the cast members of the series.

15. NCIS Alum Michael Weatherly Plays The Titular Character In CBS’s Bull

Dr. Phil McGraw, a former trial consultant, is the inspiration for the character. “He wants to get to the bottom of it and make sure no one is put in jail for something they didn’t do,” Weatherly added. It’s a show about innocence, not guilt, in the end.