12 Best TV Shows Like Eyewitness That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like Eyewitness

If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll enjoy these even more. Some of the best films that have a similar plot to “Eyewitness” are highlighted here, and we recommend you check them out!

1. Acquitted (2015)

Acquitted (2015)

45-minute Dramatic Mystery

Success in Asia leads businessman Aksel Borgen, who was sentenced and later acquitted for the murder of his high school sweetheart, to return to his hometown in Norway to save an important local firm.

2. Sea of Plastic (2015)

1 hour and 27 minutes Crime Drama

A cop investigates the murder of a young woman in a town in southern Spain where racial tensions are high among greenhouse workers.

3. Bordertown (2016)

Bordertown (2016)

Animation and Comedy in 25 Minutes

The comedy is set in a fictional desert town near the border between the United States and Mexico and follows the daily lives of neighbors Bud Buckwald and Ernesto Gonzales, whose stories are intertwined throughout the film. Bud, a Border Patrol agent and married father of three, is concerned about the cultural shifts taking place in his neighborhood. Ernesto, a hardworking Mexican immigrant and proud father of four, lives right next door. Friendships, romance, and conflict form between Bud and Ernesto’s families as their paths cross.

4. Warrior (2018)

30 minutes with the whole family with children

In a new era of “American Ninja Warrior,” the show’s biggest fans will compete for a shot at becoming the show’s junior national champion.

5. Justice (2017)

justice (2017)

Second-act Action-Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy

When Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince are re-inspired by Superman’s selfless act, they gather an all-metahuman team that includes Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to take on the Parademons and Steppenwolf, who are on a mission to find three Mother Boxes on Earth.

6. The Sniffer (2013)

1 hour Dramatic Crime Mysteries

A crime investigator with a keen sense of smell has an advantage in solving cases because of the unique insights it provides, but his extraordinary sense of smell has a negative impact on his personal life.

7. Marcella (2016)

Marcella (2016)

45-minute Dramatic Mystery

When Marcella’s husband Jason abruptly departs, he confesses that he no longer loves her. Marcella, still reeling from her loss, rejoins the Met’s Murder Squad. Marcella retired from the police force ten years ago so she could marry and start a family. Marcella’s marriage has ended abruptly, and she is now alone with her two children, a 13-year-old and a 10-year-old. Marcella turns to her work to keep herself from crumbling.

8. Deadwind (2018)

drama crime tv show

While still grieving over the loss of her husband, detective Sofia Karppi stumbles across the body of a young woman while working on a construction site, which sets in motion a series of events that threaten to upend her entire world once more.

9. Modus (2015)

Modus (2015)

45 million criminal offenses

When it’s a snowy Christmas in Sweden, psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds herself, as well as her autistic daughter, drawn into the investigation of a string of bizarre deaths, where she runs into detective Ingvar Nyman of the national police force “Rikskrim.”

10. Blinded by the Lights (2018)

55 million crimes were committed in the year.

An eight-episode story that follows a cocaine dealer for seven days as his well-ordered life descends into chaos as he is forced to make life-altering decisions.

11. The Corrupted (2019)

The Corrupted (2019)

1 hour and 43 minutes Dramatic Suspense

The story follows Liam (Sam Claflin), a former convict, as he tries to win back his family’s love and trust just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. Clifford Cullen (Spall), the head of a local crime syndicate, has high-level connections in politics, finance, and the police force, and he has taken everything from him. In his quest for redemption, Liam finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigue, crime, and graft.

12. The Disappearance (2015)

13-minute drama about crime and terror

In Matt Richards’ dark social satire, Progressive Amputation is proposed as a new punishment for particularly heinous crimes.