10 Best Strong Small Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Strong Small Anime Characters

Even the tiniest of things may pack a powerful punch. Here are ten little anime characters that deliver a powerful impact.

Aside from the lovely and cuddly characters, the anime world is full with fierce and inhumanly strong characters that could easily wipe out the entire human race if they wanted to. Both of these ideas are not mutually exclusive ones.

Some cute characters can be surprisingly powerful due to the fact that they have access to powerful magical or technological abilities. While the character may be able to take on a more powerful form at times, this isn’t always the case. It’s also possible that the charming, little figure’s power comes from being a fictitious character, in which case there isn’t much of an explanation.

1. Astro Boy: He Was Based On Mighty Mouse, After All

Astro Boy

Because he is a robot, Astro Boy was created as a tribute to the characters’ late kid. He’s still one of the planet’s most powerful robots, despite this flaw.

Astro Boy, of course, was influenced by Mighty Mouse, a well-known cartoon character. For those who are familiar with Astro Boy’s Japanese moniker, Mighty Atom, this may be more evident. To protect Earth, he is one of the strongest robots in anime history.

2. Pokémon: Togepi Can Blow Things Up In The Anime

Togepi’sMetronome power is notoriously inconsistent in the games, but the anime upped the ante by making it significantly more potent. It was possible for Togepi to teleport, erect barriers, and even set off explosions.

Although other characters were unaware, Togepi’s powers were utilized by Misty and her pals in order to help them in an emergency scenario. Togetic, a Fairy/Flying-type Pokémon, may evolve Tt.

3. Pretear: Mannen, Hajime & Shin Control Ice, Water, & Plants

Hajime & Shin (Pretear)

There are three Leafe Knights who look like children, Mannen, Hajime, and Shin: Ice, Water, and Plants are all within their reach. There is no explanation given in the anime as to why they are physically younger than the others, especially because they don’t appear to age. However, the manga eventually reveals that they were once closer in age with the rest of the Leafe Knights. While confronting Princess of Disaster, they were killed and resurrected as children.

The elemental powers of Mannen and Hajime can be obtained by fusing with Himeno. Shin, the eldest of the Knights, is killed by Himeno’s fusion with his life force despite the fact that he can be reborn. In the anime, he never fuses with Himeno and simply uses his talents to create barriers during a combat.

4. Black Clover: Charmy Is A Powerful Half-Dwarf

Even though she’s referred to as a child in the show, Charmy is actually 19 years old at the time. Aside from her lack of physical strength, though, she has an impressive arsenal of weapons and skills. When she’s enraged, she takes on a more sinister air.

Being half-dwarf gives her access to more than one kind of magic, and she can utilize her skills to transform herself into a taller and more mature form. With her ram, a magic-eating wolf, she appears to be gaining even more strength. She appears to be able to alter her size as well.

5. Tokyo Mew Mew: Bu-ling Huang Is The Youngest Of The Mew Mews

Bu-Ling Huang (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Mew Pudding’s newest member, Bu-ling Huang, was created by fusing the DNA of a Golden Ring Tamarin with the DNA of a Mew Mew.

While she lacks supernatural abilities, she is a strong martial artist, having been educated by her father, a master in Chinese martial arts. As a street performer, she is known for her acrobatic skills.

Mew Mint and Mew Lettuce appear to have wind and water-themed attacks, and Mew Pudding appears to have the same.

Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno, her attack, releases a yellow beam of energy that breaks the ground and encircles the opponent.

6. Kirby: Kirby Will Swallow Opponents Whole & Steal Their Powers

However, Kirby’s adorable appearance and youthful demeanor are both deceptive: He has the ability to eat adversaries entire and take their skills.

His foes may find him forgiving, but those who refuse to make amends will face his wrath. His relationship to Void Termina, the God of his Destruction, is also meant to be positive.

7. Doctor Slump: Arale Is An Indestructible Robot

Arale (Doctor Slump)

In spite of her diminutive stature, Arale is an extremely powerful woman. She’s also an expert in the field of athletics. Using her mouth as a cannon isn’t the only thing she can do. Once, she defeated Vegeta and ended a fight with Saiyan Blue Goku with a draw in a crossover event with Dragon Ball.

A robot more powerful than her has been revealed in the manga’s later chapters. Even though she’s a robot, it’s not out of the question that she could be rebuilt.

8. Dragon Ball GT: Pan Is Extremely Advanced In Her Abilities

Many strong youngsters have appeared in this series, including the original Goku. Gohan and Videl’s daughter Pan appears to have a lot of potential even at such an early age. When she was a baby, she learned to fly, and it is thought that she has the potential to become a new kind of Super Saiyan. To top it all off, she’s also strong enough to take on enemies like the Red Ribbon Army with ease.

This is especially noteworthy in light of Pan’s very low Saiyan level. While she may not be as powerful as some of her teammates in Dragon Ball GT, she is undoubtedly the strongest human on the planet at the time.

9. Ouran High School Host Club: Honey Is Older & Stronger Than He Looks

Honey - Ouran High School Host Club

Honey appears to be the youngest member of the host club, but he is the oldest and more tougher than he appears.

It took him only seconds to dispatch armed assailants and beat platoons of green berets only for waking him up. He has a black belt in martial arts.

After joining the host club, he seemed to have adopted a juvenile demeanor, while previously desiring to show himself as a man. To break him out of this new behavior, his father once challenged him for a duel, but Honey ended up beating him so badly he had to be hospitalized.

10. Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei May Be Short, But His Extremely Powerful

With his hair, Hiei appears to be taller than he is, making him appear even shorter. His size doesn’t stop him from taking on opponents nearly three times his own. While he was younger, he had more power, but the Jagan implant drained some of it from him.

There’s some inconsistency in his ability to deal with attacks. After his initial debut, Yusuke was able to knock him out with his Spirit Gun. But in subsequent stories, he is practically indestructible. But it isn’t feasible that Hiei built up his resistance over the course of the series and became a more strong figure.