10 Best Anime Like School Days That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like School Days

Inexperienced anime fans often search for a new favorite, but these shows should be avoided by anyone new to the genre.

Non-fans of anime are frequently asking what series are the best for introducing them to the genre. There are a countless number of shows in the last decade that are ideal for new viewers because of the wide range of options available. Showing a friend the unfamiliar side of the medium should be your first concern.

Isn’t it well-known that anime can be a little strange, especially for those who have never viewed it before? If you’re looking for something to watch with a friend who isn’t a huge lover of anime, here are some series to steer clear of.

10 Himouto! Umaru-chan (2015)

Himouto! Umaru-chan (2015)

Umaru-chan is famed in the fandom for being a show that caters solely to its audience. A girl named Umaru looks to be the rudest gremlin known to man when she is out of the house, but when she returns, she transforms back into her normal self.

When she doesn’t obtain the latest issue of Shonen Jump, Umaru gets irrationally angry and wears a hamster cape. A large part of the show’s hilarity is predicated on the audience’s preexisting interest in anime, manga, and video games. Tolerating someone as unpleasant as Umaru would also be a must.

9 Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler (2019)

In Kakegurui, big stakes gambling is introduced into the framework of a typical high school anime. One of the main characters in the anime follows Yumeko, who is a young woman who has an unhealthy obsession with gambling.

While Yumeko and the rest of the cast are well-drawn, the show is clearly geared toward a narrow audience of anime aficionados. It’s possible that Yumeko’s near-sexual addiction with gambling and the twisted games will turn off folks who have never watched an anime before.

8 Makura No Danshi (2015)

Makura No Danshi (2015)

The anime Makura No Danshi is a fantastic fit for otome gamers and their admirers. The anime lacks an overarching plot, and instead focuses on a male character chatting with fans while they fall asleep in small episodes lasting only a few minutes at a time. Over the course of 12 episodes, the “Pillow Boys” (named after the anime characters they portray) try to put their viewers to sleep.

While otome fans will appreciate this, a beginner may find it a little creepy. Non-fans may find it perplexing when they hear energetic males conversing in a sensually low voice.

7 Love & Lies (2017)

It’s an intriguing show that takes viewers into a world where love is decided by the state. It follows two high school sweethearts who defy the government’s orders and their government-appointed fiances to pursue a secret relationship.

A series like Say I Love You, which is more nuanced and sophisticated, may be a better choice for those new to anime. Truer still since Love and Lies, one of those romantic anime that rely on the manga for a satisfying finale and explanations for key events.

6 Oreimo (2010)

Oreimo (2010)

Due to Oreimo’s unusual and often uncomfortable premise, the anime fanbase is split in two. She gets her older brother interested in her love for visual novels and dating sims, which is the focus of the anime.

Kirino and her brother Kyosuke are frequently depicted as being romantically involved in the anime, even going so far as to get married in a fake-out ending. No one, including longtime fans of the art form, should begin their anime experience with this series.

5 Monster Musume (2015)

Monster Musume belongs to the harem subgenre, which is notoriously unwelcoming to newcomers. There is a central character in Kimihito, a monster boy who is recruited into an exchange program aimed at helping monster girls build better connections with humans. Every monstrous girl who moves here, and there are a lot of them, wants to date him.

As a result, viewers of all ages may find themselves cringing at the show’s crude humor and the girls’ penchant for putting themselves in increasingly provocative situations.

4 No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! (2013)

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! (2013)

An otaku once again plays a central role in this series, which is referred to as Watamote. Another awkward young lady, Tomoko, is the star of the show. She desperately wants to fit in with the rest of the girls in her class, but she has no idea how to go about it.

There are numerous references to anime in the show, and these gags all revolve on this assumption: that the spectator is already a lover of anime. Newcomers to Watamote are prone to become lost in the show’s jokes and shout-outs, as Watamote is one of those shows that confuse true humor for references.

3 Kiss Him, Not Me (2016)

If you’re an anime fan who knows what they’re getting into, Kiss Him, Not Me is an excellent show. After the death of one of Kai’s favorite anime characters, she falls into solitude and loses a lot of weight. As soon as she returns to school, four lads and one girl are taken aback by how different she looks.

There’s a catch, however: Kai is a fujoshi (a female who is obsessed with swooning over other girls). Newcomers and those who aren’t fujoshis may find it strange since Kai spends most of the show imagining the males getting together instead of actually dating any of them.

2 Nanbaka – The Numbers (2016-2017)

Nanbaka - The Numbers (2016-2017)

The prisoners of a jail are the focus of the drama Nanbaka. However, instead of merely running away, these prisoners are flamboyant and are the peak of anime or fan service hijinks, as they just play around in the prison.

The four core inmates are all seasoned criminals who, when in the mood, attempt to escape the prison using only the techniques found in anime.

One of the criminals, for example, is a hardcore otaku who is immune to the effects of narcotics.

If you’re not familiar with anime in general, this show may seem strange to you.

1 School Days (2007)

The show should be avoided no matter how many memes (sarcastic) recommend it to novices. For this type of game, players can date numerous girls, which is standard practice for this type of story. Because School Days went ahead and animated the worst possible approach, this is the main flaw with the film.

Throughout the story, the main character, Makoto, engages in multiple affairs with multiple women, all the while betraying his long-term relationship with his fiancée. As a result of this, the anime’s worst-case scenario conclusion is given a brutal twist in its adaptation. To avoid the show’s brutal finale, a picture of a beautiful yacht was placed in front of the screen on Japan’s national television network. To summarize, novices should avoid School Days like the plague.