15 Best Shows Like The End Of The Fing World Update 07/2024

Shows Like The End Of The Fing World

If you’ve finished the series and are looking for something new to watch, take a look at these 10 Shows To Watch If You Like The End Of The F-Ing World.

International media and documentaries are among the many types of content available on Netflix.

One of the most popular subgenres on the streaming service is coming-of-age dramas. In addition to releasing Netflix Originals, the platform is also known for picking up and distributing content from third parties.

The End of the F-ing World is a tale of adolescence with quirky main characters and oddball dark humor. They’re deserving of the audience’s sympathy because they’re so believable. Since the show’s second season debuted on Netflix, fans have been missing it, but there are other shows with similar tones and themes available.

Svetlana Sterlin’s update on February 15th, 2021: The End of the F***ing World seems to have been the first of many gritty teen dramas of its kind. Its sense of humor is dark and unfiltered, just like the film itself. Both adults and teenagers enjoy the show, and the second season makes a welcome time jump to a period that is rarely explored in shows of this type. Here are five more shows to watch if you enjoyed this one.

1. We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are, an HBO original film from acclaimed director Luca Guadagnino, is yet another gritty, intimate look into the lives of young adults.

The series, like his other well-known project, Call Me By Your Name, incorporates elements from both Italy and the United States. On an American military base in Italy, Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) is disoriented and dissatisfied with his life.

He’s the new army commander’s son, and his mother’s husband.

When Fraser’s moms and friends, one of whom is questioning her gender identity, start asking him uncomfortable questions, he starts exploring his sexuality. The U.S. presidential election in 2016 is looming large in the background.

2. Grand Army

Grasping under the radar when it debuted in 2020, Grand Army is a glittering, poetic, and affecting Netflix Original. A cast of five leads is featured in the show, and each comes from a different social and economic background.

They’re students at Brooklyn’s prestigious Grand Army High School, the city’s largest and most well-known high school. The first episode begins with a bomb going off near the school, which causes havoc. Students spiral out of control from this point on, not realizing that everything they’ve experienced has been building up to this point ever since the bombing.

3. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original series based on Jay Asher’s novel, is a mixed bag. Show starts after Hannah Bakerdies by suicide and leaves a set of tapes explaining why she ended her life. Then the show goes on from there.

One of the reasons is Clay Jensen, a classmate of hers. He feels compelled to act after listening to the tapes. Students join him in his quest for justice as the years go on. Similarly to The End of the F***ing World,13 Reasons Why deals with a variety of issues, including teen mental health and sexual assault.

4. Dare Me

Dare Meis a beautifully dark examination of tumultuous female friendships set in the world of high school cheerleading.

The new coach of the cheerleading squad in Sutton Grove threatens Top Girl Beth’s position. When it appears as though the new coach is stealing her best friend Addy away from her, she grows envious.

Beth goes into a tailspin when she loses control of the squad, while Addy soars. Female friendships and mental health are major themes in this show, while The End Of The F***ing World does not have the space to explore them as deeply.

5. Skins UK

Skins UK

This British comedy, similar to The End Of The F***ing World, doesn’t sugarcoat anything and doesn’t shy away from any topic either. There are three generations of teenagers in the show, with two seasons devoted to each. Despite the lack of voiceover narration, each episode focuses on a different character, giving viewers a better understanding of their motivations and thoughts.

Although the show’s gritty visuals and themes don’t always make for the most enjoyable viewing, the message they convey is clear. Despite their flaws, the characters in The End Of The F***ing World are likable.

6. Russian Doll

A second season of Russian Doll is already in the works, making it an excellent show to start with. Natasha Lyonne stars as video game developer Nadia Vulvokov (who keeps reliving the same night over and over again like in Groundhog Day).

More than one award was given to the show for its comedy, as well as Lyonne’s performance in it. In addition, the story is engrossing, and you’ll want more with each new episode.

7. Teachers

Teacher’s is a British comedy about a group of awkward but upbeat educators. The show’s ensemble cast undergoes radical transformations over the course of four seasons, which benefits the show because they are all engaging.

Six BAFTAs were given to the show, and an American version was made in 2006, but it only lasted a year. Teachers is an excellent sequel for fans of The End of the F***ing World, with its strange and occasionally dark humor and intriguing details.



The show, titled “Shame,” follows a group of Norwegian high school students as they deal with the issues that come with maturing into young adults.

Apart from the innovative real-time format, the series also tackles issues like homosexuality, sexual abuse, relationships, eating disorders, and mental health as well as examining themes such as identity and religious belief.

There have been several English-language adaptations of this series after its original run of four seasons, but none have come close to matching the quality of the original. SKAM, on the other hand, is well worth a look.

9. Everything Sucks!

There is a Netflix series called Everything Sucks! that is about a group of young people who decide to make a movie together. Every one of the main characters goes to Boring High School in 1996. The story takes place in Boring, Oregon.

Although the school is a fictitious creation, the town is based on a real one. A wide range of themes are addressed in the show, including sexuality, mental health, and growing up.

10. Misfits


During its run, this British series was a huge hit with both critics and non-fans alike.

Although the cast changed frequently, the show ran for five seasons before being adapted for the American market.

In this story, a group of young criminals has been sentenced to community service. A strange electrical storm suddenly hits the town. As soon as it’s over, the characters discover they’ve been bestowed with supernatural abilities.

11. Maniac

Maniaccame and went unnoticed by viewers considering Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are playing the two main roles. Despite this, it was nominated for a number of awards and has the makings of a future cult classic.

The plot revolves around Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim, who form a bond while participating in a Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech pharmaceutical experiment.

Every episode has a different setting, such as wherever the main characters are trying out the new drugs. This is what makes the show so entertaining.

12. On My Block

Despite the fact that the show’s cast is relatively new, the critics have already given their performances high marks. This show is a good choice for people looking for a diverse cast and interesting plots.

A rough inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood serves as the setting for this teen drama, in which four teenagers begin high school and encounter obstacles that could jeopardize their future friendship. Despite the fact that the premise is well-worn, the way it’s carried out is what makes this film special.

13. Dark


Dark, a Netflix original series in German, has developed a devoted following.

Stranger Things has a similar premise, but it has a distinct feel.

The story begins when a young man goes missing in the fictional German town of Winden. The people of the town begin to look for him, but they discover even more dark secrets about one another while they are doing so. The suspenseful show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats the whole way through.

14. Euphoria

Euphoria’s star, Zendaya, has been dedicated to the project since she first started working on it. There are teen drama issues galore in this HBO series about high school students.

Beautiful cinematography is a major selling point for the show. Euphoria doesn’t hold back when it comes to tackling tough subjects like sexuality, drug abuse, trauma, and relationships, to name just a few.

15. Sex Education

Sex Education

The closest show to The End of the F***ing World on this list is probablySex Education. While the humor is less sinister, the mood is very similar. It’s received similar critical acclaim.

In the story, a high school student named Otis (Asa Butterfield) has to deal with his mother, who works as a sexual therapist. Despite his extensive knowledge of sex and human emotions, he’s extremely shy and socially awkward. This becomes a problem when Maeve Wiley, a local genius, persuades him to open an illicit sex therapy clinic in his high school..