Top 10 Shows Like That 70s Show That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like That 70s Show

As with few shows, That 70’s Show quickly becomes a cult favorite. Those who watched the pilot knew it was going to be good after the first five minutes.

Like That 70’s Show, only a select few shows go on to become instant classics. It was clear to everyone watching after the first five minutes of the pilot that they were going to enjoy it. The show’s final seasons may have disappointed some fans, but its first three seasons are widely regarded as some of the best in television history.

Having said that, you may want to branch out after your 30th viewing of this venerable show. However, you want to make certain that it is something with which you are familiar. Though nothing will ever compare to the modern television masterpiece that is That 70’s Show, there are some shows that come pretty close in terms of quality and entertainment value. They share a similar tenor, touch on similar topics, or have a similar dynamic within the group.

10. Freaks And Geeks

Freaks And Geeks

Freaks and Greeks, which takes place a decade before the actual filming of the show, may appeal to fans due to its nostalgic setting, similar group dynamics, and discussion of similar themes as Freaks and Greeks. As a young girl struggles to discover her identity and place in the world, this show follows her journey. The good girl who was always made fun of for wanting to hang out with the ‘bad kids,’ seeks to prove everyone wrong and ends up becoming friends with the troublemakers at school, who teach her a valuable lesson.

It’s important to keep in mind thatFreaks And Geekshas a darker tone because it doesn’t hold back when discussing more serious topics. That ’70s Show did occasionally deal with more somber subjects, but it did so in a lighthearted manner or only for a brief time.

9. New Girl

What attracted me to The 70s Show was the fun and interesting dynamic among its cast members. If you liked that, New Girlmight be the show for you. After finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, a young woman’s world is turned upside down when she crashes with a group of men she met on Craigslist while trying to figure out how to get back up.

By the end of the series, the roommates have become intertwined in each other’s lives and have gone from being young and confused to mature adults with well-defined goals and plans. Even so, they retain their quirky and outlandish character.

8. Scrubs


Scrubsmight be the perfect choice for you if your favorite thing aboutThat 70’s Show was the quirky cutaways, narrated scenes, and bizarre visuals! Cutaways from the main character’s daily life are used to explain what’s going on in his head in this show.

Fans of both shows are dissatisfied with the final season, as was the case with That 70’s Show. As a result, it’s possible that viewers will form bonds over their mutual disappointment!

7. Popular

Fans of That 70’s Showmight enjoy the classic teen-drama parodyPopular, which is known for its sarcastic, dry, and one-liner heavy humor. As a result of their parents falling in love on a cruise, two teenage girls who are the leaders of opposing cliques in their high school are forced to live together in this show.

A parody of the more somber teenage dramas that were popular in its day, this show features many over-the-top and bizarre scenes akin to the beloved cutaways from That 70’s Show.

6. Seinfeld


People liked That 70’s Show because of the group of friends who went about their daily lives in an honest and relatable way. In the group, people could see themselves, as well as their own friends, and enjoy the group’s simple/realistic problems.

Seinfeldmight be the perfect show for you if you want simple and relatable plots. This program is well-known for being a show about absolutely nothing. Following the daily activities of a small group of friends, the show is well-known for addressing and commenting on current social issues.

5. Happy Days

The fact thatHappy Days is known for its squeaky clean image and That 70’s Show is known for its contentiousness may make this recommendation seem odd, but bear with us. Both shows portray a bygone era in a realistic but witty manner.

When you look back at historical events, you can see how things were good back then. However, as your parents who grew up during that time may claim, things were far from perfect.

4. Friends


There’s no better modern sitcom than That 70’s Show if you like the classic elements of that era’s sitcoms. To some extent, both shows center on a group of friends with personalities that are so diametrically opposed, you wonder how they ever managed to get along.

There is comfort in watching people support one another as they go about their individual lives, and they find harmony in their shared history and new memories. One of the greatest benefits of having a close group of friends during your adolescent years is that you learn to appreciate the differences among your peers.

3. 3rd Rock From The Sun

Third Rock From The Sunmight be your next favorite show if you enjoyed the quirkier, eccentric, and more unique aspects of That 70’s Show. During the course of the show, we see how a group of extraterrestrials adjust to life on Earth.

The camera-focused interactions, cutaways, and imaginative skits that can be seen in most episodes of That 70’s Showmay seem rather common to modern audiences, they were considered a fun and quirky way of telling a story when the show was first broadcast. For those who enjoy more outlandish fare, Third Rock From The Sunticks may check all the right boxes.

2. Community


Community is another excellent sitcom for viewers who want something a little different from their entertainment. Since its initial release, this show has developed a cult-like following among fans who appreciate its unique storytelling and imaginative cast of characters.

Fans of That 70’s Show may enjoy the deconstruction of tropes from the show even though it checks all the unique boxes. The fact that the show showed the many sides of its characters, proving that they are more than the trope they fell into, was something that fans truly loved about the show. As the show progresses, it reveals to its viewers that these characters are far more nuanced than their stereotypes would suggest.

1. Malcolm In The Middle

Fans of That ’70s Show appreciated the show’s portrayal of a dysfunctional American family. The father had been fired from his job, the mother was doing everything she could to support the family (at a time when such things were often looked down upon), the oldest daughter was a wild party girl who had failed out of college, and the youngest son was a neurotic stoner who was high on marijuana. They didn’t put on airs or pretend to be someone they weren’t, and they made do with their limited resources.

Malcolm in the Middle was another show that received high praise for the same reason. Picturesque sitcom families with endless supplies of sappy violin music and cash to pay for their opulent mansions and lavish annual vacations irritated viewers. They found it comforting to see a real family that looked like their own. A family that fights, that reacts irrationally from time to time, and that has to make sacrifices to stay afloat.