10 Best Shows Like Penny Dreadful That You Should Watching Update 03/2024

Shows Like Penny Dreadful

Look no further than Penny Dreadful: City of Angels for inspiration. Next, watch one of these ten supernaturally themed shows on television.

At the end of April 2020, a spin-off of the Penny Dreadful series, City of Angels, will premiere. Detectives Tiago Vega and Lewis Michener of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) investigate a murder in the late 1930s in the show. Demoness Magda, meanwhile, is hard at work attempting to disprove that humans are inherently evil.

The supernaturally fueled plot of the show has been lauded. There are, however, a number of other dark fantasy dramas on television. If you liked Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, here are ten more dark fantasy shows to see.

1. Salem



Mary Sibley, the town’s most powerful witch, is married to the town’s most powerful man in the seventeenth century. Her first love, John Alden, returns just as she is struggling to keep her magic safe from the magical community and the rest of the town. Tituba, the woman who sparked the Salem witch trials, advises Sibley throughout the story.

When it comes to capturing the various events and growing hysteria that led to the Salem witch trials, Salem does an outstanding job. With its blend of supernatural horror and character-driven storylines, this show is similar to Penny Dreadful in that watching several episodes at once is simple.

2. Luna Nera

While on the run from witch hunters who have accused her family of practicing witchcraft in 17th-century Italy, a young woman named Ade is introduced in Netflix’s new original series, Luna Nera. Meanwhile, Pietro, a young medical student, believes that science can explain all the things attributed to witches. Everything changes when Ade and Pietro cross paths.

This show provides an interesting look at how other cultures viewed witchcraft and treated witches. Add in Ade and Pietro’s ill-fated romance and the fact that women accused of witchcraft in this universe actually fight back, and you have a compelling show worth watching.

3. Witches of East End

Witches of East End


Joanna Beauchamp has two daughters, Ingrid and Freya, and they live in East Haven in Witches of East End. Strange things start to happen when Joanna’s estranged sister Wendy visits town. Ingrid and Freya learn about their magical abilities and heritage when she shows up.

Despite the show’s brief run, it had a loyal following of fans who loved the plot, character development, and magic of the show. Witches of East End is ideal for those who enjoy fantasy stories but do not want to be disturbed by gore. In addition to watching the show, fans can learn more about the Beauchamp women by reading Melissa de la Cruz’s book series.

4. October Faction

The Allens are the focus of October Faction. Parents Fred and Deloris are members of the Presidio organization, a monster-hunting team that travels the world. Vic and Geoff, their adolescent twins, have no idea what’s going on because they’re busy battling their own personal demons.

It’s about monster hunting and family relationships in October Faction just as much as it is about monster hunting. Even though it’s a supernatural show, it’s not as gloomy or ominous as Penny Dreadful or some of the others. There are even a few lighthearted moments thanks to the show’s central characters.

5. Diablero


In Mexico City, a priest joins forces with two demon hunters and a woman who can channel the spirits of the dead to search for a missing girl. While the plot is unique to this story, the lore of the show incorporates elements from everyday life, such as death, gender roles, and religion.

Along with the scares and otherworldly scenes, there are many humorous moments sprinkled throughout the film. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, so it’s a no-brainer for any supernatural fan looking for a new show to binge watch.

6. Raising Dion

Nicole is dealing with her grief and caring for her young son Dion, who has supernatural abilities, after her husband died suddenly.

To keep her son’s abilities hidden and to find out what really happened to her husband, she works tirelessly throughout the show.

As a well-written show with excellent acting chemistry, Raising Dion is a welcome addition to the Netflix fantasy lineup. It’s also interesting to see how Nicole deals with Dion assuming power, as most stories about superheroes and magical beings focus solely on the struggles of the person who wields the power.

7. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove


Following Peter and Roman as they deal with their supernatural powers and the strange occurrences in town, Hemlock Grove is based on a novel of the same name. Unlike Peter, who is half-werewolf, half-gypsy, and from a poor family, Roman is both a vampire and from a wealthy one.

A pair of brutal murders are investigated in the first season, and as the series progresses, the tension in the town and between the two friends grows. Bill Skarsgrd made his acting debut on the show, and he’s since become well-known for his role as Pennywise in the IT reboots.

8. Marianne

This show focuses on Emma, a newly published author who returns to her hometown to reconnect with old friends and family. Madame Daugeron, the main antagonist of Emma’s novels and the witch who haunted her childhood dreams as a child, has enticed her back to Paris.

Marianne isn’t happy that Emma has stopped writing, so she decides to keep her in her hometown instead of sending her away. In many ways, the show is like a darker version of Misery, and it’s sure to appeal to horror fans as well as those interested in demonic possession or Stephen King.

9. Preacher



In Preacher, a priest named Jesse Custer is possessed by a supernatural force after reading the highly successful graphic novel of the same name. His on-and-off-again girlfriend Tulip and a vampire named Cassidy join him on their quest to learn more about his power and God.

As it follows its main characters on their journey, the show is hilarious, depraved, and wonderful all at the same time. It’s perfect for those who enjoy sarcasm and magical realism with a dash of blasphemy.

10. What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows


What We Do In The Shadows follows a group of vampire roommates as they go about their undead lives, using the same formula as the film but tweaking it for an American audience. There are four vampires in the house, but there’s also an energy vampire and a familiar who wants to be a vampire but is better suited for another role.

A fresh take on the mockumentary genre, the show benefits from the chemistry between its cast members. The show’s special effects and writing also contribute to its overall appeal.