5 Best Shows Like Mxc That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Mxc

1. Total Wipeout (UK)

Total Wipeout (UK)

Across the pond, the Wipeout British adaptation was hugely popular, airing for six seasons over four years. Richard Hammond, the host of The Grand Tour, and Amanda Byram, his co-host, give the show a similar feel to its American counterpart. Featuring the Big Red Balls in four rounds, including the Qualifier and the Wipeout Zone. Total Wipeout, on the other hand, has a completely different aesthetic, pace, and sense of humor. Because it was broadcast on the BBC, it moved at a slower pace because of the absence of commercial breaks. The humor, meanwhile, is decidedly British. Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, and Hulu all offer the show for streaming.

2. MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

MXC Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Sushi, Godzilla, and wacky game shows are just a few of the things Japan is known for. Takeshi’s Castle is one of them. However, the most extreme elimination challenge goes by the abbreviation MXC in the United States. MXC employs comedic voice actors to dub over the hilarious action and dialogue from the 80’s Japanese favorite with equally hilarious commentary and dialogue. Five seasons of madness are available to stream on Tubi with games like Sinkers & Floaters, Log Drop, and Wall Banger.

3. Ultimate Beastmaster

Ultimate Beastmaste

Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster showcases real physical prowess in a more somber manner than MXC or Total Wipeout. An international team of athletes compete in a grueling obstacle course to become Beastmaster, just like American Ninja Warrior. With each country providing their own hosting duo, it truly is a global event. Every now and then, you’ll catch a glimpse of one of the couples supporting their country. Terry Crews, Charissa Thompson, Tiki Barber, Chris Destefano, and CM Punk make up the US team for the first three seasons. Netflix has the entire series available for viewing.

4. Hyperdrive


The Fast and Furious franchise and American Ninja Warrior have been compared to Hyperdrive. Charlize Theron is the executive producer of Hyperdrive, a sci-fi thriller in which humans are exchanged for one-of-a-kind cars. An obstacle course for the world’s best drifters is the show’s theme. Future Floor Is Lava host Rutledge Wood was part of the four-person hosting team, which may have helped him land the gig hosting one of Netflix’s most popular shows right now. His commentary on Hyperdrive runs will be filled with the same enthusiasm that you heard in his Floor is Lava commentary. On Netflix, you can watch Hyperdrive.

5. Wipeout Canada and Australia

Wipeout Canada and Australia

Try Wipeout Canada or Wipeout Australia if Total Wipeout is too much of a change for you and you prefer your wipeouts to be more like they are in the United States. The Australian version is a near-exact replica of the US version, albeit with a distinctively Australian twang. While there are some liberties taken in the Canadian adaptation, it still resembles the American version more than the British. Both series only lasted one season (14 episodes in Canada and 9 episodes in Australia) and are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi, respectively.