24 Best Shows Like Degrassi: Next Class Update 04/2024

Shows Like Degrassi Next Class

Even if you haven’t finished watching The Kids of Degrassi, Degrassi Junior High or even Degrassi: The Next Generation, the Degrassi franchise has been adored by hordes of fans thanks to its honest approach to dealing with difficult issues. However, there’s no need to be dejected if you’ve finished watching the series. Degrassi fans can enjoy a wide variety of movies and television shows, and we’ve put together a list of the best ones for you right here!

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

A comedy series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Never Have I Ever (Netflix, 2020) is an American television series. Indian American teenage girl, inspired by Kaling’s own experiences as an Indian-American first-generation child.

2. Trinkets

Kirsten Smith, Emily Meyer, and Amy Andelson created Trinkets Trinkets (Netflix, 2019), an American teen drama television series based on Kirsten Smith’s YA novel of the same name. When three teenage girls meet in Shoplifters Anonymous and begin competing to see who can steal the most, an unexpected friendship forms, deepening Elodie’s obsession with theft.

3. Outer Banks

Outer Banks

An American drama series starring Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke called Outer Banks will premiere on Netflix in 2020. A treasure map discovered by a group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks reveals a long-hidden secret.

4. On My Block

Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft are the creators of the Netflix original series On My Block, a coming-of-age drama about three young Americans. During the first day of high school in an inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood, Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, and Brett Gray find their long-term friendship tested.

5. I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not Okay With This

Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall are the creators, directors, writers, and executive producers of the American coming-of-age drama television series I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix, 2020). Sydney (Sophia Lillis) is a teen girl coping with the pressures of high school, her sexuality, and mysterious superpowers that are just beginning to emerge from deep within her.

6. Sex Education

Laurie Nunn is the creator of the British comedy-drama web series Sex Education (Netflix, 2019). Socially awkward high school virgin Asa Butterfield (Gillian Anderson) and “whip-smart bad-girl” Maeve (Emma Mackey) team up to open a clinic to treat their fellow students’ weird and wonderful issues.

7. Elite

Created by Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona, Elite Elite (Netflix, 2018) is a thriller teen drama web series that premiered on Netflix in 2018. In Spain, when three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school, the clash between them and the wealthy students ends in murder.

8. Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks

This is an American television comedy series created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan, which premiered on Netflix in 2018. Members of a high school A/V club clash with members of the drama club in Oregon in the 1990s.

9. 13 Reasons Why

A teen drama mystery series, 13 Reasons Why (Netflix, 2017) was inspired by Jay Asher’s 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why and adapted by Brian Yorkey. Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a student at Clay Jensen High School, takes her own life after a series of culminating failures, brought on by Clay Jensen and other members of the school’s faculty (Dylan Minnette).

10. Atypical

Atypical (Netflix, 2017) is a darkly comedic television series written and created by Robia Rashid, who also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an autistic 18-year-old, is looking for a girlfriend while his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is embarking on a life-altering journey of her own, which Sam witnesses.

11. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Shows Like Degrassi Next Class

For Stephen Chbosky, who wrote and directed the film adaptation of his 1999 epistolary novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it was a humbling experience. When the film was released on September 21, 2012, it received positive reviews and a worldwide total of $33 million in ticket sales. Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller star in the film. Ghost World and Juno are the other two films from John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon, and Russell Smith’s Mr. Mudd Productions that feature struggling teenagers.

12. Insatiable

“Insatiable Insatiable” is an American black comedy-drama series created by Lauren Gussis (Netflix, 2018). Beauty pageant coach Dallas Roberts takes on a vengeful, bullied teen as his client and has no idea what he’s about to unleash on the world.

13. Skins

British teen comedy-drama series Skins Skins (E4, 2007) was created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain and premiered on E4 in 2007. Story of British teens who are growing up despite questionable parenting and teachers who prefer to be friends (and lovers) rather than authority figures.

14. Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

Adapted from the Nancy Drew mystery novels, Nancy Drew (2019, The CW) is an American mystery drama television series. After Nancy Drew’s (Kennedy McMann) college plans are put on hold, she finds herself in the middle of a ghostly murder mystery.

15. The Edge Of Seventeen

An American comedy-drama film called The Edge of Seventeen (originally titled Besties) was directed and written by Kelly Fremon Craig in 2016. Woody Harrelson, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner, Hayden Szeto, and Kyra Sedgwick star in the film.

16. Looking For Alaska

Based on John Green’s 2005 novel, Looking for Alaska (Hulu, 2019) is an American teen drama television series that premiered on Hulu in 2019. Charlie Plummer, a newcomer to the boarding school, develops feelings for a seductive female student (Kristine Froseth)

17. Derry Girls

Derry Girls

British sitcom “Derry Girls” is the brainchild of Lisa McGee, who created the show for Channel 4 in 2018. At a Catholic girls’ secondary school in Derry at the end of the Troubles, Erin and her cousin, Orla; their friends Clare and Michelle; and Michelle’s English cousin James, Dylan Llewellyn, navigate their teenage years as they deal with the fallout of the conflict.

18. My So-Called Life

ABC’s 1994 teen drama series My So-Called Life was created by Winnie Holzman. Teenage girl (Claire Danes) dealing with friends, guys, parents, and school in a 15-year-life old’s

19. The Breakfast Club

Emilio Estevez and Paul Gleason star in John Hughes’ 1985 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film The Breakfast Club, which also features Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald. On a Saturday detention, a group of five teenagers, each belonging to a different clique at their high school, come to realize that they’re not just the sum of their parts. One of the greatest high school films, as well as one of the most memorable and recognizable works by Hughes, has been hailed by critics. “The Five” were referred to as the film’s five main actors in the media “Bratwurst

20. American Vandal

American Vandal

One of Netflix’s most popular mockumentary series, this series is a satirical mockumentary. Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) investigates Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) after he is accused and expelled from school for allegedly organizing the event.

21. Daria

Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn created the MTV animated series Daria Daria. As Daria Morgendorffer, a clever but slightly misanthropic teenager, she observes the world around her….” Allusions to and criticisms of popular culture and social classes abound in the show, which is set in the fictional suburban American town of Lawndale. Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-head series, in which Daria appeared as a regular character, spawned Daria, a spin-off show. From 1997 to 2002, the series aired on ABC. Despite the fact that Judge had agreed to let the character appear in the spin-off, he had no intention of doing so.

22. Dazed And Confused

Dazed And Confused

Dazed and Confused is a 1993 film written and directed by Richard Linklater about a young man’s transition from adolescence to adulthood. Matthew McConaughey, Jason London, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Cole Hauser, Parker Posey, Adam Goldberg, Joey Lauren Adams, Nicky Katt, and Rory Cochrane are just a few of the actors who would go on to become household names after appearing in the movie. It’s the last day of school in 1976, and the story revolves around a group of teenagers from Texas. Cult film status was achieved despite the fact that the film took in less than $8 million at the US box office. In a Sight and Sound poll in 2002, Quentin Tarantino ranked it as the 10th greatest film of all time. Also ranked third on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the year’s best movies

23. An Education

Based on the memoir by British journalist Lynn Barber, An Education is a 2009 coming-of-age film. By Nick Hornby, it was written by Lone Scherfig, and stars Carey Mulligan as Jenny, a bright high school student who is seduced by charming conman David. Best Actress Carey Mulligan and Best Actor Nick Hornby were both nominated in 2010 for their roles in the film. Critics hailed An Education when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009. Since then, it has appeared at the Telluride by the Sea Film Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where it was screened on September 10, 2009.

24. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is a Neal Marlens and Carol Black television comedy-drama. From 1988 to 1993, it aired on ABC. Following ABC’s coverage of Super Bowl XXII, the pilot aired on January 31, 1988. Nielsen’s Top 30 charted four of its six seasons with the show’s debut. The show was named one of the top 20 of the 1980s by TV Guide. The Wonder Years won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1988 after just six episodes aired. At the tender age of 13, Fred Savage was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance on The Big Bang Theory. For “pushing the boundaries of the sitcom format and using innovative storytelling techniques,” the show received a Peabody Award in 1989.