20 Best Shows Like Marlon That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Marlon

1. Room 104 (2017)

Each episode, which takes place in a single room of a typical American motel, presents a separate story about the various characters who stay there.

2. Ghost Wars (2017)

Ghost Wars (2017)

It centers on the outcast Roman Mercer, who must fight his own personal demons as well as those of the town in order to use his suppressed psychic abilities in order to save everyone from the impending doom that threatens to overtake the small Alaskan village.

3. Supernatural (2005)

When Sam and Dean Winchester were little boys, they witnessed the tragic death of their mother at the hands of an unknown and malevolent supernatural entity. Because of this their father taught them to be military-minded children. It was he who taught them both about the supernatural evil that lurked in the back alleys and byways of the United States, and how to exterminate it. A 1967 Chevy Impala is now crisscrossing the country with the Winchester brothers in the back, taking on any and all supernatural threats they come across.

4. BH90210 (2019)

BH90210 (2019)

Reuniting 19 years after the first series ended, the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 returns when one of them feels a revival is in order. Even though the reboot itself is delicious, getting it started can be even better.

5. The Politician (2019)

For as long as he can remember, Payton has known that he will one day be president. First, he’ll have to make it through high school, which is known for its tumultuous political climate.

6. Wendell & Vinnie (2013)

Wendell & Vinnie (2013)

A pop culture memorabilia store owner named Vinnie Bassett spends his spare time reading comic books and playing video games, which is the focus of the show. In order to take care of his brilliant and mature nephew Wendell, he must give up his single life. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that 12-year-old Wendell could be the perfect parent for Vinnie.

7. Superior Donuts (2017)

How Arthur, an old-school Chicago doughnut store proprietor, gets along with his up-and-and-coming employee Franco and the neighborhood’s longtime residents in this rapidly gentrifying Chicago neighborhood.

8. Modern Love (2019)

Including sexual, romantic, family, platonic, and self-love, the series covers a wide range of topics in its eight episodes.

9. A to Z (2014)

The plot revolves around Andrew, an internet dating site employee who longs to meet the girl of his dreams, and Zelda, a no-nonsense lawyer with a rebellious bent who was raised by a hippy mother. Zelda and Andrew meet by chance to settle a misunderstanding about a mismatch in their dating lives, and the two newly single people find themselves falling in love.

10.The Mayor (2017)

The Mayor (2017)

Running for mayor in order to raise awareness of and publicize his mixtape, a struggling hip-hop artist succeeds in his bid.

11. One Day at a Time (2017)

A newly single Latina mother raises her teenage daughter and tween son with the “assistance” of her old-school mom in a reworking of the TV classic.

12. Atypical (2017)

Sam, an autistic 18-year-old, embarks on a hilarious but agonizing quest for love and independence that upends his family.

13. The Umbrella Academy (2019)

The Umbrella Academy (2019)

The apocalypse, their father’s death, and more are all solved by a dysfunctional family of superheroes.

14. Dads (2013)

Dads is a new American sitcom that debuted on Fox on September 17th, 2013, at 8:00/7:00c. We follow the lives of two successful video game developers named Warner and Eli as their fathers move in with them. The show was produced by Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. Seth MacFarlane, Sulkin, and Wild all serve as executive producers on the project.

15. Billy & Billie (2015)

The story of Billy and Billie follows the blossoming romance of two young adults. Because they’re stepbrother and sister, they have to deal with the added pressure of having to deal with the attention and worries that come along with starting a new relationship.

16. Wayne (2019)

16-year-old Wayne sets out on a dirt bike with his new crush Del to recover his father’s stolen 1978 Pontiac Trans Am in this gritty and at times brutal thriller. You have Wayne and Del on your side.

17. SMILF (2017)

SMILF (2017)

A funny and true portrayal of a single, 20-something Southie woman’s struggle to balance her aspirations for love, sex, and a job with the realities of being a young mother and a single parent.

18. HAPPY! (2017)

When Nick Sax, a corrupt ex-cop turned hitman, meets an imagined blue winged horse named Happy, his life changes forever.

19. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

Miriam “Midge” Maisel has it all in Manhattan in 1958 – a husband, two children, and a luxurious Upper West Side apartment. It’s only when Midge’s life abruptly takes a turn that she discovers a skill that will lead her from Greenwich Village’s comedy clubs to a seat on Johnny Carson’s sofa.

20. Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019)

The romantic comedy ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ has been adapted for television.