11 Best Shows Like Love O2O That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Love O2O

The Chinese drama Love O2O is the most well-known and popular of 2016. It is becoming increasingly popular not only in China but also in other countries. The drama is based on Gu Man’s novel of the same name and features some of the most sought-after actors, including Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang. Over the course of the show’s 30 episodes, the seamless integration of gaming and romance is on full display, helping to keep the plot fresh and engaging.

In addition to being an undergraduate computer science student, Xiao Nai also runs a video game development company. He’s a gaming prodigy who also excels in the classroom and in various sports. After meeting the department’s beauty and gamer Bei Wei Wei, this popular student fell in love with her gaming abilities. When Bei Wei Wei’s online husband dumps her in a role-playing game, the number-one player approaches her and offers to be her partner instead. She agreed with him and the newly formed couple, and they had a good time together in the game. But she had no idea that her senior Xiao Nai was her online husband, and he was using this as an opportunity to win her heart both virtually and physically.

To find Chinese dramas like Love O2O, look for stories filled with fluffy romance and comedic antics like this series does. However, we didn’t forget about the other aspects of the story, so we put together the list below. And now we can begin the list of 10+ Chinese dramas that are similar to Love O2O.

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11. Beyond Light Years

Beyond Light Years

the game’s plot centers around a group of real-life college students and a virtual gaming community akin to that found in games like Love O2O, It’s hard not to fall in love with Xia Xiao Ci, the adorable newcomer to college. She was raised in a happy home and has a positive outlook on life. In contrast, Lu Yu Chen is a computer science major at the same college.

The young man possesses a high IQ and the analytical skills necessary to solve a wide range of problems. Aside from that, he is well-known and helpful, but his personality tends to be cold and reserved. Xia Xiao Ci has an unpleasant encounter with Lu Yu Chen on the first day of college, leading to misunderstandings. Over time, despite the fact that their first encounter was hostile, Lu Yu Chen gradually comes to appreciate the company of Xiao Ci and they both work hard to achieve their goals.

Similarity: Xia Xiao Ci resembles Bei Wei Wei in personality. Lu Yu Chen, like Xiao Nai, is a computer whiz. Both dramas depict university life for young people through the lens of an e-game. Because of these factors, Chinese dramas like Love O2O are made in the same style as Beyond Light Years.

10. To Get Her

Here’s another drama in which an online game is an important supporting character. In the beginning of the story, a well-known idol is sucked into a video game. As a couple, Tu Si Yi and Lin Zheng Zheng had been together since they were children. Tu Si Yi’s fame as an idol shattered the couple after her debut. Tu Si Yi then began endorsing a game in which he gets trapped and ends up the main character. Lin Zheng Zheng makes an attempt to bring him back and joins the game as a participant.

His girlfriend becomes the 3rd princess in the game, and he takes on the role of the 3rd prince who only cares about music. The problem is that Tu Si Yi has no recollection of his past and considers Lin Zheng Zheng to be his greatest foe, which makes matters worse. Lin Zheng Zheng has three lives left in the game and must help Tu Si Yi become king.

An important role in bringing the two people together was played by an online game. The male lead is as well-liked as Love O2O’s male lead. Love, friendship, and youth are all prominent themes in the film. Despite having a different plot, the show shares many similarities with Love O2O. As a result, it must be included in any discussion of Chinese dramas comparable to Love O2O.

09. Well Intended Love

Well Intended Love

Intentional love is a sweet and endearing story with only a few surprises. The on-screen chemistry and script between the main characters keep you interested in the show. The plot revolves around Xia Lin, a mediocre actress who learns she has leukemia. As a result of her dependence on CEO Ling Yi Zhou, she becomes embroiled in his business dealings. Ling Yi Zhou proposed to her as a way of helping her with the treatment. After that, both of them learn the truth about their marriage being a contract marriage. They began to fall in love despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encountered.

Likeness: The two main characters in the drama have a lot in common with those in Love O2O. In one sense, male leads are powerful and sway female leads. Female points, on the other hand, are ladies with a strong mentality and a practical outlook. This drama also has two interesting love triangles to keep an eye on. As such, it can be considered a Chinese drama comparable to Love O2O.

08. My Amazing Boyfriend

The plot of My Amazing is based on Shui Qianmo’s equally popular novel of the same name. The story began when an awake mutant was involved in a car accident with a not-so-famous actress named Tian Jing Zhi. Tian Jing Zhi unintentionally awakened a sleeping superhuman named Xue Ling Qiao. As a result, she was compelled to make room for this strange man in her house. Her displeasure with this superhuman or his superpower is never expressed, but she makes every effort to eliminate this “monster.” However, their pain and struggle softened their hearts over time, and they began dating. Only to uncover a centuries-old conspiracy.

Male and female leads in this drama have similar strong personalities and a not so trusting demeanor. It’s lighter and has fewer hate characters to contend with. These qualities combine to make it a Chinese drama comparable to Love O2O in terms of heart flutter.

07. Boss & Me

Boss & Me

The plot of Boss & Me revolves around an office romance, and it’s a beautiful love story. Feng Teng, the president of a large conglomerate, is on the lookout for a blood donor when the story opens. Having a rare blood type was a problem for his younger sister, who needed a transfusion to survive. Because of this, he asked his employee Xue Shan Shan, who has the same blood type as his sister, for a donation. She graciously agreed. It’s suggested that Feng Teng’s sister send her nutritionally packed lunches later to repay the gratefulness of Feng Teng’s sister to Shan Shan, as this will help Shan Shan recover from the blood loss while also making their gratitude more personal Shan Shan is a foodie who is also clumsy. But after getting to know her, he couldn’t help but be smitten by her sunny disposition and bright outlook on life.

Likeness: Gu Man, the author of Love O2O’s predecessor, also penned Boss & Me. There isn’t much stress or conflict in either of these dramas, which is unusual for romance dramas. Throughout the play, there are numerous opportunities for laughter. For all of these reasons, this drama is deserving of being included among the Chinese dramas that are comparable to Love O2O.

06. Lucky’s First Love

The plot revolves around a young man’s first love and romance at work. She’s a budding animator who’s also the company mascot, thanks to the popular belief that she brings luck to both the company and her boss. CEO Xia Ke of the company where Xing Yun works is an arrogant, self-assured young man. Xing Yun serves as Xia Ke’s assistant and, over time, progressed to the position of game designer. Their constant spats bring them closer together, and the girl who has never been in love before discovers that love is the final hurdle. Moreover, you’ll fall in love with more couples thanks to their chemistry.

Game brings the couple together in both dramas, which is a striking likeness. Both shows feature a heroic lead character. You’ll laugh out loud during both of these lighthearted dramas.

05. A Little Thing Called First Love

A Little Thing Called First Love

The plot of A Little Thing Called First Love is based on the Thai film Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which was hugely successful in 2010. Xia Mio Mio, a quiet, artistic student, develops a crush on Liang You Nian, her handsome, talented classmate, in the beginning of the story. Because of her feelings for Liang You Nian, she embarks on a college journey of self-discovery and transformation. Xia Miao Miao’s friend helps her on her journey, strengthening their bond even further. After enlisting the aid of her peers and dedicating herself to improving her grades, she begins to learn about fashion, join school clubs, and work hard in the classroom. All of these things enriched her humdrum existence by adding color and interest.

Similarity: The atmosphere of both dramas is similar. The male lead portrays a character who is extremely intelligent and who values and encourages the female character at all times. Coming of age drama with a dash of youth, friendship, and love sprinkled throughout the plot. And because of this, it can be considered a Chinese drama similar to Love O2O.

04. A Love So Beautiful

Web series plot summary in Chinese It’s a sweet romantic comedy about romance, adolescence, and friendship in A Love So Beautiful. Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen, who have been classmates and neighbors since kindergarten, have a 19-year relationship depicted in the drama. Chen Xiaoxi was a bubbly and bright student who sucked at math and science. However, she was fervent in her admiration of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, a popular student at school, was well-liked for his good looks and academic performance, but he was cold toward others. Lu Yang, Lin Jingxiao, and Wu Bosong were also close friends. As they progress through high school and prepare for adulthood, the five of them study together for the National University Entrance Exam.

Similarity: The male lead’s character in both shows is similar, which makes this Chinese drama similar to Love O2O. These two films deal with love, friendship, and adolescence. Finally, you’ll be smiling ear to ear after watching both dramas.

03. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a coming-of-age rom-com based on the novel of the same name by Zhao Qianqian. There will be plenty of romance and fluff in this drama to keep you entertained. Si Tu Mo is a recent college grad who plans to pursue a career in accounting after she graduates. After graduation, she’ll have to make a decision about her career, but she’s unsure what she wants to do. Gu Weiyi, a physics major, entered her life after her school district merged with another. They fight endlessly, completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions. Things happen, and the two end up living together by accident, which sets off a chain reaction of events.

Another similarity is that they both exude a carefree, fluffy, and heartwarming atmosphere. The male leads are intelligent, and the story takes place at a university. The central characters’ love for one another is unwavering throughout the story. These elements combine to make it a Chinese drama comparable to Love O2O.

02. The King’s Avatar

The novel and anime adaptations of the same story were huge hits in China before the drama debuted there. Ye Xiu is well-known as a top-tier player in the game Glory’s professional world. Ye Xiu is eventually kicked off his professional team and forced to hand over his gamer ID, which serves as his only means of identifying himself in the game. As a result, he quit the gaming industry and went to work as a manager at an internet cafe. When Glory launched its tenth server, Ye Xiu re-entered the gaming world with ten years of gaming experience, memories of the past, and a half-built weapon. Chen Guo, the owner of the internet cafe where he met him, and some of the other talented players he met there have joined him on this new journey. Ye Xiu began his ascent from the bottom with all of this in tow.

Similarity: Yang Yang appears in both dramas, and she does so while playing a video game instead of acting. Here, gaming has a significant impact. Also, it’s a drama about the emergence of young adults, making it similar to Love O2O in that respect.

01. Go Go Squid

In the story, Tong Ning is a cover singer with a large following on the internet who is also studying computer science. She develops feelings for Han Shang Yan after seeing him while helping her cousin one day. Han Shang Yan is an e-sports hero and cybersecurity expert. She’s usually brave and outgoing, but when she’s near him, she gets nervous and freezes up. When she sees him, she stumbles and has no idea what to say to him. When it came down to pursuing their respective goals, they found strength and inspiration in one another. As someone who isn’t usually interested in women, Han Shang Yan is swayed by Tong Nian’s singular personality and her unrelenting efforts to get close to him.

Likeness: It’s based on a love of e-sports. This girl reminds me a lot of Bei Wei Wei in terms of her disposition. It’s also a symbol of naiveté, friendship, and aspiration for the future. These qualities elevate Go Go Squid to the ranks of Chinese dramas to which Love O2O has been compared.