Top 10 Movies Like Fatal Attraction That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 07/2024

Movies Like Fatal Attraction

The story of Dan, a married man with a child and a perfect wife, is told in Fatal Attraction. A brief, casual relationship between Dan and professional woman Alex leads to Dan becoming increasingly dependent on Dan. To get Dan’s attention again, an obsessive Alex resorts to stalking and violent acts. With his family in jeopardy, Dan is forced to devise a strategy to keep his affair a secret.

This erotically charged thriller is a cult classic. In fact, the huge success of the film in 1987 sparked a trend of films with similar plots. In the late 1980s and 1990s, this subgenre became a mainstay in movie theaters, resulting in some of the best psychological thrillers ever produced. Fatal Attraction is a must-see for fans of the horror genre, as are the films that followed it, as it was nominated for numerous awards and features some of Glenn Close and Michael Douglas’s best performances.

1. Body Double (1984)

Body Double (1984)

This Alfred Hitchcock-inspired thriller centers on a voyeuristic actor who, while housesitting for his beautiful neighbor, sneaks a peek at her. He later finds out the calamity of his eavesdropping actions. Voyeurism is one of many Hitchcockian devices used in the film. Like Vertigo’s main character, our protagonist in Body Double has a severe case of claustrophobia instead of a fear of heights in this film. Body Double boasts a stellar cast and pushes the envelope when it comes to sex in film.

2. Basic Instinct (1992)

This classic erotic thriller, like Fatal Attraction, features one of actor Michael Douglas’ most iconic performances in the role of Dr. Frankenstein.

He’s a detective working on a murder case involving a rock star. An attractive but deceptive girlfriend, played by Sharon Stone, is prime suspect in this case. This film launched Stone to stardom and established her as a force to be reckoned with in the acting world. Leg-crossing is now an iconic part of pop culture, and it’s frequently imitated. Basic Instinct is a no-holds-barred portrayal of its characters’ amorous and deadly antics, similar to the sexual frankness expressed in Fatal Attraction.

3. The Crush (1993)

The Crush (1993)

Teenager sabotages the life of journalist after 14-year-old girl develops unhealthy attraction to him because he rejects his sexual advances. In spite of her age when the movie was shot, Alicia Silverstone’s teen antagonist is unnervingly menacing.

The Crushes, a cult classic from the ’90s, is a fun popcorn movie with plenty of suspense for genre fans. This isn’t a work of art, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. When you consider how much destruction a mere adolescent can cause, the 90-minute movie flies by.

4. Unfaithful (2002)

When a suburban man learns of his wife’s affair in this story about the fallout, things get dangerous. With Diane Lane’s Oscar-nominated performance at its center, the film is both gripping and unexpected. The plot twists and turns, keeping the viewers on their toes throughout the movie. The acting is superb, drawing the viewer into the tumultuous relationship between the two leads. The script is excellent; there are no unnecessary histrionic scenes to detract from the film’s overall impact.

5. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)

During the course of this 1992 psychological thriller, a widow blames a new mother for the breakdown of her life and pretends to be a nanny in order to exact vengeance on her. This is a powerful film that deals with important issues and themes beneath the surface of its stylized psychological thriller. As a result of the top-notch acting, it’s hard not to feel sorry for the innocent family who are being persecuted by a psychopath who is consumed by grief and a desire for vengeance. Obsession is depicted at its worst in both this film and Fatal Attraction, but in this case, the focus is on vengeance.

6. Cape Fear (1991)

Cape Fear, a Martin Scorcese film, follows recently released felon Max Cady as he seeks vengeance against the lawyer who suppressed evidence that would have cleared him of rape charges. Attorney Sam will have to go above and beyond the call of duty to save his family and escape Cady’s clutches.

30 years after its release, the film’s memorable scenes are still part of popular culture. One of these is the infamouscheek-biting scene, which demonstrates Max Cady’s level of irrationality and desire for violence to the fullest extent available. A character as frightening and intimidating as Cady has never been played by Robert De Niro in his long and illustrious career. In recognition of his work, he was named one of AFI’s 100 greatest heroes and villains.

7. Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

A widow and her former lover bet on their plan to corrupt a newlywed woman in 18th-century France. This film, starring Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction, shows the actress giving her character a cunning and deceptive mindset. However, hers isn’t the only standout performance in the film. This period drama also features stellar performances from John Malkovich, Uma Thurman, and Michelle Pfeiffer in one of her best and most well-known roles. In the same way, the film’s costume design is unforgettable, with its corset silhouettes and aristocratic fabrics.

8. Fear (1996)

There’s nothing better than a good girl like Nicole falling in love with a bad boy like David. When he’s worried about losing Nicole, sociopath David becomes more possessive and aggressive toward her.

When Mark Wahlberg was still known to the public as rapper Marky Mark, this film was made. However, Fear marked the beginning of Mark Wahlberg’s transformation into a well-known actor, and it showed him at his most evil. Fatal Attraction’s plot is reversed in Fear as the male character becomes the dangerous ex-lover who was spurned.

9. Single White Female (1992)

Single White Female (1992)

There is a central character in Single White Female named Allie, who has recently ended her relationship and is looking for a roommate to help her maintain her rental. Allie’s new roommate develops an unhealthy obsession with her after they move in together. To see what happens next will make you regret ever having a roommate. The disturbing and subversive commentary on infatuation made by Single White Female is unsettling.

However, this is not a romantic infatuation. The roommate of Allie adopts Allie’s hairstyle, wardrobe, and demeanor. Rather than be with Allie, the character wants to be Allie and take over her life completely.

10. Misery (1990)

Annie, a devoted fan, rescues injured novelist Paul Sheldon from a car accident and begins nursing him back to health. When Annie discovers that Paul intends to kill off her favorite character in his upcoming novel, things get complicated. Annie becomes increasingly tyrannical and obnoxious, eventually encasing Paul and his injuries inside her house. Kathy Bates’s performance as Annie is one of the best of her career, and it earned her an Academy Award for best actress.

Throughout the story, she perfectly transforms Annie from a harmless but overzealous fan to a vicious psychopath. Based on Stephen King’s novel, the movie is a suspenseful thriller in which the audience wonders if Paul will ever be able to free himself from Annie’s grasp.