Top 10 Shows Like Long Island Medium Update 07/2024

Shows Like Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo, who appears on TLC’s Long Island Medium, is said to connect with the deceased. These ten programs are a must-see for fans of the reality show genre.

It can be difficult for loved ones to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

So, in order to get closure, individuals could turn to a reputed spirit medium.

Despite some doubt, this method has shamanic roots and was popularized in the nineteenth century.

Real-life series like TLC’s Long Island Medium have re-popularized mediums in our day and age.

Theresa Caputo, a spirit medium who conducts readings for a variety of clients, is just one of several mediums with their own television show. Long Island Medium viewers might also love these great shows.

10. Monica the Medium

Monica the Medium

Monica the Medium, a reality show about a teenage medium, was created by Freeform as a way of promoting themselves as a television network for the teen audience.

Monica Ten-Kate, a college student and spirit medium, hosts the show, which premiered in 2016.

One year after the premiere of her show, she started a YouTube account of her own.

She hopes to assist her clients come to terms with the loss of a loved one by utilizing her own self-proclaimed psychic abilities.

Because of this, the show has been criticized by skeptical viewers, but this shouldn’t deter people from tuning in to experience a younger spirit medium in action.

9. Hollywood Medium

Mediums claim to be able to communicate with the dead using a variety of mediumistic techniques.

On his reality show Hollywood Medium, spirit medium Tyler Henry uses this technique to communicate with the deceased.

Tyler, as the title suggests, is a Los Angeles-based actor who has attracted the attention of a number of A-list celebrities.

In addition, his show airs on the E! Network, which is known for featuring Hollywood celebrities and other high-profile figures.

Even one of their other reality shows, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, included him for the first time.

8. Princesses: Long Island

Princesses Long Island

If you thought Long Island Medium lacked drama and relied too heavily on the supernatural, then Princesses: Long Island is the program for you. The story follows the lives of six ladies in their late twenties who live in the Long Island area.

As members of the Boomerang Generation, these women aim to find a husband and leave the comfort of their parents’ homes someday. It debuted in 2013 on Bravo and aired for only one season.

7. Psychic Kids

There have been many fictitious children with psychic talents in films and television throughout the years, but some claim there are also real-life examples.

The reality show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on the A&E Network makes this claim. Overall, reviews of the show have been mixed.

Chip Coffey, best known for his role in Paranormal State, visits children who claim to be psychic and aids them in coming to terms with their gifts.

In addition to Edy Nathan, a certified therapist, Kim Russo, a spirit medium, and Chris Fleming, a well-known public lecturer on paranormal and psychic phenomena, the group includes three other professionals.

6. Mama Medium

Mama Medium

TLC decided to produce a similar reality show, titled Mama Medium, last year in response to the success of Long Island Medium.

Jennie Marie is the spirit medium featured in this episode, which takes place in Rochester, New York, rather than Long Island.

According to Jennie, she has the ability to empathize with persons who are unable to communicate verbally, such as the paralyzed.

In contrast to Long Island Medium, this episode focuses on both Jennie’s readings with various customers and her personal life as a whole.

However, it has been met with some skepticism, just as earlier presentations of this type.

5. Medium

This show, in contrast to the others mentioned so far, is purely fictional.

It is, nevertheless, loosely inspired on the alleged real-life experiences of Allison DuBois, a self-proclaimed spirit medium.

Medium takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, and follows Allison (played by Patricia Arquette), a psychic who works as an intern for the district attorney of a fictional county.

In addition to her three daughters, all of whom have the same superpowers as her, she also has a husband and a father.

For a total of seven seasons in the mid-to-late 2000s, the sitcom was shown on both NBC and CBS.

4. Seatbelt Psychic

Seatbelt Psychic

Nothing out of the ordinary happens when you ride in the car with an Uber driver or someone from a service like that.

In the event, however, that one of these motorists turns out to be prescient, Then there’s Seatbelt Psychic, a Lifetime series based on the same premise as the first two paragraphs above.

As part of his current profession as a ride-sharing driver, Thomas John, a self-described spirit medium with celebrity customers, will pick up passengers and conduct readings for them on the spot.

The show has already completed its first season, and a second is yet questionable.

3. Celebrity Ghost Stories

Whether or not it’s true, a good ghost story can be a lot of fun, depending on the person’s disposition.

To take this notion to the next level, the A&E Network created the reality series Celebrity Ghost Stories, in which stars share their own ghostly encounters.

Celebrity interviews are interspersed with dramatic scenes and frightening music as they share their tales of paranormal activity.

There is presently a spin-off named The Haunting Of, and a sixth season will be released in the fall of this year, bringing the total number of seasons to five.

2. Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal Lockdown

TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown extends the time spent in a haunted site from one night to three days, which is unusual for most ghost hunting series.

There’s a lot of time for ghost hunting on Paranormal State, as paranormal investigator Nick Groff and researcher Katrina Weidman put their different tools to use.

The show debuted in 2016 and was canceled after three seasons.

Considering how well-liked the show was, the decision to end it seems perplexing.

Higgypop, on the other hand, claims that Paranormal Lockdown was axed because of politics within the show.

1. Long Lost Family

Missing relatives, whether they’ve died or not, can seem like ghosts to those who remember them.

Additionally, locating them may be difficult and even costly, depending on the circumstances, if processes like DNA Testing are used.

Fortunately, there are reality shows like TLC’s Long Lost Family that are supposed to assist with this situation.

Following the format of the British show of the same name, a team of investigators helps out a select group of people who have been searching for long-lost relatives.

With three seasons under its belt, and hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner on the mic, this show knows how to entertain.