10 Best Anime Fights That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Anime Fights

This decade has witnessed a plethora of anime fights, but these 10 may be the finest of all time.

We can all agree that the decade of the 2010s was packed with some of the most amazing anime ever produced. It’s impossible to deny that we’ve had our fill of epic fights in anime, especially in the shonen genre. We’ve seen a lot of great battles in recent years, including new anime like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan as well as long-running series like Naruto coming to a close.

The top fights of the decade have been compiled in honor of the decade’s conclusion. These bouts are not arranged in any particular order.

1. Mob vs. Koyama (Mob Psycho 100)

Mob Psycho 100

The fight between Mob and Megumu Koyama was one of the most beautifully staged we’ve seen in this decade. There is no shortage of stunning fighting in Mob Psycho 100, but the staff really went all out for Mob’s fight against Koyama. A dedicated and skilled group of animators packed quite the punch when Mob went 100% Animosity in his battle with Koyama.

Mob smashed his opponents to the ground after raising him hundreds of feet into the air during the epic battle.

2. Jotaro Kujo vs. Dio Brando (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures)

After a brief hiatus in 2010 when JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure came back to life, the program has consistently delivered some of the best battles in anime over the past eight years. Jotaro’s duel with Dio in Stardust Crusaders is without a doubt the most memorable of all JoJo’s fights.

After the death of Kakyoin, Jotaro made it a priority to see that Star Platinum was upgraded to a level greater than Dio’s The World. While demonstrating the ferocity of the Stand’s might, this confrontation also put a stop to the charismatic villain.

3. Netero vs. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Netero vs Meruem was one of the best fights we’ve ever seen in shonen, and in doing so, the Chimera Ant arc was engraved into the hearts of the fans. Even though Meruem had a massive advantage in strength, the fight was wonderfully staged and showcased Meruem’s degree of talent. Meruem was ultimately put to sleep thanks to Netero’s sacrifice, but Netero’s powers were just as impressive.

4. Naruto vs. Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden)

Over the course of two episodes in 2016, a conflict that nearly every fan has been anticipating eventually took place in the Valley of End. The showdown between Naruto and Sasuke was bound to happen, and Studio Pierrot didn’t disappoint.

Animators such as Hiroyuki Yamashita helped make Naruto vs. Sasuke one of the most memorable fights of the decade, but that’s debatable. The fight between Naruto and Sasuke finishes in a blowout, with Sasuke yielding to Naruto and accepting his way of peace once and for all.

5. Saitama vs. Lord Boros (One Punch Man)

One-Punch Man

Saitama’s epic showdown with Lord Boros has to be on any list of the finest anime fights from the last decade. However, owing to the director of One Punch Man, a number of high-profile animators were drawn to the project in order to make it a memorable fight.

Saitama vs. Boros provided us with some of the best anime action we’ve ever seen, probably ever, thanks to a fantastic team. It’s no surprise that Saitama’s thrashing of Boros made our list of the best anime fights of the decade when renowned names like Yutaka Nakamura and Kameda work on the episode.

6. All Might vs All For One (My Hero Academia)

All Might vs All For One is one of many epic battles in My Hero Academia, but it stands out for two reasons: the story relevance of the fight and the emotional impact it has on the characters. It goes without saying that the entire experience of watching All Might vs. All For One was nothing short of spectacular.

Despite the fact that this combat didn’t have the aesthetic attractiveness of some of the others on this list, its significance was undeniable. We couldn’t possibly leave this one out of this list of the best All Might vs. All For One fights, and we surely couldn’t.

7. Goku vs. Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super Broly (2018)

It was only a matter of time before Goku came face-to-face with another immovable object when Dragon Ball returned in the 2010s. Jiren, a formidable being from Universe 11, was this time’s nemesis. Goku took it upon himself to beat Jiren and prevent the erasing of the universe during the Tournament of Power.

This gave him even more strength in Ultra Instinct, which he used to take on the fate of the universe. Again, the fight between Goku and Jiren was emotionally charged, and the animation was stunning. This fight was immortalized in our minds and eyes by Toei’s biggest stars, such as Naotoshi Shida, Yong-ce Tu, and Naoki Tate.

8. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Charlotte Katakuri (One Piece)

As One Piece nears its conclusion, Luffy’s voyage becomes increasingly difficult. Charlotte Katakuri was Luffy’s biggest obstacle on Cake Island at the time. It was imperative that Luffy defeat Katakuri if he wanted to ensure the crew’s safety, and he did so spectacularly.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the fight, which took months of hard preparation from the Toei team (who don’t receive enough credit). Big-name animators such as Naotoshi Shida, Koudai Watanabe, and Tu returned to One Piece in this episode. It’s because of the incredible action choreography and the overall mood of the bout that it makes our list of the decade’s top fights.

9. Levi vs. The Beast Titan (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan (2013-)

It should come as no surprise that Attack on Titan has some of the most thrilling battles we’ve seen in recent memory, given that it is perhaps the best anime of the decade. While there are a plenty of options, we chose Levi’s fight with Zeke because of how lively it was, thanks to the countless hours of work put in by the team at Wit Studio.

When Erwin Smith was killed, he utilized his body as a shield to create up a route for Levi to strike down the Beast Titan. We witnessed Levi slicing up the Beast Titan into multiple parts as he made sure Erwin’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain in a brilliantly animated clip by the famous Arifumi Imai.

10. Naruto and Sasuke vs. Momoshiki Otsutsuki (Boruto)

The bouts that Boruto has shown have been mind-boggling even if the show isn’t as popular as Naruto once was. During Boruto Episode 65, Naruto and Sasuke engaged in a battle with Momoshiki Otsuki. Thanks to some of the most imaginative storyboarding and directing from Pierrot’s rising talent Chengxi Huang, this episode is widely regarded as an animation marvel.

To everyone’s surprise, the episode not only produced amazing action but also brought back fond memories of Naruto and Sasuke’s epic battle against Momoshiki. Boruto’s final scene, in which the torch was passed from the previous generation to the current one, is one of the reasons why we continue to admire him.