8 Best Shows Like Heartland On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Heartland On Netflix

Horse lovers all over the world tune in to watch Heartland, which is by far the most popular show on the horse channel. Fans are left with the familiar empty feeling after the conclusion of a beloved show now that Season 14 has aired and a new season is still in the works.

Despite this, there’s still hope! Until Season 15 arrives (hopefully! ), there are plenty of binge-worthy shows like Heartland to keep you occupied.

Despite the fact that each of these shows differs in some way from Heartland, they all share the series’ familial atmosphere. The most important thing to remember is that they all own horses! After you’ve finished reading, be sure to look at our guide to the best horse-related TV shows.

Here are 8 similar shows to Heartland that you’ll enjoy:

1. Free Rein

Free Rein

If you liked Heartland, you’ll love this British drama series about a young American girl and her extraordinary horse Raven, which airs on the BBC. Taking place on a fictitious island off the coast of England, Zoe (Jaylen Barron) spends the summer with her mother in her hometown when the series begins.

Zoe happens upon Bright Fields, one of the area’s best riding stables, quite by chance. There, she meets a problematic but beautiful black horse called Raven and wows everyone with her ability to calm him down. Bright Fields’ best show jumping competitors will be this duo in the future.

Zoe meets a slew of new people, battles rival Holloway riders, and falls in love along the way. Equestrian girls of any age will enjoy Free Rein, despite the fact that it is aimed at a younger demographic than Heartland was.

You can watch all three seasons of Free Rein on Netflix, which include 10 episodes each. ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and ‘Free Rein: Valentine’s Day’ are also available to view on the platform.

2. McLeod’s Daughters

McLeod’s Daughters


While Heartland is lighter, McLeod’s Daughters is one of the most popular shows in Australian television history, and it’s heavier than Heartland. No matter what you’re looking for in a television series, this one has it all.

McKeod’s Daughters begins with the reunion of two half-sisters, Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) and Tessie Silverman McLeod (Bridie Carter), who share ownership of Drovers Run Ranch, a family ranch. It has been in the McLeodfamily for generations, like Heartland, and is now run entirely by women.

Assisting the two sisters in their attempt to complete Drovers Run will be ranchhand Becky Howard and housekeeper Meg Fountain, as well as wealthy neighbors the Ryans and Jodi’s mother and housekeeper Meg. A family-friendly atmosphere, lovable characters, and well-written storylines will keep viewers hooked on this show as it progresses. Everything from drama to romance to love triangles to tragedies to horses abounds in this show.

After the conclusion of Season 3, the show’s focus changes due to the departure of several of the main cast members. The show will, however, continue on for a further five seasons, allowing you to meet many new characters. McLeod’s Daughters is also available on YouTube in its entirety, spanning eight seasons and 224 episodes!


3. Yellowstone



Similarly to Heartland, Yellowstone is a family-oriented American drama set in the stunning Rocky Mountain region of the United States. We learn about the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States, through the course of the show. Land developers, national parks, and Native American reservations all share the ranch’s borders, creating tensions between the various parties involved.

Darby, Montana’s Chief Joseph Ranch is the residence of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), who will do anything for the ranch’s safety (and that of his family). He has no idea that members of his own family are plotting to seize control of the property.

Yellowstone has a lot more violence than Heartland, making it unsuitable for children under the age of 18. Paramount Network has already aired three seasons, each with around ten episodes. The show’s fourth season is scheduled to premiere in June 2021. The show can also be purchased from Amazon Prime if you don’t have a Prime subscription.


4. Wildfire



If you enjoyed Heartland’s storylines about troubled youth, you may want to give Wildfire a try. There are a total of four seasons in the show, each with 13 episodes.

Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese), a former jockey now serving time for theft, is discovered to have a hidden talent by a volunteer at a teen detention center. Pablo is a horse trainer who gives Kris her freedom after seeing her calm down several troublesome horses at Raintree Ranch.

When Kris finally gets to her foster family’s house, she’s met with a slew of difficulties while trying desperately to please her new family. The ranch is on the verge of bankruptcy as she contends with a love triangle involving the owner’s two sons. Kris and Wildfire, a special horse she rescued from slaughter and will eventually become a champion racehorse, might be the family’s last hope.


5. The Ranch

The Ranch

In the Ranch, the dysfunctional Benett family’s life takes center stage. The Ranch even has a Maggie’s bar, which Heartland shares not only in terms of setting.

Ashton Kutcher’s character, Colt, the ranch owner’s younger son, returns to the family ranch after his football career fails. Colonel (Colt) attempts to save his family’s Colorado ranch Iron River from financial ruin with the help of his father and older brother Jameson “Rooster” (Danny Masterson).

Debra Winger plays the boys’ mother Maggie, the owner of the local bar, in the show. Filming for The Ranch took place in front of a real live audience on a sound stage in California.

6. The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club


The Saddle Club is an endearing children’s television show set in Australia and Canada that centers on horses! Bonnie Bryant’s book was the inspiration for this show, which centers on three best friends who are students at Pine Hollow Stables, a riding school.

Lisa (Lara Jean Marshall), Carole (Keenan MacWilliam), and Stevie (Sophie Bennett) are all members of “The Saddle Club” and go on many adventures together. Veronica DiAngelo, a spoiled and snobby girl who also rides at Pine Hollow, is their other rival.

The Saddle Club, like Free Rein, is geared toward children, but the characters do get older as the series progresses. Every episode is jam-packed with action as the girls prepare for upcoming horse shows, deal with personal issues, and get entangled in barn dramas. Overall, the show’s message is to surround yourself with true friends and anything is possible.


7. Caitlin’s Way

Caitlin’s Way

This Canadian-American teen drama is reminiscent of Wildfire in that it follows a troubled girl as she bounces around foster homes in Philadelphia. She’ll end up on the Montana ranch of her long-lost relatives by chance. There, she meets a horse named Bandit and develops a special bond with him.

The young Caitlin Seeger (played by Lindsay Felton) is arrested on the streets of Philadelphia and given the choice between a juvenile detention center and her mother’s cousin’s ranch. She decides on the latter and relocates to live with some of her extended family members. Despite the fact that she initially feels alienated, Caitlin eventually warms up to her new home after overcoming her culture shock.

Caitlin has been on the lookout for a loving, long-term home ever since her mother’s untimely death. She finally finds what she’s been looking for all these years in her loving relatives and a horse she rescues at the ranch.

Caitlin’s Way, in contrast to Heartland, takes place in the 1990s. Some Heartland fans might notice a strange similarity between the show’s filming location and the town of High River, the setting for the fictional town of Hudson in Heartland. A total of 52 episodes from three seasons of Caitlin’s Way are available to watch right now on YouTube.

8. Anne with an E

Anne with an E


One of the shows on this list, Anne with an E, has the most of a Heartland vibe to it. Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the beloved children’s novel “Anne of Green Gables,” which serves as the inspiration for this touching Canadian drama series.

The show revolves around an orphan named Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty). As a young child, Anne was abandoned by her biological parents and raised in an orphanage by nuns. In the late 1800s, the show was filmed on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Green Gables is home to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, two elderly siblings. A young orphan boy would be a big help around the house, so they’re looking to adopt him. But when Matthew goes to pick up the boy, he’s surprised to find a chatty and bright adolescent girl instead.

After a misunderstanding, the Cuthberts mistakenly send Anne back to the orphanage, but when they realize their error, they take her back. Anne has a lot of fun with her new family and friends. At the end of the series, the main character has finally arrived at university and has found love.

This show is great for the whole family because it tackles a variety of social issues that were hot at the time. Among them are racial and religious intolerance, gender inequality, and the freedom to express one’s thoughts and ideas. All three seasons of Anne with an E can be found on Netflix.