16 Best Shows Like Good Omens That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Good Omens

Good Omens takes content from the oldest book of the world and turned it into a binge-worthy drama. Ten additional shows are just as good here.

The Amazon Prime drama Good Omens has generated a certain attraction. Based on a similar 1990 novel, the show gives biblical figures a dark comedy spin and an often feared apocalypse.

The demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale like to live on Earth their day, but the approaching Antichrist, which leads to Armageddon, will jeopardize it. It features angels, devils, intrigue, comedy and the dark allure of the fight from heaven to heaven. If this entices you, you can sink your teeth into 10 more signs.

1. The Fallen (2006)

The Fallen (2006)

The Fallen could be difficult to find online. It’s an oldie but a goodie and all in one a guilty delight. The drama was shown as miniseries in 2006, when the concept of angels was highly demanded. The show was based on Thomas Sniegoski’s novel series The Fallen. The books have been made into a miniseries of three parts.

The eighteenth birthday of Aaron Corbett (Paul Wesley) is awake to find he is a Nephilim, an angel’s birthday, and a human. He is in serious danger from the forces since he is the Redeemer from a prophecy able to return angels to heaven. Aaron realizes who his genuine fallen angle dad is during his voyage.

2. Damien (2016)

Damien has tragically only been living on A&E for one season, but it is great if you want anything interested in the story of the antichrist with a new twist. Bradley James played the show in Damien Thorn’s lead role.

The show is inspired on the popular film The Omen from 1976.

Damien is a fully grown adult and now lives as a photographer, yet he cannot overcome his predestined future.

Damien now needs to take up his true self and become the antichrist. The show is dark, mysterious and will chill your back.

3. The Messengers (2015)

The Messengers (2015)

The Messengers at CW were a short-lived demonstration that could have had some value. Before the CW canceled the show in 2015, the show airing 13 episodes. If you like Good Omens, this show shares the same theme as the main characters.

When a weird item falls into the earth to kill five strangers, their lives will change forever. The five aliens with extraordinary talents come back to life and find they are “the messengers.” They have become sworn protectors to stop the horsemen and the rapture.

4. Constantine (2015)

The 2004 film of the same name would be one of the most unforgettable images of the character Constantine. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, the DC Comics character. In 2015, NBC attempted to resuscitate the character with the sitcom Constantine, with the lead part being Matt Ryan.

John Constantine is a demon hunter who employs his extraordinary skills to protect the human race from terrible powers. He battles with a delicate line from good to evil. The sow is like Good Omens, heaven and hell. Sadly, the show was only on TV for one season.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the most talked-about and popular supernatural fantasy shows on TV. It produces the list since it cannot be included in the genre. The show also focuses on demons and evil forces.

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller) discovers that she is the next “slayer” to safeguard human beings from threats to supernatural beings. The show show shows that there’s Heaven and Hell in the existent information. But the show concentrates mainly on bad demons and not so many angels. There are many times where there may have been an emerging apocalypse, but the Scooby Gang has stopped its potential to manifest.

6. Angel (1999)

Angel was a spin-off show from the 1999 Buffyverse. The show hardly dabbles in the genuine biblical/mythological angel despite its title. The show revolves around Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire who goes to Los Angeles to escape Buffy’s life.

Angel becomes a private detective who “helps the needy” and kills bad demons and otherworldly beings. The show sometime in the episode “Revelation, Nowish” tells the narrative of a baby who would be known as the “beast” that would lead to the apocalypse.

7. Lucifer (2016)

Lucifer (2016)

If you’re a fan of supernatural fiction and the idea of heaven and hell, Lucifer is a must-watch list of everyone. The show is something else because it’s a criminal show focusing on Lucifer Morning Star, sometimes known as the Devil himself.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is tired with his duty as King of the Underworld and wants to enjoy the nightclub in L.A. while solving Detective Chloe Decker’s murder mysteries. This creates an imbalance between the sky and the sky. Lucifer needs to juggle the threats between heavenly beings that encourage him to return to heaven and safeguard people he most loves.

8. Supernatural (2005)

Supernatural is one of the most popular and longest-running supernatural/fantasy TV shows in the world. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) won the hearts of fans worldwide, following their first debut in 2005.

The show offers all that you might require. Sam and Dean wander the land seeking for nasty supernatural creatures. Their storylines grow and evolve as seasons go and meet with some addition to comedy and drama every form of the supernatural. The trouble in heaven and hell is handled and the demon named Crowley and the angel Gabriel are met. They even meet Lucifer.

Dean and Sam undergo tough struggles to save humanity from the evils that desire to cause devastation. They also have to maintain the balance between the sky and the hell. During the seasons, Dean, Sam and his friends struggle against the Apocalypse before it gets worse. The show even covers the typical tale, like in Good Omens of the Antichrist.

9. Shadowhunters (2016-2019)

Shadowhunters (2016-2019)

Cassandra Clare’s book series The Mortal Instruments are the inspiration behind the supernatural fantasy series. ‘Shadowhunters’ main character is a girl named Clary Fray. She seems to be a regular young woman who has enrolled in the Brooklyn Academy of Arts. Only on her eighteenth birthday does Clary discover her angel’s blood and belong to a privileged society called as the ‘shadowing.’ Their task is to safeguard people against evil powers. When her mother is suddenly abducted, Clary needs to utilize her new skills to track her. This task leads her to enter a supernatural domain, through which Clary must pass carefully. It is Calry’s desire to bring her mother back to the heart of the narrative.

The series was successful with viewers throughout. It is worth highlighting here that “ShadoWounters” has some outstanding visuals and is built on a sound premise; but he loses his hold on the complot when he tries to be too serious.

11. Emerald City (2017)

Viewers who viewed the iconic Hollywood picture ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ would want to witness the story in this original NBC series. The key character of L. Frank Baum’s book series Oz is a young girl called Dorothy Gale. In this series, she is also the leading character. Dorothy is 20 when a storm struck her into the beautiful city of Emerald. In this universe, Dorothy is all alone, struggling to find her way home. She does not know that she is here to fulfill a prophecy that will have a huge impact on human civilisation and on the fate of the earth. Directed by Tarsem Singh, after the first season, the sitcom was canceled by NBC. The main reasons behind the cancelation could be unfavorable reviews and expensive production costs. The only good thing about this series is that the production and designs are quite outstanding.

12. Dominion (2014-2015)

‘Dominion’ is a post-apocalyptic fantasy series based on the 2010 film ‘Legion.’ The story begins at a period when God is missing from the sky. Archangel Gabriel feels that human beings are accountable for the absence of God, and he gathers inferior Angels, builds an army and attacks men to teach them a lesson. Archangel Michael’s sides with men seeing that this could harm God’s beloved creation. But humanity is almost destroyed by the avenging angels and the few survivors of Vega city, a disastrous remaining metropolis in Las Vegas. This larger storyline includes a love story about a human soldier named Alex and Vega’s daughter. There are some fairly difficult twists in the narrative of the show that the writers don’t bring out at the conclusion. The clichés featured in the episode are things that we have seen throughout the years in various shows and films.

13. Carnival Row (2019)

Carnival Row (2019)

An original Amazon Prime series, Carnival Row, is set at a period when some mythological creatures are fleeing their homes and flocking to the ground, seeking safe shelters away from the atrocities they face in their homes. The human population does not, however, accept that these mythological creatures intrude their territory and so cause tension between the two populations. The narration follows an inquiry into a series of unresolved killings by detective Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate in this heated environment (Orlando Bloom). In the meantime, he also attempts to revive his love for Vignette Stonemoss, a fate (Cara Delevingne). The series is magnificently shot and its high production qualities astound. But the writers tend to bit more than they can chew, which leads to half-baked plots that start with great taste and lose impetus in the end.

14. NOS4A2 (2019)

The writer Joe Hill certainly is a fan of the German director F. W. Murnau, which can be imagined by the title of his novel ‘NOS4A2,’ is a word-play on the horror picture ‘Nosferatu’ from 1922 by Murnau. Hill’s book was now turned by the AMC network to a TV drama. The narrative is about a girl named Victoria “Vic” McQueen. She is an artist who suddenly finds that she can sense Charlie Manx’s whereabouts. Manx is an immortal man of 135 years who attracts children and then nourishes their spirits. He then sends these children to a Christmasland dreamscape. This is a place where Christmas continues for eternity and unhappiness is a crime. The creators have constructed a marvelous environment in which this neo-noirish fantasy drama is placed. The performances of the leading actors are certainly a big driving force behind the series.

15. The Boys (2019)

‘The Boys’ is a series of super heroes, but nothing in the same category is like the other shows. This narrative is set in a universe where the superheroes are owned as poster boys by a private company. It is the image of the super-heroes which is more essential than the task they do in modern society. As the heroes traded their souls for glamor and ease, a troop of rough, blue-colored workers are set to attack and give them a lesson. On the one hand, the series provides an interesting vision of super heroes—they show us how the funds, even the strongest of souls, corrupt their sense of responsibility and just money.

16. American Gods (2017)

American Gods (2017)

It is only appropriate that this list end with a series based on a book by Neil Gaiman. ‘American Gods’ is one of the writer’s most iconic works. It tells two characters’ narrative — Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday. The first is a prisoner freshly freed from jail to attend his wife’s funeral. The latter gives him a job when Shadow Moon finally meets Mr. Wednesday. Although Shadow Moon is initially very apprehensive, he takes on the task of being Mr. Wednesday’s driver-assistant. This task brings the Shadow Moon into a world of enchantment. Here, the gods are unsure about their own destiny in the cosmos and are hunting for answers themselves. The series is aesthetically spectacular, and fantasy and humor merge into a deliciously unique experience.