7 Best Shows Like Gentefied That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Gentefied

‘Gentefied’ tells the story of three Mexican cousins living in the United States. In the course of the episode, the characters’ lives and problems are depicted. They have banded together to ensure that their grandfather’s taco shop continues to thrive.

In the series, the community they live in has a significant impact on the characters’ lives. ‘Gentefied’ is a popular show that focuses on the lives of immigrants in the United States. If you’ve loved this series, here are some other shows you might enjoy. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have several of them.

7. Dr. Ken (2015-2017)

Dr. Ken (2015-2017)

A Korean American doctor, played by stand-up comedian Ken Jeong, is the star of this popular television show. It’s only Dr. Ken and his wife and two sons in his life. This sitcom explores the outlandish circumstances in which he finds himself in his personal and professional lives.

Despite the fact that the series stars a stand-up comedian in the starring role, its humor fails to have an impression on the audience.

6. Master Of None (2015-2017)

Master Of None (2015-2017)

Ansari co-created and starred in Master Of None, which follows a 30-year-old Indian American actor named Dev who lives in New York City and works in the entertainment industry, among other things. The series focuses on the many difficulties he encounters while interacting with friends, colleagues, and family members.

It is also interesting to see how an Indian family adapts to life in the United States, as well as New York’s many nuances for immigrants. A number of scenes in Master Of None are homages to great filmmakers such as Federico Fellini and Vittorio De Sica, and the film’s scripting is excellent.

5. Fresh Off The Boat (2015-)

Fresh Off The Boat (2015-)

From Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown to Orlando, Fla., a family from Taiwan moves and adapts to their new surroundings. While they were surrounded by individuals from their own culture in Chinatown, this new neighborhood is making it difficult for them to fit in.

This family’s journey to build a better life for themselves while adjusting to their new circumstances is the focus of the show. A lot of immigrant families will be able to identify with the issues raised in this series, which is presented with wonderful nuance.

4. Little America (2020-)

Little America (2020-)

“Little America,” a series by Apple TV+ focusing on people from other nations who have moved in the United States, is rather interesting. ‘Little America’ has been able to explore a wide range of towns and cultures because each episode is a stand-alone story. Immigrant artists in Hollywood would definitely benefit greatly from this innovative new strategy.

3. Brown Nation (2016-)

Brown Nation (2016-)

To see Hasmukh Parikh, an Indian man residing in New York with his wife, is a delightful comedy-drama series. Parikh owns a tiny IT company, but it isn’t doing very well.

His wife, on the other hand, is a bit of a pain in the ass and complains often about how her artistic potential remains unrealized. ‘Brown Nation,’ despite its comic nature, is a very amusing show.

2. One Day At A Time (2017-)

One Day At A Time (2017-)

There was an original series called “One Day At A Time” that lasted from 1975 to 1984. Penelope, a Cuban-American mother, is the show’s protagonist and lives with her children.

It’s a series that chronicles the many ups and downs of their life. Even though this series is based on the original, it has its own distinct charm and has become a favorite of critics and fans alike.

1. On My Block (2018-)

On My Block (2018-)

There are four youngsters that live near to one other and attend the same school in this Netflix original TV series. Despite the fact that their neighborhood is dangerous, they find solace in each other’s relationship.

‘On My Block’ follows a group of teenagers as they deal with a variety of adolescent issues. This series perfectly captures the essence of adolescent life in the South Central district of Los Angeles.