10 Best Shows Like Food Wars That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Food Wars

food wars follows 15-year-old souma yukihira’s ambition to one day be the head chef of his family’s restaurant. Before, running the Yukihira Diner was all he wanted to do. But his father persuaded him to apply to the highly selective Tootsuki Culinary Academy, where only 10% of the students graduated. He is now living his childhood dream. It’s a CHALLENGE ACCEPTED by Souma! What matters is that you’re going to become one of the world’s best chefs, no matter how difficult or extreme the circumstances may be! That’s how the goal of Souma’s dream evolved—to learn everything there is to know about food and cooking so that he can one day become a world-class chef!

As you may have guessed, the focus of this anime is on FOOD and COOKING! Drooling and excessive salivation are therefore to be expected. If you don’t want to get really hungry after watching this show, don’t bother watching it. Because it’s the type of show that can leave you craving… To me, that’s one of the reasons it’s such an enjoyable show. In addition, it instructs students on how to cook a wide range of different dishes! Delectably phenomenal! That’s what I’d call that.

The series I’ve chosen match Shokugeki no Souma’s genre and theme, despite their brevity. For the most part, they’re food-related, so feel free to drool all you want! Shows like Shokugeki no Souma deliver FOODGASM, which attacks the viewer’s sight as well as their gustatory senses.

1. Cooking Master Boy

Cooking Master Boy

To this day, Cooking Master Boy remains one of the most influential anime series devoted to cooking and food preparation. In fact, for many people, it’s the first in a new genre that has emerged as a result of it. For this reason alone, the subject has received a lot of attention in the past. This show certainly does not disappoint as a cooking/food otaku show!

The “Era of the Cooking Wars” peaked in China during the Qing dynasty in the nineteenth century. During this time period, a young boy named Mao develops his cooking abilities to the point where he, like his late mother, is dubbed the “Fairy of Cuisine.” As a result, Mao embarks on a culinary education that takes him across China, honing his skills and making him a legendary chef in his own right!

2. Yakitate!! Japan

FOODGASM first appeared in anime with Yakitate!! You could get an answer from Japan! There’s no better way to describe this show than “Foodgasm!” Basically, it’s capable of making viewers drool uncontrollably and want to eat everything they see on screen (well in this case, BREAD). This anime will show you heavenly bread-tasting, orgasmic eating sensations, and exaggerated after-taste expressions.

Not any ordinary child is Azuma Kazuma! The “Solar Hands” are a peculiarity that only he possesses. His hands are noticeably warmer than the average person’s. And now his bread-making abilities have skyrocketed! Azuma was a bread skeptic at first. He embarks on a quest to join “Pantasia” and make the legendary “Ja-Pan” bread after learning about the wonders of bread and how to make it.

3. Koufuku Graffiti

Koufuku Graffiti

Do you get a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever you eat delicious food or see someone else eating it? Well, the food in Koufuku Graffiti is good, but the overall “feel good” atmosphere of the show is even better. The anime is exciting because it’s a new kind of slice-of-life/food show.

Ryou Machiko is an art student at a prestigious art school who lives alone. She is a home cook, but she has recently noticed that the food she prepares is no longer tasty. When it comes down to it, food is just food. Why does it no longer taste good? It turns out that her cousin Kirin, who wants to attend the same art school as Ryou, will be staying with her on weekends. Ryou’s cooking impresses Kirin, and Kirin soon realizes that taste doesn’t mean everything. It’s said that “good meals are meant to be shared with those you care about.” That’s the essence of good food: simple, fresh, and flavorful.

4. Toriko

With Toriko, it’s all about the FOOD! It’s true that this game is filled with battles and such, but the focus is still on food! When it comes to food, everything is done for the greater good! It’s a grand food adventure to go on the hunt for rare and exotic ingredients, cook them to perfection, and then eat the most divine food there is! Toriko is a must-see anime because of this.

It’s Toriko’s lifelong goal to create the ultimate five-course meal, and he’ll do anything to get there! Of course, this isn’t an easy task to accomplish! Producing and prepping ingredients to their best shape and form is an enormous challenge in today’s world where food is king. In order to complete an important task, Chef Komatsu was tasked with tracking down Toriko. An instant friendship blossomed between him and the newcomer. They’ve joined forces and are embarking on a life-changing journey that includes everything they’ve ever wanted, but most importantly, food.

5. Ben-To


Apparently, you enjoy shows in which people engage in intense competition for food… No more searching for a buddy because Ben-To has everything you’re looking for and then some! Ben-To is all about food fights, which is a strange concept. Fight and eat are mutually exclusive—as it’s simple as that! There you have it, so sit back and enjoy the show!

You Satou, a 15-year-old student, learned the hard way that half-priced ben-to boxes are sacred. To begin with, he was only trying to get his hands on a Bento box when he found himself suddenly unconscious…on the ground! I have no idea what happened. Fighting, it turns out, is a necessity if you want to get food, especially cheap ben-to boxes. In order to become a true ben-to wolf warrior, Satou begins training with the “Ice Queen” herself!

6. Dagashi Kashi

Do you enjoy munching on sweets and salty treats? Assuming, of course, that you do. Who doesn’t want that?! Eating is always a joy, but for Dagashi Kashi, it’s all about the snacks and sweets! The show is about snacking, so you should know what to expect by now. Find out about dagashi (Japanese snacks) and become addicted to them after learning about them.

A manga artist at heart, Kokonotsu Shikada is being pushed into running the Shikada Dagashi by his father. And here, my friends, is where the squabble begins! Despite his passion and knowledge for the family business, Kokonotsu refuses to take it over. That is, until they meet the oddball Hotaru Shidare and their lives begin to change. To invite Kokonotsu’s father to work for Shidare Corporation, Hotaru arrives with a mission. If Hotaru can convince Kokonotsu to take over the Shikada Dagashi, then her father will grant her wish!

7. Yume-iro Patissiere

Yume-iro Patissiere

Patissier, you’re familiar with? Pastry chefs, such as patissiers, specialize in desserts, pastries, breads and other baked goods, such as croissants and brioches. Knowing what a patissier is will give you a better understanding of Yume-iro Patissiere. In other words: it’s all about competing in the kitchen by making delicious desserts like pastries and cookies.

Aside from cake-eating, Ichigo Amano is a complete loser. Her greatest passion is, in fact, cake eating. And, as it turns out, she possesses a natural talent for tasting. As a result, Henri Lucas, a world-renowned patissier, falls in love with her. With this discovery comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Ichigo—the opportunity to attend St. Marie Academy, a prestigious culinary school for desserts.

8. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

So, since we’ve been talking about food, let’s also discuss what food was before it was food! Agribusiness and the processes that surround it produce food, as you may be aware. And this is Gin no Saji’s central theme! It’s all about farming, faming, and making a living off the land! And, of course, there’s always the matter of food. Because agriculture and farming are essential to the production of…FOOD!

To get away from his overbearing parents, Yuugo Hachiken, an astute young man, enrolled in Ooezo Agricultural High School. Unbeknownst to him, his choice would lead to a major life change. Even if he was confident, he clearly underestimated agriculture and farming! What he believed to be simple and stress-free turns out to be extremely complicated and difficult. As a result, he’s taken the decision to be serious seriously. The challenges he faces will be met head-on and with all of his resolve! “Farm life—here we go nothing!” exclaimed the young man.

9. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Oh, and in case you’re curious, there’s nothing in Kill la Kill about food. It’s in this section due to the over-the-top fanservice and ostentatious ecchi it contains. Who would have thought that the same anime would have both of these? Shokugeki no Soma, of course! The similarities between Shokugeki no Soma and Kill la Kill end there.

It all began with the murder of Ryuuko Matoi’s father, who was shot to death. As a result, Ryuuko’s quest for vengeance has begun! Honnouji Academy, a school run by the ruthless Satsuki Kiryuuin and her minions the Elite Four, is the only place you can look for the missing half of the “Scissor Blade.” Is the assassin, on the other hand, somehow connected to the school? To get to the bottom of this mystery, Ryuuko will have to put up a fight! Ryuuko must battle Satsuki and the Elite Four with the Scissor Blade and the enigmatic power uniform known as Senketsu in order to learn the truth about her father’s death!

10. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

Then there’s this one, which is yet another! Why did I include Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) in this list of anime? That’s because there’s some resemblance there. Instead of “food,” the focus here is on the “student struggle.” Students in this school, like those in Shokugeki no Soma, are engaged in a war of epic proportions to accomplish a single goal. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu aims to assassinate the teacher in order to save the world, while Shoukugeki no Soma’s goal is to graduate and become world-renowned chefs. Aside from that, I almost forgot—Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is hilarious!

A teacher assassination is the ultimate goal in one school. No one but Koro-sensei can be your tutor. And he’s no ordinary educator, either. We don’t know what he is; however, we do know that he is equipped with tentacles and dangerous abilities. He’s already obliterated a large portion of the moon. Because of this, if his students don’t kill him before they graduate, he’ll destroy the world. The fate of the world is now in the hands of Koro-dear sensei’s students; study, train, and become great scholarly assassins!