10 Best Shows Like Fargo That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Fargo

If you like Fargo, here are 10 shows you should watch.

Fargo is a crime drama with elements of small-town life. If you liked that series, you’ll probably like these.

This is an excellent show, but the wait between seasons is long due to creator Noah Hawley’s involvement in so many other projects and his dedication to making them all great. Chris Rock has been cast as a new story’s central protagonist, a crime boss, in the fourth season, which has already been announced. The show will begin production later this year, but we won’t see it until at least 2020, when it is scheduled to air. Season 4 of Fargo will be a period piece, as previously reported.

Those of us who love FX’s coldest-blooded drama Fargo will need something to tide us over while we wait for the next season’s arrival on the small screen. If you enjoyed Fargo, check out these 10 other shows.

1. The Killing

The Killing

Fargo is a show about cold-blooded killers who leave a trail of frozen corpses in their wake after they commit a heinous act. As a result, it’s not surprising that snow, ice, people’s breath in the air, and people wrapped in thick coats are prevalent in many of the show’s scenes and settings.

In order to tell its dark tales of graphic violence, the show must appear and feel cold. This also applies to The Killing, a crime drama set in a cold locale with a cold plot. A murder mystery show is one in which the characters are constantly confronted with the presence of dead bodies. It’s freezing to be around a dead body. Making those shows take place in a frigid setting seems like an obvious choice. This is something that these two shows have nailed down.

2. American Crime Story

American Crime Story, like Fargo, is an anthology series where each season tells a different story of crime and deception. With the exception of the fact that the criminals and the stories in American Crime Story are real, everything else is the same. As a result, it’s similar to Fargo in real life. There are only two seasons left, so getting caught up is a piece of cake.

The first season brought the O.J. Simpson trial back into the public consciousness for the first time since it took place in the 1990s. Season two, which was even more critically acclaimed than season one, focused on the assassination of fashion mogul Gianni Versace.

3. Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

Fargo’s criminals aren’t typically the stereotypical bad guys. Some of them resemble the mobsters, hitmen, and assassins-for-hire from countless crime dramas we’ve seen before. Many of the characters, however, play undercover roles in the criminal underworld, pitting rival gangs against one another for personal gain or gain for the underworld as a whole.

One such “fixer,” Ray Donovan, cleans up crime scenes and deals with criminal threats to Hollywood’s glitterati in the story of Ray Donovan. The dirty work for the snobbish upper class is done by him. It’s a really great show, I must say.

4. Legion

If you’re a fan of Fargo, Legion may not be the best choice. It’s an X-Men movie-related superhero drama centered on a group of little-known comic book characters. It does share the same dramatic storytelling devices and writing style as Fargo, since it was developed for FX by Noah Hawley, who also previously adapted a Coen brothers’ film for small screen. In comparison to the X-Men films, Legion does nine things better.

It’s just as bleak and intriguing as Fargo, with equally compelling characters. The third and final season of the show will premiere later this year, so for now, you can binge on the two-disc box set.

5. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The shocking revelations in a criminal investigation will chill your spine more than the snowy trees in the background in David Lynch’s small-screen masterpiece Twin Peaks. ‘Homecoming Queen’ begins with a body washing up on the shore of a nearby lake, and what follows is a dark journey through the fabric of reality and a surreal peek behind the curtain at the forces responsible.

The show remained a cult favorite until Showtime brought it back, and the loyal following it had built up over the course of its 25-year run finally gave it the exposure it deserved on television.

6. The Sopranos

Fargo’s second season focused heavily on a crime family. Seasons of Fargo have featured a smattering of criminal families, but in season 2, they took center stage. She played the mother figure of the Gerhardt crime family, Jean Smart, who was able to manipulate her three sons’ emotions.

That season was The Sopranos three times over. New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano is haunted by visions of his psychotic mother in The Sopranos. When his mother tries to kill him, he goes to therapy and cuts her out of his life, but he still can’t let go of her.

7. Dexter


The way violence is portrayed in Fargo is almost surreal. In other words, it’s not trying to be realistic; rather, it wants to be beautiful. Dexter’s violence is disturbing and horrifying, but it’s also a long way from being realistic.

In the show, the serial killer kills other serial killers to satisfy his homicidal urges, only to become the victim of a serial killer himself from time to time. Fargo’s third season could be Dexter’s fourth if it were set in icy Minnesota rather than warm Miami. Although each season doesn’t feature a new story or villain, the show functions as a sort of anthology.

8. Black Mirror

Fans of Fargo will enjoy Charlie Brooker’s dark, twisted anthology series about the dangers of technology. Fargo is great because it tells short stories about flawed characters, and we get to spend time with them during the worst moments of their lives before moving on to the next set of flawed individuals. READ ALSO: The 10 Best Black Mirror Episodes

The anthology format of Black Mirror’s episodes, rather than seasons, allows it to tell even shorter stories about even more bizarre characters. A powerful message about our society as well as the gravy ends each episode. Black Mirror is a must-see for fans of Fargo’s dark tone and shocking characters.

9. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

There’s elements of both crime drama and black comedy in Fargo. It will engross you in the tug-of-war between the police and the criminals, but you won’t be able to resist a dark laugh. Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off Better Call Saul has a tone that fits perfectly with this episode’s.

The blend of crime and dark comedy on the original show was subtle; on the spin-off, it’s overt. Better Call Saul’s tone is far more comedic than Breaking Bad’s due to the fact that the show’s funniest character now serves as the show’s flawed protagonist. In addition, Bob Odenkirk, the legendary stand-up comedian, plays the lead role and is both hilarious and surprisingly compelling.

10. True Detective

This crime anthology show features bizarre crimes and twisted characters in each season’s episode. A crime anthology series, True Detective features bizarre crimes and sinister characters in each season. Fargo’s seasons are distinguished by a subtle shift in tonality.

Despite the fact that they all adhere to the Coen brothers’ trademark ice-cold black humor style, each of these films tells a different story in a unique way. Season 1 of True Detective is a Southern Gothic murder mystery; Season 2 is more Lynchian surrealistic; and Season 3 is actually quite in tune with Fargo. The same is true for True Detective. Policy of Ownership