6 Best Movies About Infertility That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Infertility

There are times when you just need a break from the stress of fertility treatment and something to lighten the mood and delight you. The idea of watching a movie may sound like the ideal kind of relaxation. Alternatively, you may find it difficult to see anything so far removed from your everyday life that it makes you feel even more alone on your journey.

For those of you who are feeling this way, we’ve put together a checklist of movies and television shows that you might enjoy. It’s all about forming families in our movies and shows, from a realistic portrayal of the IVF process to a coming-of-age film about adoption.

However, despite the fact that not all of these movies are appropriate for your scenario and that none of them are flawless, you may want to examine these fertility and baby movies:

1. Private Life – Rated R (Drama)

Private Life

Because of the film’s realism, it was a big hit when it originally aired on Netflix in 2018. This documentary takes a close look at the fertility rollercoaster that is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Netflix has the show.

2. This is Us – Rated PG (A Serious Storyline)

This is Us

When one of the characters on the hit NBC drama suffered a miscarriage, an IVF journey marked by weight difficulties, and finally, an early birth, the show attracted new followers. A modern (but not ideal) view of the reproductive journey may be what you’re looking for on this episode. Hulu has the show.

3. Juno – Rated PG 13 (A serious storyline with comedic moments)


However, if you’re a young lady dealing with infertility or an unintended pregnancy, this 2007 film is a coming-of-age classic that explores adoption as a solution, it’s probably not for you. Use iTunes to rent.

4. Up – Rated PG (An animated family film that touches on serious life events)

Up 2009

It’s not about fertility in Up, the 2009 Pixar masterpiece about a widowed senior searching for one more adventure in life. Even though you’ll never forget the opening scene’s silent depiction of the widower’s life with his wife, from his early manhood to his senior years, it’s a moving, motivating, and unusual animated film about life that contains a heartbreaking sequence about miscarriage. Disney+ subscribers can catch the show.

5. Look Who’s Talking – Rated PG 13 (Comedy)

Look Who’s Talking

Also, this 1989 film is not about fertility treatment, as the movie’s protagonist, Kirstie Alley, conceives spontaneously in the lead role (but with a man who is not ready to commit). Her unusual family is built on co-star John Travolta, the cab driver who hurries her to the hospital during labor. Crackle has the video.

6. Junior – Rated PG 13 (Comedy)


Take a look at this 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy about a scientist who unexpectedly becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby after taking part in an unorthodox fertility treatment research. Starz has the show.