11 Best Shows Like Danmachi That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Danmachi

DanMachi’s Background

This game’s subtitle, Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, translates to Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? It’s a long and winding name! But it’s a good show, and many people enjoy it!

The city of Orario has a maze-like network of tunnels beneath it. The Dungeon—what that’s it’s called. This Dungeon draws adventurers from all over the world in the hopes of defeating it. There are dreams of great power, wealth, and love in store for you! Even the gods and goddesses created guilds for the sole purpose of accommodating intrepid travelers. Hestia has a guild of her own. Only Bell Cranel, a newbie adventurer, is a part of the group.

Hestia and Bell Cranel work together to achieve their goals. Become the best explorer and conquer the Dungeon is one goal, while creating a guild that attracts deserving members and supporters is another. That sums up DanMachi nicely!

This is a good series, as I’ve previously stated. To be honest, as much as I enjoy it, I’d prefer to see anime like DanMachi showcased so that people have more options when it comes to must-see shows and other such things. They’re about to arrive! Shows like this one are multiplying!

1. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba)

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo

Dying and rebirth in a fantasy world akin to an RPG? What the heck? Kazuma Satou, on the other hand, finds himself in precisely that situation!

Kazuma is a homebody in his late teens. When he does go out, he dies with a stupid grin on his face after purportedly saving a young lady’s life. He finds himself in the afterlife, in the presence of the goddess Aqua, without even realizing it.

He has a choice between going to heaven or starting over in a fantasy world and defeating the overlord. He chooses heaven. Kazuma has no hesitation in picking option two. Surprise! He picks the one item he’s allowed to bring with him. Aqua, the goddess, is his pick!

What kind of havoc are these bizarre circumstances going to create? There are many similarities between KonoSuba: God’s Blessing and DanMachi’s RPG and fantasy approach, as well as the heavy dose of comedy. Have you noticed how the lengthy title has been condensed? Hah! If you’re still on the fence, check out our review of the entire series.

2. Sword Art Online (SAO)

Sword Art Online is one of the most well-known anime series depicting the gaming industry.

The players in Sword Art Online are trapped in a virtual world and must fend for themselves. Logging out is nearly impossible, and if you die in-game, you really die! This adds seriousness to the fantasy-like scenario. That’s how deadly and serious this situation is!

Sword Art Online is a great choice if you’re looking for an RPG-themed anime with lots of action, exciting scenes, fantasy, grim moments, and a little romance thrown in!

3. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

This is what it would be like if you were to be teleported to a fantasy role-playing game universe. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is as realistic as it gets.

A group of young people find themselves in the middle of nowhere, with no idea how they got there. They don’t know who they are or where they came from, and the world around them is a complete mystery to them. For the time being, they appear to be living in a fantasy world, and their only option is to soldier on as volunteers.

The situations that these young people find themselves in are eerily similar to what one might encounter if suddenly transported into an RPG-like environment. This is the show for you if you enjoy that sort of thing. The following list of anime is a good starting point for anyone who likes this show but wants to expand their anime library.

4. Recommended Dungeon Anime

This collection of anime spans a wide range of genres and time periods. Characters may be transported to another world or within a game in a sci-fi or fantasy setting. A common feature amongst these games is the exploration of dungeons or other dangerous locales by the players. Not all locations must be dungeons, but they must be places where characters go to gain something. Dungeon anime are so common that they could be considered a subgenre unto themselves. Here are a few more dungeon-themed shows to check out.

With the help of a giant hole in the ground known as the Abyss, characters journey through increasingly dangerous levels.

With the sci-fi setting of a virtual game, characters in.hack/Sign must go into dungeons to obtain rare items and level up.

Little Witch Academia: During the OVA’s final exam, the main characters must go through a dungeon. They’ll have to go on a treasure hunt and take on monsters to do so.

5. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Yet another show depicts players becoming trapped in an online game universe. There are no immediate dangers to the players, but imagine the psychological impact! It’s now or never for these people!

The new VMMORPG Elder Tale has players stuck. What the heck are you talking about? The players can’t log out, so they’re stuck in a virtual world all the time. They must struggle to get through their now-boring reality because not everything is as it seems. They have to fight to get through it.

Log Horizon, in contrast to other shows of the same genre, has a well-executed formula and maintains the essential plot elements. For example, it deals with a wide range of topics such as political and social issues as well as strategy. It’s one of a kind! While some may find it tedious at times, it’s a worthwhile show to see in its entirety.

6. Outbreak Company

What if the worlds of your imagination are real? What if these worlds are merely a mirage waiting to be discovered in another dimension? Do you want to go or do you not want to go? Otaku Kanou Shinichi, on the other hand, has been given the difficult task of connecting his own world with the newly discovered fantasy one.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Shinichi is confronted with the harsh realities of the new world. There are dragons, elves, and a slew of other new things to discover! However, he is exempt from fighting. It’s just a matter of diplomatically negotiating and dealing with everyone. Will he be able to bridge the gap between the two worlds?

You’ll notice that this is yet another program that explores the idea that fantasy worlds could exist. Outbreak Company shines because of its unique point of view and sense of levity.

7. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

This show will give you a dose of mind-blowing games if you’re looking for something both otherworldly and essentially epic. Games are appropriate because this show’s foundation is built on them.

Sora and Shiro, the brilliant video gamer duo who make up Blank, enter the fray. You can’t find anyone who can compete with them in games. A cryptic email prompts them to engage in a chess match one day. Of course, Blanks prevails, but his opponent was none other than Tet, the God of Games. They are now guaranteed entry into the world of Disboard, where everything is dealt with and solved through video games.

There are mind-blowing moments and stupefying games here! Preparation is key because this anime’s epicness is filled with many surprises. If you liked this show, you might be interested in these other picks.

8. Overlord

The next step is to assume the role of the overlord, which involves dealing with game world monsters and devising strategies to defeat them. That’s correct, you did hear correctly. As a result of your sudden transformation from hero to villain, you now hold the title of world’s greatest evil!

Momonga is a Yggdrasil player who sticks around until the very end. If you’ve ever played an RPG with non-player characters, you’ve probably encountered this phenomenon. Stranger still, he’s the overlord and he’s trapped in the world! With Ainz Ooal Gown, he learns about the world before trying to take control of it.

There’s nothing like being the world’s most powerful and evil being as a villain, and this series takes it to a whole new level! A must-see for anyone who is sick of dealing with cliche protagonists or characters who go from zero to hero quickly. If you enjoy this anime, you may want to check out these suggestions for other series of interest.

9. Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima

This is a must-have classic for any list of anime in this category. Zer0 no Tsukaima is dimensional, funny, romantic, and all of those things at once.

Hiiraga Saito, how he suffers. A dimensional gate decided to eat a random passerby who was just passing through. The Zero named Louise (she’s called Zero because she’s a jumble of magic) summons him as her personal familiar through some sort of magical mayhem. So, here we go with the crazy adventures! Louise’s summoning is irreversible, and Saito is unable to return. Due to the interconnection of their fates, an amusing reaction occurs.. and so on!

If you enjoy romantic comedies, this is the show for you. Watch it without hesitation; you won’t be sorry!

10. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Is there anyone here who believes in magic? Because the name implies magic, the subject matter must be magical! Like DanMachi, you’ll also be able to complete dungeons!

Young Aladdin and Alibaba venture into a world where mysterious dungeons appear out of nowhere in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. These dungeons, according to myths and legends, aren’t your typical dungeons. In return for their conquest, they bestow enormous wealth and power on their conquerors. Djinns guard the dungeons, and the area is riddled with deadly traps. Also, the world and these dungeons are hiding a sinister secret. The following list of anime may be of interest if you enjoy this one.

11. The Tower of Druaga

The Tower of Druaga

It’s the Summer of Anu, and legend has it that the demons in the Tower of Druaga are weakening because of it. As a result of this occurrence, the people of Uruk have the opportunity to defeat Druaga, the evil tower lord, and bring about lasting peace. Will it, however, be that simple?

Druaga is said to live at the very top of the tower, where there are said to be many treasures. Everyone now has to work together to take down the tower. Everyone is a part of the invasion of the Tower of Druaga, despite their differing agendas and objectives.

The premise of this show is intriguing from the get-go. It’s up to you to find out what you think about this show because there are so many different perspectives and interpretations. The fact that it’s an RPG-style anime with a map to invade and conquer is noteworthy.