10 Best Shows Like Call The Midwife On Netflix Update 02/2024

Shows Like Call The Midwife On Netflix

It is safe to say that BBC’s Call The Midwife is a huge hit with viewers everywhere. Here are a few other shows with a similar blend of warmth and levity.

Call The Midwife, a BBC period drama, has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2012. Viewers have enjoyed the show’s unique blend of comedy and heartbreak.

Nurse-midwives in the 1950s and 1960s deal with a variety of pregnancies in the local area, as well as personal issues and the changing world around them, in this series about them.

The show benefits from a strong ensemble cast and some memorable characters. If you’ve binge-watched this show, here are some suggestions for similar warmth, humor, and emotion in other shows.

1. Land Girls (Available To Stream On Netflix & Acorn TV)

Land Girls

Call the Midwife’s success can be attributed in part to the show’s strong female lead. Land Girls also offers this service. Also, the show takes place during the Second World War.

A group of women from the Women’s Land Army is put to work on a war-torn estate in the series. These people, despite their inexperience and lack of knowledge, band together when things get tough. The show has a great balance of humor and emotion.

2. The Crown (Available To Stream On Netflix)

The Crown

The Crown, a period drama about the British Royal Family, is another excellent choice. However, like Call the Midwife, this show incorporates a good deal of comedy as well as heartfelt moments, showing the ups and downs of the family over time.

There is a lot of attention paid to historical accuracy in this production, and everything from the set to the costumes to the design is spot on. Like in Call The Midwife, the Crown focuses on the entire family rather than just one particular character.

3. Peaky Blinders (Available To Stream On Netflix)

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a superb period drama that history buffs will enjoy. Naturally, this series is far more action-packed than Call the Midwife, thanks to the Shelbys’ tendency to fight their way out of any situation.

Characters in the show can work together and be successful on their own. These characters, like the midwives, have to deal with a world that is constantly changing around them, albeit in a very different way.

4. The English Game (Available To Stream On Netflix)

Another superb period drama, The English Game revolves around soccer.

In addition to focusing on the coming together of different people, Call The Midwife explores class disparities and clashes.

5. Casualty (Available To Stream On BritBox)


At its core, Call The Midwife is all about people giving birth, which it does brilliantly. The series’ main focus is on the medical and nursing care provided, so Casualty is a great choice for what to watch next.

While there is plenty of drama in this popular soap opera set in a hospital, medical work is the main focus. As a result, Casualty will be a big hit for fans of that particular segment of Call the Midwife.

6. London Hospital (Available To Stream On Amazon Prime, BritBox, & Hoopla)

There’s also the medical drama London Hospital, which takes place in a hospital. This show is set in the early twentieth century, and unlike onCall The Midwife, the doctors don’t have access to as much cutting-edge technology at this time.

The characters in this show, like the midwives, must also deal with their own personal issues as well as those of their patients. Like Call The Midwife, this show draws inspiration from true stories, allowing viewers to empathize with the characters on a deeper level.

7. One Born Every Minute (Available To Stream On Tubi TV & Hoopla)

One Born Every Minute

Call Everything in this series is obviously fiction, but The Midwife does a fantastic job of showing the dedication and hard work that midwives put into their roles. One Born Every Minute is an excellent show to watch if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a midwife.

Taking place in a real hospital, the show follows a group of midwives as they go about their daily duties, delivering babies while dealing with all the highs and lows that go along with that process.

8. Broken (Available To Stream On BritBox)

Broken, a follow-up to Call The Midwife, also features a religious theme, making it a good choice for fans. Sean Bean gives an outstanding performance as a Roman Catholic priest in this miniseries.

Because of his upbringing, he has to deal with his own religious questions while also trying to help a large number of people in the community. In a show that isn’t short on emotion, he spends his time going around giving advice and kindness to others, just like the midwives do.

9. Doc Martin (Available To Stream On Hoopla, Acorn TV, Fubo TV, & Hulu)

Doc Martin

Just like in Call The Midwife, Doc Martin showcases Martin Clunes’ acting chops as the series’ lead actor. Despite the fact that Martin is a doctor who tries to help as many people as possible, the show focuses on his personal life as well.

When it comes to the right blend, Call The Midwife nails it every time. The show has a distinct charm that will likely appeal to fans.

10. Downton Abbey (Available To Stream On Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox, Peacock, & PBS)

Downton Abbey is one of the most well-known British period dramas. This show is set in a different era and features a very different type of lifestyle thanCall The Midwife, but it is still an engrossing show with an excellent ensemble cast.

Throughout the series, there are numerous surprises waiting for you. Fans of Call The Midwife will enjoy seeing the contrasts in the lifestyles of the various characters.

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