10 Sagittarius Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Sagittarius Anime Characters

A Sagittarius is a fearless adventurer with a quick wit, and the ten anime characters listed below share that trait.

You may categorize anime characters in various ways, from MBTI personality types to Chinese zodiac animals and even the astrological signs associated with each character’s birth date. Virgo, Pisces, and Leo are just a few of the characters whose zodiac signs they most closely resemble.

However, there are certain anime characters whose zodiac signs don’t match their birthdays, or whose birthdays are unknown at all. Sagittarius, a fire sign, is associated with originality, bravery, and a sharp tongue, thus anime fans can examine a character’s personality and determine which sign best represents them. Is Sagittarius the archer embodied in any of these anime characters, or are there others?

10. Senku Ishigami Is A Tireless Researcher & Inventor (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

As a Sagittarius, Senku Ishigami (the brilliant young scientist) possesses the fiery spirit of the centaur archer in his blood. He was born under the Capricorn and Gemini zodiac signs.

For everything he appears on the surface, Senku’s heart is ablaze with fire and a deep love for science. Nothing can stop him. As a result, he’s recognized for his frankness and openness, and he’s never afraid to try new things.

9. Naruto Uzumaki Wants To See The World (Naruto)

There can be no doubt that Naruto Uzumaki is the shonen hero of Naruto, and he will not let anyone forget it. When it comes to attention, Naruto craves it. He is also a real Sagittarius, and as such, he has a sarcastic and sharp tongue. For better or worse, he’s a vivacious and rambunctious individual.

When it comes down to it, Naruto’s Sagittarius nature is what really shines through. While he is a fan of traveling and trying out new jutsu with his companions, he gets irritated when someone doubts or mocks him. It’s a blazing indicator.

8. Avatar Korra Is A Fearless Adventurer (The Legend Of Korra)

Avatar Korra (The Legend Of Korra)

Despite her Water Tribe ancestry, Avatar Korra exudes a fiery passion and personality, which extends to her astrological indications as well. She has traits from all three fire signs, including the swagger of an Aries, the boldness of a Leo, and the spirit of exploration of a Sagittarius.

Korra enjoys new experiences, especially since she was raised in the Southern Water Tribe for most of her existence. Like any other Sagittarius, she is eager to meet new people and do new things, and she has a sharp tongue to match.

7. Kaguya Shinomiya Is A Witty Schemer (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

There are several astrological characteristics that may be found in Kaguya Shinomiya, such as the shrewdness and patience of Scorpio, as well as the firmness and equilibrium of either Virgo or Capricorn. Her quick intellect and penchant for adventure, on the other hand, lend credence to the notion that she is a Sagittarius.

Because she’s bored with her stifling upbringing in the Shinomiya family, Kaguya enjoys concocting elaborate plots to have fun with her boyfriend, Miyuki, and see the world with him. She’s always up for a new challenge, and everyone who crosses her path is in for a nasty surprise. During these excursions, she has the ability to inflict a heavy verbal beating to anyone who gets on her bad side.

6. Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi Keeps Expanding His Mind (Bleach)

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach)

Sagittarius is a water sign with the knowledge and adaptability of an air sign, but Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi is more accurately defined as a Sagittarius, a brilliant but cruel scientist Soul Reaper who is willing to go to any lengths to further his research. When it comes to him, the end justifies the means.

Sagittarius at heart, Mayuri is cold, rude, and frightening to anybody who gets in the way of his pursuit for knowledge and power. He recognizes that, paradoxically, scientists like him must continuously strive for perfection, but never achieve it. This is a paradoxical understanding. That would mean the end of the search, and that would be the most depressing thing.

5. Tenya Iida Loves To Learn & Take Charge (My Hero Academia)

Tena Iida, our running hero, is a Capricorn with the diligence and wisdom of a Pisces, but he is also known for his fiery enthusiasm and his leadership abilities, not to mention his ambition to constantly improve himself and learn new things. As a result of all of this, he is a Sagittarius.

Tenya Iida enjoys studying and gaining real-world experience, so he can develop into a hero as quickly and recklessly as possible and be as good as his professional brother, Tensei, in the process. Like his zodiac sign suggests, Tenya is an intelligent and caring individual who is also quick to chastise people and express himself honestly.

4. Soma Yukihira Will Experiment With Any Ingredient (Food Wars!)

Soma Yukihira (Food Wars!)

The Food Wars hero, Soma Yukihira, is fearless and full of energy. Unlike other Geminis, he is carefree and social, like Shokugeki no Soma. Soma, on the other hand, is a Sagittarius, which provides him an advantage in the kitchen. There’s always something new to discover in the realm of cooking.

Sagittarius, more than any other sign, yearns to discover new things, and no one should stand in its way. He has a tendency to be honest but never mean-spirited, and that’s exactly what Soma is like. In addition to being a “tell it like it is” type, he is also a compassionate friend.

3. Hanako Koyanagi Has A Fierce Temper & Many Hobbies (Wotakoi)

When Hanako Koyanagi isn’t working hard in the workplace, her Sagittarius side comes out to play. As a result of their verbal sparring with Taro, her boyfriend, she has become renowned for her bluntness and razor-sharp wit. But that’s just the beginning.

A vivacious and inquisitive Sagittarius, Hanako is usually open to new ideas and eager to investigate them. She enjoys cosplaying in a variety of styles, and she’s also a big fan of BL manga and light novels. She’s also willing to try new things and go to parties if someone asks her to do so.

2. Azazel Ameri Wants To Impress Iruma (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

It wasn’t until Iruma Suzuki met Azazel Ameri that her Sagittarius side came to life. The change in her attitude toward Iruma means Azazel Ameri is ready to explore new ideas and possibilities with him, in part so that she might establish a human cultural connection with him through shojo comics.

Ameri, like any Sagittarius, may become a tireless researcher and idea producer when properly pushed. She is also ready to reprimand or lecture anyone who is unable to keep up with her. Overall, Ameri is a good person despite her demonic nature and all of the aforementioned flaws.

1. Princess Hibana Is A Blunt Researcher (Fire Force)

When it comes to being Sagittarius, Hibana is a shining example of what the sign stands for. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Hibana has a third-generation ignition skill that allows her to control fire. She is a formidable opponent despite her short stamina and lack of battle experience.

She shines at company 5’s lab, where she undertakes clever but controversial research into the true nature of Infernals and their igniting skills. Those who try to obstruct her path will be verbally ripped to shreds. “Gravel” is how she refers to her subordinates.