10 Best Shows Like Burn Notice On Netflix Update 07/2024

Shows Like Burn Notice On Netflix

These other great spy-centric series may appeal to Burn Notice fans who enjoy the show’s action, mystery, and intrigue.

Burn Notice on the USA Network features Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Weston, a former CIA agent who receives a burn notice without knowing why. According to the notice, he’s a bad agent and should be fired along with his contacts, assets, and anything else he might need.

To avoid arrest, Weston is compelled to remain in Miami, Florida.

With nothing else to do, Weston decides to become a private investigator in order to find out who is to blame for the devastation of his career and his personal life that has occurred. Because Weston is an investigator who helps everyday people with their problems, the show spans genres and has a lot in common with a lot of other shows.

10. White Collar

White Collar

Matt Bomer played Neal Caffrey in the upbeat crime drama White Collar, which aired from 2009 to 2014. FBI agent Peter Burke arrests con artist and expert forger Caffrey. In exchange for Caffrey’s consulting services, Burke agrees to free him from prison.

As a condition of his eventual release, Caffrey helps the FBI track down other white-collar criminals like himself in White Collar. It’s as if Burn Notice has been inverted: Caffrey is a criminal who ends up in law enforcement, while Weston is a CIA agent who is treated like one.

9. Covert Affairs

There were five seasons of Covert Affairs on the US network from 2010 to 2015 before the show was canceled. CIA agent Annie Walker is played by Piper Perabo on the show. Walker is unexpectedly promoted to the position of a field agent while she is still in training due to her exceptional language skills.

In spite of her lack of prior experience, Walker is tasked with the Domestic Protection Division despite her inexperience. Walker works at the Smithsonian Museum under the guise of doing research, but she soon suspects that her rapid promotion has something to do with a person from her past.

8. Blindspot


‘Blindspot’ is a crime drama about an FBI agent who discovers a young woman in Times Square who has lost her memory and has no idea who she is. Jane Doe is played by Jaimie Alexander, and FBI agent Kurt Weller is played by Sullivan Stapleton.

Similar to the character of Weston onBurn Notice, Jane Doe tries to figure out who is to blame for the devastation of her life and career. As the FBI investigates Jane’s case, they guard her because she has lost her memory and is covered in enigmatic tattoos.

7. Condor

It’s based on James Grady’s novel Six Days of the Condor, which was published in 1974. The film adaptation of the novel, Three Days of the Condor, was released in 1975. The son of actor Jeremy Irons, Max Irons, plays CIA agent Joe Turner in the television adaptation.

Following a horrific, violent incident in which Joe’s coworkers are killed, Joe finds himself at the center of a vast conspiracy. Without any prior experience in the field, Joe is thrown into a situation for which he is unprepared.

6. Alias


J.J. Abrams’ Alias is an ABC suspense drama with Jennifer Garner as Sidney Bristow. Along with Garner as the lead, Alias has featured an exceptional group of well-known actors like Bradley Cooper, Ethan Hawke and Faye Dunaway throughout its five-year run.

Alias centers on Bristow, a CIA double agent who was recruited seven years earlier while still an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. As the title implies, Bristow is forced to use multiple aliases in order to complete her tasks, and she quickly realizes how crucial it is to keep her professional identity a secret from others.

5. Shut Eye

Jeffrey Donovan, formerly of Burn Notice, takes on the role of Charlie Haverford, a mediocre con artist, in the Hulu drama Shut Eye. Burn Notice fans will enjoy Donovan’s Charlie Haverford as he reprises his role from the film.

When it comes to fortune-telling, Haverford has a lot of options. He owns a number of venues and poses as a psychic. After a violent incident with a client’s boyfriend, Haverford has what he believes to be real visions, and his claims suddenly become less fraudulent. Haverford’s reputation as a con artist is challenged.

4. The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within, a one-season NBC drama starring Jennifer Carpenter as an ex-CIA agent, was abruptly cancelled. Erica Shepherd, the character played by Carpenter, is incarcerated in a maximum-security prison after being accused of betraying her country and consequently losing her job.

Shepherd, like Will Keaton in White Collar, is approached by an FBI agent while in prison and given a deal in exchange for her freedom. Shepherd has the option of being released from prison if she helps Keaton track down a terrorist using her skills.

3. Nikita

The CW’s Nikita is based on Luc Besson’s 1990 film La Femme Nikita, which he wrote and directed. The story of Nikita centers on Maggie Q’s character, Nikita Mears, a spy trained by the United States government’s Division.

Nikita makes a triumphant return to Division after going rogue and hiding for several years. Similarly to Burn Notice, Nikita has found herself on the wrong side of a powerful organization that trained her, but is now out to get her. Nikita:

2. Leverage


The film is an action adventure. A heist for a client is the focus of ex-insurance fraud investigator Nathan Ford in Leverage. A team of experts sets out in each episode to bring down a larger power, be it an influential individual or a large corporation, that has wronged a person or group.

The Leverage team uses their abilities to help people who lack the resources to exact revenge on the people who have wronged them. A former insurance fraud investigator, a con artist, a thief, a computer expert, and a weapons expert make up the team.

1. Person of Interest

Jonathan Nolan, who also worked on HBO’s Westworld, created the science fiction drama Person of Interest for CBS. A computer program developed by billionaire computer programmer Harold Finch helps the government fight terrorism, and Michael Emerson plays him in the series Person of Interest.

Finch, on the other hand, is dissatisfied with the way the government is employing the technology designed to stop acts of violence before they happen. To prevent the crimes that The Machine reveals but the government chooses to ignore, Finch teams up with ex-CIA agent John Reese.