best anime shoes Update 07/2024

best anime shoes

Recognizability is a key consideration while compiling this list of anime-themed shoes and socks. Socks and shoes should either reflect our cosplay persona or show off our fandom. You may get everything from practical fan art to high-end costume accessories on this list. For our cosplay alternatives, we needed shoes that were nearly exact reproductions of the characters’ originals. We want people to know right away who you are and where your character’s inspiration came from. Every cosplayer wants that wow factor, and the easiest way to get it is by scarily resembling the character. Our My Heo Academia and Sword Art Online picks will put you in the All Might mindset, while our Sword Art Online option will make folks think you’re Eren. When you’re dressed up, you should be proud of how you look. Our goal is to take your mind off the difficulty of conveying a person’s sense of self-assurance and attitude. High-quality cosplay shoes remain at the top of the list for anime cosplayers.


If you’re a fan of anime, you’re likely to develop a distinct artistic style of your own. We don’t want to restrict individuality in footwear; rather, we want to celebrate it. Our favorites stand out from the others thanks to their edgy prints and imaginative use of characters. One of the best examples of an anime-inspired design is the Tokyo Ghoul sneakers. An edgy touch that plainly references the Half Ghoul is the zipper’s overlay of the design on the mask of our protagonist. This is also just being a hip, punk decision. Our handmade My Neighbor Totoro sneakers or the Tokyo Ghoul sneakers previously stated, we want you to show off your passion in the way that feels most authentic to you. Anime clothing can be worn in a variety of ways; there is no one method to do it. A happy fan is a confident fan, and maybe this list has some solutions to help you feel that way.


We’re sorry, but we can’t always be fully cosplayed in public. Although I’d like to be Sailor Moon every day of my life, it’s simply not doable. The die-hard fan will notice the little, flexible elements I include into my style. In the eyes of those who aren’t in the fandom, a cute pair of shoes or a pair of gorgeous accent socks are just that: cute. We don’t have to worry about overspending on unwearable alternatives ever again. Anime-inspired fashion trends are becoming more prevalent than ever before. The Naruto sneaker is my all-time favorite shoe on this list. Non-fans find it adorable, distinctive, and too adorable for words.. While some Naruto fans understand that you’re paying homage to a more sinister figure from the anime, others see nothing but sweet little red clouds and swirls. Many of these stick out as options for both conventions and conventions because of their street-wear style.


In reality, we can’t afford to spend our entire paycheck on a cosplay shoe. No matter how much we’d like to, no matter how much we adore a manga or anime series. We shouldn’t spend all of our money on shoes for any ensemble, let alone one that isn’t wearable. So, what exactly is the answer? Shoes that are affordable and won’t make us feel bad if we just use them for a few months or years. It’s worth noting that some of these options are a touch more expensive because of their versatility or ease of wear outside of cosplay. Our cosplay alternatives, on the other hand, are priced to be affordable to the majority of people who are willing to make the investment in a costume. Happiness isn’t something you can buy, but you can get “buyer’s regret.” As a result, all of our cosplay options are reasonably priced, and if they’re a little more expensive than typical for socks and shoes, it’s because you don’t need to be in costume to use them. Every penny matters when it comes to getting ready for a night out on the town.


One thing you’ll notice about this list is how dominant Telacos is. Telacos is a standout in the nerd culture because of its reputation for dependability. They are able to suit the needs of most geeks, from cosplay costumes to comfortable socks. The cost of a well-fitting, custom-made garment has skyrocketed in recent years. Telacos, however, is not one of them. Customized shoes are available for the same price as a regular pair. This is rare in the cosplay market, where personalized features can drive up the price significantly. In addition to Telacos, we kept tabs on pop culture-focused businesses. This is a fan-made item. You’ll be more likely to receive things that are officially licensed and accurate if you have this mindset. You can expect a higher level of consistency when the distributor of the material is part of the sales chain for an item.

Our Favorites

1. Telacos Fullmetal Alchemist

FMA has captivated both longtime anime fans and those who are just discovering the medium. It’s a drama that anyone looking for a new show to watch should definitely check out because of its gripping plot and complex interplay between the characters. Even if you’re not a fan of this particular aesthetic, FMA stands head and shoulders above the others. In this story, two young men who made mistakes as children and have since lost everything are on a quest to get the Philosopher’s Stone to right the evil they’ve done in their lives.

One of the best ways to display your passion for a subject is through cosplay. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and pretending for a while? It’s exhilarating to get into character and pretend to be someone else for a little while. People who don’t understand it undervalue it since it’s acting in its most rudimentary form. I urge you to give cosplaying a shot if you haven’t already.

As an FMA fan, these boots are perfect for you. Since genderswapping is so trendy these days, these are ideal for both sexes. Many young girls are dressed up as Edward Eldric’s female counterpart! Telacos has made a point of remaining true to its roots by omitting any extraneous features. Exactly like the boots Edward wears throughout the entire show (isn’t it odd that they never change their outfits?! ).

Make sure to check out FMA if you’re a fan or just searching for something new!

2. Telacos Attack on Titan Boots

You guessed it; Attack on Titan is a narrative about real-life Greek titans. Only the wealthy survive in the world of this anime, where monster beasts that devour humans and devastate everything in their path prey on the less fortunate. Three walls surround the city portrayed in this image: one on the outside, one in the middle, and one on the inside. The middle wall protects the middle class, while the inner wall protects the city’s elite.

The outer wall, known as Wall Maria, is destroyed by an armored Titan, forcing the city’s people to flee. It is possible for Titans to grow to almost 15 feet tall. There is a small weak area, or Achilles heel, at the nape of their necks that makes them practically impenetrable. There is a military force in place to protect against these enormous creatures. After witnessing the horrible murder of his mother, Eren Yeager swears vengeance on the Titans and makes it his life’s work to do so.

Eren manages to defeat these beasts in an unexpected way. Cosplaying as Eren couldn’t be easier with these boots. High and precise in design, but breathable enough to avoid the feeling of being suffocated. As long as you take exact measurements, these boots are guaranteed to fit perfectly. To get your hands on these bad boys, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. For a costume that can be used over and over again, it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

3. Telacos Sword Art Online Boots

Sword Art Online character Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) sports a pair of these stunning black and silver boots. An MMORPG, or large multimedia online role-playing game, is created by using the germ of the world in this novel to construct a virtual reality MMORPG. Imagine World of Warcraft, but in a far more realistic setting.

As soon as the game is released, it’s met with a startling surprise: the 10,000 players are unable to abandon the game until they’ve completed the game’s last level. To put players in a hyper-realistic setting, the game uses NerveGear to imitate their senses. They must battle to escape. You’ll have to watch the show to find out more about the game’s developer and the exact purpose of the technology that Kirito encounters. Even though it sounds like a calamity waiting to happen, these sneakers are anything but.

You’ll want to dress up as Kirito in your next cosplay or costume after watching this. These black cosplay boots, crafted especially for you, are all you could possibly want in a pair of boots. You won’t be able to find a more fair option for a personalized piece at this price point. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to kick butt in these kicks, especially since Telacos, our go-to source for all things geeky, makes them so well-made. Multiple pieces of silver hardware adorn the buckle that crosses the instep, and the sleek colorblock design completes the ensemble.

4. Telacos Black Butler Hi Top

Manga series Black Butler features a young entrepreneur who has sold his soul to a demon, who happens to be his butler. Using the young master’s demon butler as a partner, the series follows him as he solves crimes and battles evil.

The white toe cap and lace up vamp on these high tops evoke memories of Converse chucks. The uppers feature Ciel and Sebastian characters, as well as a ‘Black Butler’ embossment. The black canvas upper keeps these sneakers light and airy, making them ideal for wearing with denim or shorts for a more relaxed look.

It’s possible that if you love the show, you’ll also love this shoe! Custom hi-top shoes with these legendary anime characters are the perfect way to show off your dark side.

5. Bioworld Black Clover Sock

In Black Clover, Yuno and Asta set out on a magical journey to become the new wizard king of the Clover Kingdom, where they face off against a variety of magical foes. Even though these two buddies were placed on different magical knights’ teams, their stories are legendary in their own right.

These ankle socks are made of a blend of spandex and polyester, both of which are great for keeping you warm and comfy in the colder months. Two official Black Clover-designed socks are included in this dual bundle. Four and five leaf clovers, which represent Yuno and Asta, appear on one pair, while the Black Bulls are featured on the other.

Whether you need a confidence boost or just adore the show, these Black Clover socks are sure to please anime fans all across the world with their stylish and comfy fit.

6. Bioworld My Hero Academia

A superhero alternative, which sets it distinct from other of the more fanciful or dark selections on this list, My Hero Academia depicts a world where superpowers, or quirks, are widespread and tolerated. These socks were designed by Bioworld specifically for the die-hard fan, with beautiful details that allow you to show off your fandom in the same way Bioworld does. To be a hero, our protagonist must overcome his lack of quirkiness, which is frequently mocked. All Might Man’s superpower, dubbed “one-for-all,” is an inspiration for our hero, Izuku Midoriya, who uses these techniques.

These boots look just like All Might man’s distinctive boots, and they’re excellent for cosplay or just plain silly use. These socks are cushioned for increased comfort, and they’re of the highest quality. On the arch, they have a super-stretchy mix with reinforced banding. These garments are machine washable, so you may wear them over and over again without fear of losing their quality.

This pair of Bioworld socks is truly for the hero in all of us. You’ll always look and feel like a superhero when you wear these socks. Solely because of their wings, these socks are comparable in price to other socks of the same size and may be worn by most people. As stylish as it looks, the all-over knit is just as comfortable.

7. Oureamod Totoro Sock

Known for such works as Spirited Away, Howell’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki is a household name in the world of anime. Lovable Totoro, smiling and joyful, is depicted in this adorable pair of soft socks. White, black, grey, pink, and browns are just a few of the many color choices.

These socks are made of 80% cotton and feature a blend of lycra, nylon, and spandex to ensure a comfortable, yet secure, fit when worn. Socks of various themes are included in each set.

This sock features Totoro on the back so that when you put your foot inside, the heel becomes his stomach. You’ll want to wear these to show your admiration for Hayao Miyazaki’s flicks and the endearing characters they feature!

8. Ripple Junction Dragon Ball Z

The Grateful Dead was playing at a concert in 1992, and two regular guys decided to team up with a few tie-dye shirts to sell their favorite items. After sixteen years, they’re still doing it. These DBZ-themed socks are a fitting tribute to a show that is dear to the hearts of anime buffs everywhere. To follow Goku as he grows up and fights against a variety of foes, including his own sons and his former adversaries who have become his allies.

Saiyans are known for their blood-hungry temperament, and Goku’s refusal to carry out his objective of conquering Earth causes conflict. Gohan, his son, is caught in the middle of this, and he and his odd allies must work together to save him. The Kanji, which meaning “world king,” is emblazoned on the back of Goku’s uniform.

Creative and subtle, these socks are a great way to show your appreciation for DBZ in a fun and unique way. Machine You won’t have to worry about washing it and destroying the effect because it’s washable and color-resistant. When you wear these, you’re showing your support for your favorite anime because they’re made of a stretchy cotton blend and are legally licensed. It’s roughly the cost of a dress sock and has the same quality as a more expensive pair of crew socks.

9. Telacos One Piece Low Tops

There’s no better Japanese manga series than One Piece. One of Japan’s most popular and critically praised stories, it has been adored by fans ever since it was originally published. Many of our characters in anime crave the title of King or Leader, as can be seen from the vast majority of anime themes, and this is no exception. Luffy, encouraged by “red-haired” Shanks, sets out to hunt the legendary One Piece Treasure on the East Blue Sea.

Conflicts ensue between our protagonist and the hordes of pirates in the East Blue Sea after he gathers an army and buys a ship. Monkey lives in a dream world, constantly welcoming new crew members and protecting himself and his crew as necessary. Shoes with a canvas upper in a low-top shape reflect the camaraderie and excitement of sailing.

This design is instantly recognizable and adored by any One Piece fan thanks to the graphic One Piece emblem on the outside of the shoe and the all-over map pattern. Regardless of one’s personal taste, there is a low top for you among the many options available, including a crew member design and an antagonist design. The Telacos are a colorful shoe at a price that is below normal for this style of footwear.

10. Telacos Tokyo Ghoul

This edgy black sneaker from Telacos fits right in with the Tokyo Ghoul aesthetic. Even though they appear to be human, Ghouls can only subsist on human flesh in this dark, mythical world. Their pupils turn crimson and their pupils turn black when they undergo the Kakugan metamorphosis. Each of these ghouls has a predatory organ known as the Kagune, which makes them immune to weapons. It is possible to generate half-ghouls by organ transplant or human-ghoul breeding, making them even more powerful than their full-blooded counterparts.

An attack by a Ghoul results in a ghoul organ transplant for the protagonist, Ken Kaneki, or should we say Haise Sasaki? These twisted kicks were inspired by this new half-ghoul hybrid. This shoe cleverly blends the character it is celebrating, with a zipper emphasising the smile on Kaneki’s mask and the zipper to secure the shoe properly positioned above it.

This shoe features an all-over canvas upper with a reinforced suede heel, as well as a functional suede buckle accent. Having a rubber sole with a thick tread means you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around. Because the threads are “swollen,” the mercerized cotton inner fabric is more dye- and luster-retentive. With today’s advanced offset printing technology, you can keep this look on for as long as you choose. Cheaper than most high-top sneakers, this is an easy way to add a little fan gear to your closet.