10 Best Anime Schools That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Anime Schools

There are so many anime shows set in a school environment that it feels like the most popular location for the genre, even though most people despise it. The quantity of actual social ties developed in high school, along with the brief independence that comes with those last few years of school, are the most important factors, but there are many others as well.

Naturally, some anime schools are cool no matter what people think about their own experiences there. We can’t resist the allure of boarding schools where students learn to fly huge robots or live in opulent mansions.

1. Kuoh Academy

Kuoh Academy

High School DxD is based out of this place. Those who know too much about this area run the risk of ending up like the protagonist and being killed for no reason. This is a world populated by powerful supernatural beings, as well as individuals who can use their own powers to compete with each other for supremacy.

2. Fuuka Academy

Fuuka Academy

You know it’s real when the main character has to take a boat to the school. Fuuka Academy is located on a remote island, cut off from the rest of the world by a thin strait of water. Considering that this is a war between magical girls, it makes sense. This is a very exclusive institution that only accepts the most affluent pupils and those who are smart enough to qualify for financial aid in order to attend.

3. Military Academy Of Granzehle

Military Academy Of Granzehle

All of Majestic Prince’s main characters aren’t from the same academic city. Nevertheless, it merits a place on our list. Students at this school can state two things: one, they’ll get to go into space. In addition, users will get the opportunity to control a massive robot. The fact that you get to control a massive robot makes it even better.

4. Hakoniwa Academy

Hakoniwa Academy

On the surface, Medaka Box’s Hakoniwa Academy appears to be a typical high school.

For an anime school, their enormous Clock Tower is the only thing that jumps out at first glance.

But the truth is that Hakoniwa Academy has a hidden aspect to it, with a variety of pupils who fit into different categories. It is possible for these students to modify the very fabric of reality. As long as they know how to keep their heads down, it’s still a safe environment for the majority of the population.

5. Duel Academy

Duel Academy

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, dueling is so essential that Chazz Princeton’s brothers saw him as a resource. It was necessary for them to run dueling in order to control everything else because they already controlled business and politics. As a result, it should come as no surprise that a whole school is dedicated to the study of dueling. Exit into the real world of dueling, where they can become a professional.

6. Ashford Academy

Ashford Academy

On some level, Code Geass’s school is the least cool on our list. It’s still a big location because it’s where all the rich kids go, but there aren’t any superpowers or supernatural things going on there. Although there is a good possibility that one of the people present is an internationally renowned terrorist who has been decimating the British Army, who would notice such a thing?

7. U.A. High School

U.A. High School

What else can be said? The top hero school in Japan, U.A. High School, is located in Tokyo. Even though it’s a huge campus, just a small number of students are admitted each year. Because its graduates will be considered for some of the most prestigious and high-profile hero roles in the industry, it has a grueling course load. On the other hand, how many other schools are going to let their students to combat enormous robots on the first day of school?

8. Mahora Academy

Mahora Academy

This is a city within a city at Mahora Academy. They have an enormously large library, and no one appears to know where the boundaries are. Every student from elementary school on just progresses through the grades at the same place, which means you get to enjoy this wonderful school-city for years without ever having to leave.

At Mahora Academy, the anime festival is a multi-faceted event that includes everything from martial arts tournament-style competitions to live musical performances, all held in the same place.

9. Academy City

Academy City

The Academy City of a Certain Magical Index is said to be about a third of the size of Tokyo. Nearly two million pupils attend this school, which is technologically superior to any other in the globe. Forget the fact that there are many ESPers there, i.e., people with actual superhuman abilities. Ancient spellbooks and the existence of powers are being researched by even individuals without superpowers.

10. Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy

It’s true that this place isn’t flawless. It is not uncommon for graduates of this school to take on dangerous missions that could result in death. However, while they’re there, they can pick up new skills like how to walk on walls and how to hurl a shuriken. After an hour of social studies, these are exactly the kinds of classes that people want to take.