10 Best Male Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Male Anime Characters

Many memorable characters have emerged from the anime universes for the benefit of fans. What follows is a list of some of the most lovable anime dudes ever created.

Many anime series and characters have been made available to fans over the decades since the medium’s birth. Some anime characters stand out from the crowd and become long-term favorites because of their wide range of personalities and backgrounds, while others fade away over time.

However, characters from brief shows have a shot at becoming popular if they’re well-recognized and remembered. Only a few characters have remained memorable for as long as they have, despite the fact that there have been many memorable ones over the years.

1. Spike Spiegel Quickly Became The Definition Of Cool (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular anime characters, according to many anime fans. While there are other characters that could rival Spike’s coolness, it’s rare that he is surpassed. Spike’s laid-back demeanor can even be a source of inspiration. Many people find it difficult to flow like water and adapt to whatever circumstances may arise. So many people love Spike that his fate in Cowboy Bebop is still up for debate.

2. Monkey D. Luffy Has An Endearing Indomitable Spirit (One Piece)

As a long-running anime and manga series, One Piece has grown in popularity thanks in large part to its protagonist. When it comes to characters, it’s hard to detest Monkey D. Luffy. You can’t help but fall in love with him because of his welcoming demeanor, adventurous spirit, bravery, and humor. Even though Luffy has worked so hard for the position, he’s also loved by the public, which makes him an ideal candidate for Pirate King.

3. Goku Is A Classic Shonen Protagonist Who Still Charms Audiences (Dragon Ball)

Goku and several other Saiyan

Unlike many other anime franchises, the Dragon Ball series has maintained a devoted following since its debut in the 1980s. The goofy protagonist of the Dragon Ball series adds a healthy amount of levity to the series’ tremendous battles and diverse ensemble.

As a result of his unflappable demeanor and his naiveté about everything but combat, Goku is a likable character. Because of his kind personality and pure heart, viewers may rest assured that he will never use his power for evil.

4. Rintaro Okabe’s Relatability Makes It Easy To Love His Character (Steins;Gate)

Steins;Gate’s urban, realistic atmosphere and characters are a big part of the appeal. The Future Gadget Lab team, led by Rintaro Okabe, seems like a group of people you’d run into on the street. Okabe is a character who enjoys making jokes but who has a genuine affection for those he considers friends. His feelings of joy and companionship, as well as his desire to save the world from a bleak future, are universally relatable to the audience.

5. Edward Elric Inspires Audiences To Push Through Adversity (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Edward Elric had a difficult upbringing from an early age. Audiences can’t help but feel sorry for him because of his desperate wish to see his mother again. The most amazing quality about Edward is his unwavering faith in the possibility of a better future. After practicing prohibited alchemy, Ed has to live with the consequences of his actions. Nonetheless, he continues on with his life. After Ed’s blunder as a child, he meets a slew of new difficulties, yet he never gives up.

6. Naruto Uzumaki’s Determination & Backstory Naturally Elicit Sympathy (Naruto)

Fans of anime can’t look away from Naruto’s Naruto Uzumaki when it comes to empathetic characters. Because he had spent his entire life as an orphan before the start of the series, Naruto developed a strong desire for love and support from those around him. Unfortunately, the nine-tailed beast that lived inside him was a source of prejudice and kept others away from him. It’s impossible not to root for Naruto to succeed in his quest for the love and esteem he so well deserves.

7. Levi Ackerman’s Skills & No-Nonsense Attitude Draws Audiences In (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan’s Levi Ackerman became a fan favorite because of his ruthlessness, not because he was kind or compassionate. His attitude toward life is harsh and unforgiving. He refuses to let adversity hold him back.

His coolness as a member of the Survey Corps also helped him get noticed by the audience. As a tragic, sympathetic character, his history also presents him as a victim of circumstance. It’s admirable that he hasn’t given up.

8. L Lawliet’s Eccentricities & Quest Against Kira Make Him Easily Likeable (Death Note)

Besides being a mysterious and eccentric figure, L is also Kira’s primary adversary in Death Note. Audiences can see that Light Yagami needs to be stopped before it’s too late because they’re watching the series from his perspective. Seeing how Light manages to fool L into thinking he is Kira is one of the most entertaining parts of Death Note. In the end, viewers were more attached to L than Light as a character.

9. Ash’s Pikachu Has Been A Lovable Character For Decades (Pokémon)

Ash's Pikachu

Without its most well-known character, a Pokémon, the game wouldn’t be the same. Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu is perhaps as much of a character as Ash himself, despite the fact that many consider him a mascot. When Ash is in a tight spot, Pikachu is always there to help him get out of it. One of the most endearing aspects of the Pokémon series is Ash’s relationship with Pikachu, which helps explain why Pikachu is so well-known.

10. Joseph Joestar Is One Of The Franchise’s Favorite JoJos (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

With several JoJos and a massive ensemble, Joseph Joestar tends to get the most attention in the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. While appearing in three separate JoJo’s editions, Joseph has also won many character popularity competitions for the JoJo’s series. Joseph has the most outlandish personality and demeanor among JoJos. Because of his penchant for outwitting his adversaries rather than simply annihilating them, he stood out among the JoJos, particularly Jonathan and Jotaro, who came before and after him.