Top 10 Ragnarok Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Ragnarok Anime Characters

Which of the Ragnarok characters, from Shiva to Adam, do fans adore the most?

Despite the fact that Record of Ragnarok has only lately grabbed the anime world by storm, manga fans have been enthralled by its top use of battle formula for the last few years.

A simple battle has become a powerful tool for revealing character arcs, and the show has continued to employ this strategy ever since.

When two contestants enter the arena, their styles, values, and character arcs are all on display in a matter of a few episodes, when other battle series would generally take years to accomplish the same thing. Record of Ragnarok has already introduced a number of new and different characters to anime viewers, several of them are currently vying to become the show’s most popular characters.

10. Göll

Ragnarok Anime

Brunhilde’s sidekick, Göll, is the smallest of the Valkyrie sisters. Because of her natural fear and lack of awareness about the many histories and relationships involved in the fights, she serves as both a filler character for the audience and a catalyst for a significant amount of the story’s exposition.

Due to Ragnarok’s universal appeal and liberal interpretations, this is not a flaw in any sense, but rather a strength, making Göll the story’s bleeding heart. If mankind is to reach seven wins, it is likely that every historical figure and Valkyrie, including Göll, will be included in the tournament at some point in the story.

9. Shiva

Shiva is clearly the Gods’ team’s nastiest member in more ways than one. A deity of devastation, Shiva has a lot to offer and a lot to prove as a fighter in the Hindu pantheon. His eagerness to enter the ring was frequently comically thwarted by one of his colleagues early in the story.

Shiva was able to stay in the minds of the audience for a little longer, which helped build excitement for his upcoming bout. When it was his turn, the brash deity didn’t disappoint, as he faced up against Raiden Tameemon, who was an excellent opponent.

8. Loki

Loki - Record of Ragnarok

It is fun to see the Norse god of mischief depicted in Record of Ragnarok. Record of Ragnarok portrays the trickster clothed in a butler’s costume, which makes him appear more formal and controlled than in most other incarnations.

Sly and vindictive anime character, the diabolical bad boy who is just waiting to get his hands on his cufflinks, has been aided along by this. As a lead commentator, Loki has done a fantastic job of assessing and criticizing the talents and moves of the fighters, despite the fact that he hasn’t had a chance to actually fight.

7. Brunhilde

Brunhilde is the true protagonist of the novel, despite the fact that the story’s format will mostly focus on the contestants’ bouts and backstories. Brunhilde, as the story’s initiator and head coach, will bear the brunt of the tournament’s stakes and ramifications. She will revel in every triumph and feel guilty after every setback.

Brunhilde, as the tactician for mankind, has shown glimpses of her darker side in a few short animated sequences. For this story, Brunhilde is an ideal narrator because she is both a responsible agent for the entire human race and an interesting woman with an array of talents and quirks to her name.

6. Heracles


Few characters in the series have been able to connect with the audience as swiftly and effectively as Heracles, given that any of them can be removed from existence practically as soon as they debut.

He immediately exuded a natural sense of affection and respect that most people can only feel through older siblings as soon as his big shoulders emerged in the story. Even though the Gods play the bad guys in this story (assuming that the spectators and readers are human), Heracles is one of the few characters whom everyone is rooting for.

5. Buddha

In spite of the fact that Buddha is one of the rare characters to be introduced prior to a combat, he’s already a fan favorite. Buddha, a calm and controlled guy, was a wild card in the plot because it was so difficult to discern what he was thinking.

When he shockingly shifted sides to the side of mankind, this mistrust would be vindicated in spades. With each episode, his admiration for the viewers grew as Buddha’s rebuilt legacy was brought to life in ever-cooler ways.

4. Zeus


Zeus is depicted in several legends as a huge, strong old man with a white beard and long hair. In Record of Ragnarok, Zeus is reimagined as a wrinkled old man with a beard who is actually one of the series’ most powerful characters. The comical characteristics and malleability of his face alone set him apart from the rest, making for some unique reaction pictures.

It’s his infantile and conceited demeanor that stands out the most about him. Even at the pinnacle of what it is to be a god, Zeushas comes out as alarmingly naive and self-absorbed in the story he tells. His genuine abilities will only make this more terrifying.

3. Jack The Ripper

For all his godlike prowess, Jack the Ripper had no business being the antithesis of Heracles. When Jack and his anime anti-hero debuted, he was a controversial figure because of his historical ignominy and the audacity to symbolize humanity.

Is Jack the Ripper the face of humanity that people want to literally live by, despite the fact that many want to root for it? Jack became one of the most interesting characters in the novel thus far because of this thematic tension. He’s had some of the most creative and interesting bouts so far.

2. Kojiro Sasaki

Kojiro Sasaki

At a period when humanity’s fortunes were bleak, Kojiro Sasaki, history’s greatest loser, was the best bet. Sasaki is one of the most well-known samurai in Japan’s literary and film canon, but few samurai have a past as rich and varied as that of Sasaki.

Against Poseidon, Sasaki proved the value of both winning and losing as he used what he had learned from some of the greatest swordsmen in history. Sasaki was the best guy to end humanity’s losing streak because of his humility.

1. Adam

As Adam’s story progressed, he became an important figure in a number of ways. Zeus, the most powerful and egotistical of the gods, was his first adversary, and humanity was already on the verge of defeat when he appeared. When it came to Adam, however, not only did he have an outstanding body and kind looks, but his phrase about wanting to protect his children, as well as all humanity, gave him the best dad vibes ever seen in any story.

By acting as if he actually cared about the people he was fighting for, Adam was able to establish a strong connection with the audience.