10 Pink Haired Anime Characters Male That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Pink Haired Anime Characters Male

When it comes to women’s fashion, pink is the hue of choice. It exudes a mellow sweetness. Barbie, Hello Kitty, My Melody, and a plethora of other girlie products are all connected with the color of pink.. Even though pink is traditionally associated with ladies, there are numerous pink-haired anime characters. A pink-haired character would be lovely and girly under the circumstances.

However, the characters on this list have nothing to do with sweetness or femininity at all. They can refute your preconceptions! Even a single glance at some of them may cause a war, while others, despite having pink hair, are surprisingly macho! Keep reading to find out more about the characters of these ten fiery pink-haired boys!

10. Szayel Aporro Grantz from Bleach

Szayel Aporro Grantz from Bleach

Make a solid start to this ranking. Aside from Szayel Aporro Grantz, no one else on this list is opposed to the color pink. Because he’s an arrancar, he’s bound to be mean. The truth is that he is both a villain and a hero. At his core, Szayel Aporro is a sick and depraved individual. While first depicted as malevolent, each arrancar eventually exhibited one or two redeeming characteristics. One of the people is not Szayel Aporro.

Because he’s the scientist on board the Espada, he’s an expert in his field and careful in his work. Aporro has a tendency to treat others as if they were specimens in a laboratory. He is a narcissist to the point where he makes filthy comments about his enemies on a regular basis. His twisted side comes out when he starts laughing maniacally or playing with his victims…

He sees himself as a “perfect being” because he can clone himself and inhabit the body of another. He also believes in his own immortality. To this day, Renji and Ishida will never forget how he taunted them during the battle by gently crashing their internal organs. His craziness was put out of its misery when he met Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a captain of Gotei 13’s 12th division and the Shinigami Research Institute’s 2nd president, in person.

9. Renzou Shima from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

Renzou Shima, the rosy-cheeked boy from Blue Exorcist, is next on our list. It’s not easy being an exorcist and having to deal with a cast of personalities who put on a show of grandeur. Because he has to deal with Satan’s son Rin Okumura and hot-blooded Ryuuji Suguro all the time, Renzou Shima is acutely aware of this.

When he colored his brown hair a peach-pink tint, he became the target of constant taunting from Rin and the others. When it comes to ladies, Renzou is a free spirit. In contrast, his immaturity and inexperience as a young man (he’s just 15) lead him to believe in unrealistic expectations about love.

There’s a flirty side to Renzou. He is easily scared, but his greatest apprehension is of insects. He has a tendency to overreact when he sees even a single bug around, which is why the others taunt him so often. However, he is a reliable buddy. He has a strong bond with Ryuuji, having grown up with him. Aside from that, he shows a friendly side to Rin when they first meet. Even though Rin is Satan’s son, he becomes close friends with him.

8. Shihou Kimizuki from Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign (Owari no Seraph)

Shihou Kimizuki

In Seraph Of The End, there’s Shihou Kimizuki, a pink-haired boy who stands out. Shihou Kimizuki, on the other hand, does not elicit pleasant or sweet sensations when this hue is used. At the very least, not at first.

It is because of her sister’s Apocalypse Virus infection that Shihou has decided to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. To save her sister, he joined the military in order to acquire access to the resources that he will need in order to do so.

What more about him outside his brotherly concern do we know? Even when dealing with Yuu or Mitsuba, both of whom are irritated, he is a tyrant who is ready to fight at any moment. When it comes to school or training, he is competitive and meticulous. His hard exterior hides a tender side. First and foremost, he flushes easily despite his best efforts. Once his cool exterior is broken when one of his teammates is harmed, he doesn’t hesitate and just runs to help his buddies!

7. Akari Dezart from Karneval

Seventh and final, a despotic, sexy, pink-haired doctor has arrived! Working with Circus, Akari Dezart is a researcher in the organization’s scientific department.

The despot is cold, callous, and unfeeling to say the least. This does not detract from his popularity among nurses, who sincerely appreciate and respect him. There is nothing we can do about it. The tyrant uses words to inflict pain on others, yet he doesn’t mean any harm. When it comes to speaking his mind, Akari lacks the patience to soften the blows he delivers.

Akari is a foul-mouthed person. ‘ Because of this, Hirato loves to torment him mercilessly. However, Akari finds Hirato’s antics irritating. The fact that most of Akari’s patients attempt to avoid going to the doctor since he is such a workaholic is humorous. Taki is afraid of Akari, but Yogi is the most terrified. When Akari visits him for a checkup, he avoids him like the plague since he can’t bear to look him in the eye!

6. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

To keep things interesting, here’s a fairy tail ticking bomb with pink hair. There is something about Natsu Dragneel, even if it’s not because of the hue of his skin. As a mage of the Fairy Tail guild, he uses the power of the flame.

His charismatic demeanor is irresistible. As a beginning, he’s prone to fighting with everyone in his guild, even Gray Fullbuster, who is his greatest opponent and, paradoxically, wields the power of the ice. He also has a history of using violence to solve problems. Natsu isn’t scared to put himself out there and display his strength.

As a person, he has a strong sense of loyalty. Despite his tendency to get into arguments with his teammates and appear agitated, he cares deeply about his teammates and will go out of his way to assist them, no matter how small the issue may appear to be to him. As a result of this uncommon trait, he is quick to forget and forgive the pain that he has been subjected to.

5. Ringo Tsukimiya from Uta no Prince Sama (Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%)

Let’s take a look at Uta no Prince Sama’s transgender hero, Ringo Tsukimiya, who most definitely has the look of a pink-haired guy!

It’s no secret that Ringo Tsukimiya is an idol who advises the A Class. In order to highlight his gorgeous characteristics, he wears cross-dressing attire. His blue eyes are framed by long, curly lashes, and his hair is long and curled. He appears to be a woman because of the way he dresses, but he is actually a man. Even though he is a happy-go-lucky person, it is possible for him to become irate and terrified when he is mistaken for a girl, and even more so when he is not acknowledged as the popular idol he is.

To build trust with his students, he tells them to call him “Ringo-chan.” Because he is a young teacher, he can relate to the concerns of his students, and he enjoys hearing about them. It wasn’t long before Ringo stepped in to help Nanami prove that she belonged at the Saotome Academy.

4. Kisumi Shigino from Free! – Eternal Summer

Kisumi Shigino

The fourth and last spot belongs to a character that soon became famous with the audience. Her name is Kisumi Shigino, the joyful character with the pink hair, is well-liked by all despite his sparse appearances in the anime.

As he is shown as a handsome young guy with messy pink hair and violet eyes, the reasons behind this are most likely tied in with his unique look and character traits. For those disturbed youngsters in Free!–Eternal Summer who were coping with their own personal troubles, he was a welcome change of pace. This young man expresses his mind with no remorse or hesitation. Because he is as gullible as he appears, he has the potential to bring harm to people without even realizing it.

The two of them have been buddies since junior high, when they were in the same class. In junior high, Kisumi was smitten with Makoto and made repeated attempts to encourage him to join the school’s basketball team. As charming as Kisumi may appear at first glance, the older brother has a heart of gold. In the middle of the ocean, on a boat with Kisumi, Hayato fell overboard and developed a dread of water. Kisumi has always felt responsible, but Hayato is infatuated with his big brother and jumps up and hugs him anytime he sees him!

3. Ryuu Zaou from Cute High Defense Club LOVE! (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!)

Third place goes to an Earth Defense Club member! Binan High School student Ryuu Zaou is in his second year. When a pink wombat emerges in front of him and the other members of the club, he is given the ability to transform into the Thrilling Prince Battle Lover Vesta.

It’s clear that ladies are the exclusive focus of Ryuu’s attention. As a result, when Wombat demands they fight in the name of love, he states that he will fight for them because women are all that is good in life. Despite this, he plays his role with a lightheartedness. Considering Yumoto didn’t even seem surprised to hear a pink wombat talk, we could argue he’s the only one taking it seriously.

Ryuu is a peculiar character. Io Naruko, whom he shares grades with, is one of his favorite members of the Earth Defense Club. Ryuu is a laid-back, joyful guy who cares deeply about the people he hangs out with. As long as his multiple girlfriends aren’t getting in the way, he’s typically happy to help them We’re at a loss for words when it comes to him. Besides having pink hair, Ryuu has an adorable demeanor that enhances our sense of the color pink!

2. Toyohi Utsumi from This Boy is a Professional Wizard (Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu.)

Toyohi Utsumi

Chiharu Kashima, a professional wizard, has to deal with a difficult person as a lover in our second position. Toyohi falls in love with Chiharu the moment they meet. This is a clear approach from Toyohi, who wants to get to know Chiharu better. On the other side, Chiharu misunderstands Toyohi’s sincere interest in the power of a wizard as naive curiosity. Chiharu’s low self-esteem causes him to remove himself from Toyohi, making him appear cold and distant.

Describe this laid-back adolescent with pink hair. He is adamant and convinced of himself. As a person, not simply a magician, he’s willing to demonstrate Chiharu that he cares about him. That Toyohi is a great and compassionate guy who fell in love with Chiharu because of that is what Toyohi tries to prove to Chiharu. Toyohi’s character embodies all a pink-haired boy should stand for. Didn’t he deserve to be first after everything he had done for Chiharu?

1. Tomoya Matsunaga from Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days)

Mattsun, the narcissistic youngster from Rainbow Days, takes first place! Mattsun is one of the show’s four central characters. Nacchan and Kei-chan may be his closest pals, but Mattsun is the one who has the better luck courting women. He enjoys having fun with a wide variety of women and claims that he can’t commit to any one of them because he gets bored easily.

There is one person who doesn’t fall for his charms: Mari, a weird girl he has never met before. Mari, on the other hand, spits in his face as a sign of her displeasure. Mattsun, for the first time, has to compete for the attention of a girl, Anna, who is smitten with her best buddy. It’s unclear how these two will come to terms with their sentiments, but Mattsun, who had to wait for the girls to arrive, will enjoy the challenge.

Mattsun is a jerk to strangers, but he’s a hoot with his pals. With Kei-chan, he delights in making fun of Nacchan anytime he displays a vulnerable side in the area of love. To Nacchan’s credit, he is always willing to lend a hand, even if it means tease him. It’s as though every time Nacchan hesitates to approach his beloved Anna, he steps in and creates the perfect opportunity for them to connect. Nozomi, Mattsun’s younger sister, has a special place in his heart. In light of Kei-personality, chan’s Nozoma is interested in Kei-chan, and he becomes all confused and irritated about it. Anyway, his only concern is that his best friend and sister are content, so he will ultimately settle down. Well, didn’t he earn his way to the top of the leaderboard?