10 Best Shows Like True Blood On Netflix Update 06/2024

Shows Like True Blood On Netflix

With so many popular supernatural dramas out there, it’s easy to find more similar shows to watch on Netflix.

True Blood, an award-winning fantasy-horror series on HBO, debuted in 2008 and ran until 2014. With X-Anna Men’s Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, the series follows the telepathic waitress who meets vampire Bill Compton and has her life turned upside down. Stephen Moyer’s character Bill is the only one Sookie can’t read.

When a substance called “Tru Blood” is discovered as a viable substitute for human blood, the events of the series take place after vampires stop feeding on humans and assimilate. Because of this, the vampires have to fight for acceptance and equal rights on a constant basis. With so many other popular supernatural dramas to choose from, True Blood fans have a lot of options when it comes to finding shows that are similar.

1. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries


Despite the fact that both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries depict vampires coexisting with humans in the present day, their approaches are vastly different. An episode of TheVampire Diaries on the CW depicted vampirism as a secretive lifestyle with only minimal contact with humans.

It follows Damon and Stefan Salvatore as they meet human Elena Gilbert, who looks a lot like Stefan’s first love, Katharine, in the books. The brothers begin to develop feelings for Elena while also attempting to tamp down their underlying desires.

2. Angel

It’s possible that Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the inspiration for Angel, which is a spin-off of that show. While trying to find his place in both vampire and human society, it follows the title character, who has been cursed with a soul and thus does not belong in either one of them.

In comparison to Buffy, where the focus was on a teen vampire hunter whose mission in life was to eliminate vampires, the spin-off focused on a sympathetic vampire who was easy to like.

3. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful


Showtime/collaborative Sky’s effort Penny Dreadful gets its name from the low-cost, comic-like literature that offered Victorian-era readers supernatural and sensational tales for pennies. The series incorporates a slew of well-known supernatural figures, including Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein from canon.

It follows Vanessa Ives, played by Eva Green, as she teams up with Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler and Timothy Dalton’s Sir Malcolm. It’s the three main characters’ mission to track down a murderer, and they run into a variety of odd characters on their journey.

4. Midnight, Texas

NBC’s supernatural drama True Blood is based on Charlain Harris’ book series The Southern Vampire Mysteries, which was also adapted into a book series called Midnight, Texas.

Despite the fact that theMidnight, Texas television series was canceled after only two seasons, its appeal remains unaffected. It follows Manfred Bernardo, a young psychic who goes to Midnight, Texas in search of people who share his beliefs and who can help him find answers.

5. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove, a three-season horror series from horror master Eli Roth, debuted on Netflix in 2014 and ran for three seasons. Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, the fictional town at the center of the show, appears to be hiding many sinister secrets.

The town is rocked by a horrific murder, and 17-year-old Peter Rumancek vows to clear his name and find out whodunit. As the show goes on, we learn more and more about the characters in town, including Peter’s true nature.

6. The Gifted

The Gifted, a superhero show based on Marvel’s X-Men comics, stars Stephen Moyer from True Blood as Reed Strucker, the hero’s father. In an effort to keep his children safe, Strucker discovers that his two are mutants and takes them to live among mutants.

Similarly to True Blood, mutants in The Gifted want to form a truce with humans so that they can coexist peacefully. The show lasted for two seasons and received generally positive reviews.

7. The Order

The Order


Horror film on Netflix Follows college freshman Jack Morton (played by Jake Manley) as he becomes a member of a secret society at Belgrave University. Jack’s grandfather told him about the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, and he’s eager to join.

Upon joining, Jack learns the society is much more than he expected and is thrust into the magical and werewolf realms. Early on in the series, the show casts True Blood’s Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) as an academic, who is a professor of psychology.

8. Supernatural

There are 15 seasons of Supernatural, the longest-running live-action fantasy series of all time. It premiered in 2005 and was cancelled in November 2020. The show centers on Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ supernatural detective brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.

From an early age, their father instilled in the Winchester brothers the skills necessary to battle evil. Sam and Dean embark on a cross-country quest to find evidence of the supernatural while also rescuing the lives of the innocent.

9. Dracula



The original vampire story is revived in the British-American television series Dracula, which stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the Transylvanian Count Dracula in 2013.

Dracula travels to London to exact vengeance on those who destroyed his life after being mysteriously revived.

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Dracula enters Victorian London’s high society under the guise of American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson and dazzles his peers with advances in modern science. Dracula also runs into Mina, a woman who looks eerily like his ex-wife Ilona.

10. Lost Girl

Lost Girl, a Canadian supernatural drama, centers on bisexual character Bo (Anna Silk), who accidentally kills people and thus has spent her entire life fleeing. Bo has no idea where she came from or what powers she possesses.

Bo finds out she’s a succubus when she’s contacted by a group known as The Fae. Bo then goes on a quest to learn more about herself and the strange new world she’s found herself in, and along the way, she has several romantic encounters.

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