11 Best Movies Like What About Bob That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

movies like what about bob

1. What About Bob? (1991)

What About Bob (1991)

It’s with great anticipation that Dr. Leo Marvin, an egotistical psychotherapist in New York City, will appear on “Good Morning America” to brag about his new book, “Baby Steps,” which details his treatment philosophy for patients with emotional disorders and their phobias. Bob Wiley, on the other hand, is a recluse who has to talk himself out of his apartment because he is terrified to leave.

By being dumped on Leo by a fellow psychotherapist, Bob grows fond of the person who is taking care of it: Leo. Bob irritates Leo greatly. While on a month-long vacation with his wife Fay, his daughter Anna, and son Siggy in New Hampshire, Leo believes he’s been liberated from Bob’s grip. As a brilliant husband and remarkable father, Leo expects to impress his family with his knowledge of how to instruct his wife and raise his children.

Unfortunately for Leo, Bob has other plans for him. Bob discovers Leo and his family’s location by deceiving the doctor’s exchange telephone operator. Despite his fear of traveling alone, Bob manages to persuade himself to board a bus and make it to New Hampshire in one piece. When Leo first sees Bob, his vacation comes to an abrupt end.

2. Anger Management (2003)

Dave Buznik, a mild-mannered but cautious businessman from New York City, works for a pet clothing company. Mr. Frank Head, his obnoxious boss, frequently takes credit for his work while also stepping on him.

Linda, his adoring girlfriend, is best friends with her condescending ex-college boyfriend Andrew, who treats him with contempt. Dave is sent to Dr. Buddy Rydell for anger management therapy after an incident on an airplane goes horribly wrong. Dr. Buddy Rydell is an unpredictable, psychopath.

As Dave and Buddy’s relationship deteriorates due to the unconventional treatment, Buddy may be the only person who can save Dave from the problem he sees in his patient right away.

3. Analyze This (1999)

Analyze This (1999)

In addition to his son spying on his patients when they open up their hearts, his parents do not want to attend his upcoming wedding, and the problems of his patients do not challenge him at all, Ben Sobol, Psychiatrist, has a few other issues.

Godfather Paul Vitti has a few flaws of his own, including panic attacks in public, the inability to kill people, and a tendency to stop serving when called upon. Ben is involved in an accident with Vitti’s car one day. After Ben and Don Paul Vitti exchange business cards, Don Vitti pays a visit to his office because he wants to be free of inner conflict by the time the Mafia Dons meet in two weeks.

With his upcoming wedding, his only patient keeping him busy by treating Ben’s duty as if it were a 24-hour standby, and the feds forcing him to continue spying on Paul Vitti, Ben Sobol now finds himself somewhat challenged. And what do you do with a patient who is used to using a gun to solve problems?

4. Vegas Vacation (1997)

Clark Griswold quickly learns that he lacks the ability to focus when he sets his mind to something. Even so, when the vacation bug bites, nothing can stop him. The new family entertainment capital of the United States, Las Vegas, has been his choice this time! Vegas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase as the bubbly, bumbling Clark and two other familiar faces, is a jokers-are-wild laugh fest.

Beverly D’Angelo reprises her role as Ellen’s wife, adoringly referring to her husband as “Sparky,” while Randy Quaid reprises his role as Uncle Eddie, the filthy goofball. As long as they’re not with their parents, that is! Ethan Embry (That Thing You Do!) and Marisol Nichols (her screen debut) are Griswold teens who love the 24-hour nightlife. Whether it’s a Seigfried and Roy’s lavish party or a tour of Hoover Dam, from cruising to losing (Wallace Shawn is an unscrupulous blackjack dealer) to amorous crooning (Wayne Newton falls in love with Ellen), watch Clark struggle to keep his family and money together!

5. Rv (2006)

Rv (2006)

Executive Bob Munro is under stress because his abusive boss Todd Mallory has hired Stanford nerd Laird to work for their soda company. He fears losing his job and his way of life.

Todd wants Bob to prepare a presentation and attend a business meeting with the owners of a family company in a merger operation scheduled for the same period as he promised his wife Jamie Munro, his teenage daughter Cassie Munro, and his young son Carl Munro. A dysfunctional family is convinced a road trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains will help them rediscover their old values, so Bob keeps the truth hidden from his family and rents a recreational vehicle.

After numerous mishaps and while parked in the trailers’ parking lot, the rookie Bob receives assistance from the odd but welcoming Gornickes. Once they’ve escaped, they’ll embark on a perilous journey to rediscover their long-lost family ties.

6. Prime (2005)

Modern-day Manhattan’s vibrant and bustling Rafi Gardet, a beautiful 37-year-old photography producer who recently divorced, meets handsome 23-year-old painter David Bloomberg, who recently graduated from college. Dr. Lisa Metzger, Rafi’s therapist, discovers that her only son David, Rafi’s new lover, is working with Lisa to help Rafi overcome her fears of intimacy. There is a 14-year age difference between David and Rafi. They come from vastly different social backgrounds, and David’s traditional mother places a lot of demands on him.

Despite their mutual attraction, the newlyweds soon discover that their vastly different ages and backgrounds cause a great deal of friction. In comparison to Rafi, a non-practicing Catholic from a wealthy and broken family who travels in the high-end fashion world, David, a Jewish hip-hop lover and closet painter, lives with his grandparents.

7. Happy-go-lucky (2008)

Happy-go-lucky (2008)

Poppy Cross has a positive outlook on life. When she’s 30, she’s in Camden, where she’s cheeky, playful, honest while still being funny, and chatty with strangers. She’s a dedicated primary school teacher who lives with Zoe, a longtime friend; she has a close relationship with one sister and a strained one with the other.

She takes driving lessons from a stern and tightly wound instructor named Scott, takes flamenco dance lessons from an even sterner Spanish man, meets a tramp in the middle of the night, and works with a social worker to resolve a student’s aggressive behavior. Along the way, we wonder if her approachable nature exposes her to misunderstandings or worse. What lies at the heart of contentment?

8. Greenberg (2010)

Florence has a lot going for her: she’s thoughtful, sweet, attractive, and great with both kids and dogs. A personal assistant for a Los Angeles family on vacation, she’s twenty-five years old. Her boss’s brother, who recently spent time in an asylum, arrives from New York City to help out around the house.

A forty-year-old carpenter named Roger has been missing for fifteen years after leaving L.A. When he finally does show up, he doesn’t have a car and is in desperate need of Florence’s assistance, especially with the family dog. On top of that, he’s reconnecting with three former bandmates: two men and one woman. In addition to his over-analysing tendencies, he also has a quick temper and struggles to find humor in situations where he should. He’s his own saboteur as he makes his way through the past and the present.

What about the city of Florence, you ask? What else does Roger have to worry about for her now that he’s involved?

9. Waitress (2007)

Waitress (2007)

Jenna is a dissatisfied wife who is saving money in the hopes of winning a pie-baking contest and using the winnings to leave her husband Earl. Her plans go awry when she learns she’s pregnant.

Her pies are legendary at Joe’s Diner, where she learns a lot from the wise words of old Joe, puts up with her obnoxious boss Cal, makes friends with Dawn and Becky (her coworkers), and develops feelings for the new doctor who just moved to town. Pregnancy makes life with Earl more intolerable, an escape route less obvious, and the doctor’s affair more complicated because of the doctor’s marriage. What are the career options for a waitress?

10. Happiness (1998)

His ex-girlfriend dumps him because she dislikes his weight, and the man believes it’s the reason. He can’t tell his next-door neighbor that he thinks she’s hot. An elderly couple wishes to part ways but does not desire a divorce as a means of doing so. A therapist enjoys reading teen magazines while having sex.

An 11-year-old fears he won’t be accepted because he hasn’t yet complied. Those in the office try to remember a deceased colleague’s face. A woman thinks she has everything she needs and wants in her life. As these people go about their daily lives, their paths cross and they commit acts that society may find disturbing in their desperate search for human connection.

11. Nim’s Island (2008)

During her father’s marine life research on an island, Nim Rusoe goes along with him. Her time is taken up by making friends with various animals, using the computer to chat, and reading Alex Rover’s adventure books.

When a storm hits the island where her father is conducting research, he does not return, which causes her concern and fear. Afterward, she sends an email to Alex Rover, hoping that he will show up, but she has no idea that Alex Rover is an agoraphobic and germaphobic woman, as she had assumed.

Her creation, on the other hand, comes to life and entices her to keep going in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, because she’s never traveled before, the customs officer at the airport denies her necessities like sanitary gel. While Alex is on his way, Nim tries to remain strong.