7 Best Movies Like Twilight That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Twilight

Listed below are a few films to consider if you enjoyed the Twilight saga. Several of these feature love tales or plots that are reminiscent of the Twilight Saga. Other options include tales of vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures, as well as in-depth explorations of the human psyche. Many of these are tales of love triumphing over adversity, as the title suggests.

You won’t be let down by these high-quality sequels, which live up to or even surpass the popularity of Edward and Bella’s story. Consider seeing one of these seven films that are reminiscent of the Twilight saga.

1. The Host (2013)

The Host (2013)

If you enjoyed Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, you may also enjoy her other works. In 2013, a film adaptation of The Host was released. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you’re missing out on some great entertainment. Aliens take over the bodies of humans in this spooky tale as well, however this time the supernatural components are aliens taking over human bodies. The original owner’s mind is wiped clean by these parasites. A large portion of humanity has been eradicated, and they now intend to wipe it out totally. With the help of Saoirse Ronan’s Melanie Stryder, the aliens capture her, but she is unable to be destroyed because of the strength of her will. The two of them even create a bond. As a film adaptation of another of Meyer’s books, the movie is a good compliment to the text.

2. Red Riding Hood (2011)

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke reimagines the classic fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, with the heroine falling in love with a wolf instead of the wolf she is used to. Amanda Seyfried plays Valerie, the legendary red-caped superheroine who falls in love with Shiloh Fernandez’s werewolf-leaning Peter (Valerie’s father, played by Twilight’s Billy Burke). As you try to figure out who the Big Bad Wolf is and what is going on in this bizarre town, this film is a joy to watch.

3. Underworld


For a well-executed vampire action film, you must see the Underworld series. There are both vampires and werewolves involved in the conflict in the first film, which was released in 2003. Selene, the vampiric warrior protagonist who defies her superiors, is played by Kate Beckinsale. While dating a human, Scott Speedman as a Lycan/werewolf, she is torn over whether or not to kill him or let him live out the rest of his life. It’s a classic tale of falling in love with someone you shouldn’t, much as in Twilight. Michael Sheen, who played Aro in the Twilight series, will also appear as Lucian, the Lycan commander.

Underworld, like Twilight, is a cinematic series. It’s a six-picture saga that includes the live-action sequel to the Underworld film, Underworld: Blood Wars, as well as the computer-animated prologue to that feature, Underworld: Evolution.

4. Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants

Robert Pattinson’s performance in Water for Elephants is a must-see if you can’t get enough of him after Twilight. He portrays Jacob, a young veterinary student whose parents were murdered in a vehicle accident as he nears the end of his degree. Instead of completing his education, he boards a train and sets out to explore the unknown.

August (Christoph Waltz) and Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) are the ringmaster and his beautiful wife of a touring circus, respectively. August hires Jacob, who has a background in veterinary medicine, and thus the journey begins.

The movie’s clothes and settings are stunning, making it a visual treat. As star-crossed lovers, Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon shine in this 2011 drama. Her husband’s harshness towards her and the animals eventually forces Marlena to give in to Jacob’s charms.

5. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies, a 2013 film based on a book, tells the story of a teenage girl and a deceased boy who fall in love. Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie version of the dead boy this time. His attraction to Julie, Teresa Palmer’s character, is immediate. The more he learns about her, the more intrigued he becomes.

As it turns out, this is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. It’s also a terrific illustration of the regenerative properties of unconditional love. In the course of falling in love with Julie, R begins to rediscover his sense of self again. In addition to being entertaining, this film offers a fresh perspective on the zombie subgenre.

6. Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures, a 2013 supernatural thriller, is another recommended viewing. An Alden Ehrenreich-Alice Englert-based film adaptation of the Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel centers on Ethan, who longs to meet Lena before they meet in real life. They begin dating, and she tells him that she and her family have the ability to cast spells, and that when she becomes sixteen, she will discover whether she is light or dark. As you root for the pair to stay together, the film is an exhilarating mix of love, magic, and deceit. It’s a wonderful illustration of the transformative power of love. From the very beginning to the very end, this journey is filled with wonder and delight.

7. Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black

When Brad Pitt was younger, he starred in the movie Meet Joe Black, which is based on the 1934 picture Death Takes A Holiday. If you could make Death experience what it was like to be a human, even for a brief period of time, you would get the kind of thought-provoking and romantic fantasy film that this is.

When Anthony Hopkins’ Bill Parrish begins to hear the voice of Death confirming his worries about his impending death, the 1998 film follows. A young man in the form of Joe Black (Pitt’s Joe Black) then appears to him. When Death eats peanut butter for the first time, it’s a hoot to see how baffled he is by what should be simple human behaviors like eating and drinking. Susan, played by Claire Forlani, recognizes Death, or at least the body that he is in, having already encountered him. She’s perplexed as to why he doesn’t appear to be the man who first piqued her interest. Despite this, she is captivated by his naivety and eventually falls head over heels for him. From the very beginning, this is a narrative that will hold your attention. The themes of true love and death will leave you grateful for your life.