24 Similar Movies Like Swimfan Update 04/2024

movies like swimfan

If you enjoyed Swimfan, you’ll enjoy these even more. Swimfan’s comparable films are provided below.

1. I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997

Four friends are celebrating their high school graduation when their car hits and kills a pedestrian on an isolated road in a hit-and-run accident. Their secret is out when, a year later, they start receiving letters from unknown sources with the warning “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” on the back.

2. Panic Room 2002

During a brutal home invasion, newly divorced Meg Altman and her young daughter Sarah are trapped in their New York brownstone’s panic room, a hidden chamber designed as a refuge in the event of a break-in. The room, on the other hand, serves as the focal point because it contains the object that the intruders are after.

3. The Eye 2008

The Eye 2008

When Sydney Wells was five, her older sister Helen accidentally turned the lights out, blinding her. She agrees to have a cornea transplant, and while she’s recovering, she starts seeing corpses around her.

4. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 1998

To exact vengeance on Karla, Tyrell, and Will, the murderer travels to the Bahamas to terrorize their vacation. The last time Ray Bronson and Julie were on the island, they were both brutally attacked and Ray managed to escape with his life.

5. Joy Ride 2001

Three college students are driving from Colorado to New Jersey when they pick up a trucker on their CB radio and find out he’s a psychotic killer. They have to flee.

6. Double Jeopardy 1999

Double Jeopardy 1999

Because she has already been tried and convicted for the crime, if she finds and kills her husband, she will not be prosecuted again.

7. Heartbreakers 2001

They’re a mother-daughter con team that’s down to the nth degree when it comes to deception. Max seduces and marries wealthy, obedient men. The two are then seduced by Page, who is caught by Max. Once in palimony city, the next easy target awaits.

8. Sleeping With The Enemy 1991

Sleeping With The Enemy 1991

A young woman makes a fictitious suicide attempt to get away from her abusive marriage, but she soon realizes she can’t.

9. The Faculty 1998

The students at Herrington High discover something terrifying when strange things begin to happen around the school. Their teachers, it turns out, are aliens from another planet!

10. The Crush 1993

There are horrifying consequences when an impressionable teen develops a crush on an inexperienced writer.

11. Prom Night 2008

Prom Night 2008

Unfortunately, a sadistic serial killer from Donna’s past has other ideas about what the best night of her life should be.

12. The Good Son 1993

A young boy spends time with his aunt and uncle, making friends with his cousin, who is the same age as the boy himself. However, as time goes on, his cousin begins to exhibit increasingly disturbing symptoms of psychosis.

13. Urban Legend 1998

Urban Legend 1998

Students are being murdered by a vicious serial killer on a university campus, in ways that are consistent with a variety of urban legends.

14. The Stepfather 2009

Upon his return from military school, Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) discovers his mother Sela (Sela Ward) happily in love and living with her new boyfriend David (Jason Clarke) (Dylan Walsh). With each passing day, Michael’s distrust for the man who is always willing to lend a hand grows. Can she trust David to be the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

15. Single White Female 1992

Attractive New York City resident For Allison Jones, life is perfect. She has a handsome boyfriend, a rent-controlled apartment, and a bright future as a fashion designer. Alison is left alone after discovering her boyfriend Sam’s infidelity. She turns to the classifieds to find a new roommate so that she can keep her large apartment.

16. Disturbing Behavior 1998

Steve Clark is a newcomer to Cradle Bay, and he notices right away that his high school classmates are acting strangely. The “Blue Ribbons” are a cult-like group of students known for their academic prowess and commitment to morality. The problem is that they’re too perfect, just like everyone else in town. Gavin, a disgruntled friend of Steve’s, mysteriously joins their ranks, prompting Steve and his misfit friend Rachel to look into the matter further.

17. Perfect Stranger 2007

A journalist assumes the identity of Harrison Hill, the man she believes to be responsible for the murder of her best friend. She engages in an online cat-and-mouse game under the guise of one of his temp workers.

18. Taking Lives 2004

Recruited by the Montreal police to help them track down a serial killer who takes on the identities of his victims, FBI profiler Illeana Scott is convinced the killer will strike again soon. Her best hope is a museum employee who may be the only person who saw the assassin in action.

19. Wild Things 1998

Kelly Van Ryan, a popular teen, and Suzie Toller, a troubled bad girl, accuse guidance counselor Sam Lombardo of rape. The school dismisses him and he fights to regain his life. Nothing is as it seems… One cop suspects collusion…

20. Murder By Numbers 2002

It’s a cold, calculated murder case being investigated by hard-nosed detective Cassie Mayweather and her still-green partner. They’re looking for two cold, calculating killers with dark secrets that could explain their crimes.

21. Cruel Intentions 1999

Kathryn challenges her stepbrother Sebastian to deflower their headmistress’s daughter before the summer is out, quenching her thirst for dangerous games. If he’s successful, he’ll get a shot at Kathryn, which would be sweet. He’ll have to give up his most prized possession if he loses to Kathryn.

22. Brokedown Palace 1999

Friendships that last a lifetime After graduating from high school, Alice and Darlene fly to Thailand. They meet an intriguing Australian named Nick Parks in Thailand. Because Darlene is so enamored with Nick, she persuades Alice to accept Nick’s offer to take the two of them on a day trip to Hong Kong. They are arrested by the police at the airport and shocked to find heroin in one of their bags.

23. Fatal Attraction 1987

One night with a married man turns into a nightmare when that person begins stalking him and his family as a result of that encounter.

24. The Vanishing 1993

The mysterious disappearance of a young woman (Sandra Bullock) leads her boyfriend Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) on a long search for her over the course of several years. Even a new love (Nancy Travis) can’t stop him from his never-ending quest. Jeff Bridges, the cold-blooded psychopath who kidnapped his girlfriend, has been stalking Jeff for the duration of the film, putting him through the same ordeal that led to the offense. Jeff has no choice but to put his life in the hands of this treacherous stranger in order to find out what happened.