10 Anime Characters Crying That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Characters Crying

Crying can be used in a surprising variety of contexts. Use it to show emotional immaturity, or use it as a manipulative method to get what you want.

Everyone can benefit from shedding a few tears from time to time. Characters who cry more than the normal human do exist, though, in the anime universe. However, this may be due to the fact that the character has had a rough childhood. When it comes to sobbing over spilt milk, there are those characters.

There are a variety of reasons for making a character a whiner in a story. Often, it’s used to portray individuals as immature since they may not be able to control their feelings. In other cases, it’s designed to convey how sensitive and kindhearted a character is. Some personalities break down in tears as a way to influence others.

1. Sailor Moon: This Is One Of Usagi’s Defining Traits

Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Usagi, the main character of Sailor Moon, introduces herself as a whiner and a klutzy in the first few seconds of the show, traits that she swiftly demonstrates to be more than accurate.

When Mamoru breaks up with her or the other Sailor Scouts die, there are a few moments where her tears is employed for dramatic effect.

Fortunately, as a magical girl, she has the ability to use her tears as a weapon. While turned into Sailor Moon, breaking down and crying unleashes tremendous supersonic waves that destroy the villains in the first episode. When Umino and other mesmerized lads threaten her, she scares them off with a loud cries of terror.

2. Devilman: Before Fusing With A Demon, Akira Was Known As A Crybaby

Akira’s empathic nature has been observed in Devilman, especially before he fuses with the demon Amon, which releases a more aggressive, animalistic side of him, making him a crying baby. As a nod to this, the Netflix series has given itself the subtitle “Crybaby.” Akira declares towards the end of the series that he has no more tears to cry after enduring a lifetime of heartbreak and other calamities.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Cries Almost Once Per Episode In The Prologue Arc

Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Shinji has been shown to weep at times in Neon Genesis Evangelion. During the prologue arc, it has been observed that Shinji would cry once per episode.

Some of Shinji’s tears stem from his low self-esteem, while others are caused by the sudden and unexpected death of his mother right in front of his very eyes. Just a few words can cause him to burst into tears in certain scenarios.

4. Doraemon: Nobita Cries To Get What He Wants

In order to rescue Nobita’s life, Doraemon had to go back in time. As a result, he is not without fault. He’s a slacker, a cheater, and a crybaby all at the same time. He has a lot to weep about, given that the majority of the stories have him being humiliated in some way. Nonetheless, it is suggested that he weeps for the sake of receiving sympathy from others. As soon as he gets his hands on a futuristic device from Doraemon, he’ll start crying and then perk back up.

5. My Hero Academia: It’s Surprising Crying Isn’t Izuku Midoriya’s Quirk

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya’s tears once propelled him to the ground in My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya. His mother, who is also known to suffer from frequent crying episodes, appears to have passed on this tendency to him. Because it would have been identified as a Quirk otherwise, his crying appears to be overdone for the advantage of the audience.

6. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi Started As A Crybaby & Cries When His Loved Ones Are Threatened

Yugi, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!, is depicted as a cowardly crybaby. It is only when his grandfather or his friends are in danger, such as when Joey falls into a coma that he sheds his tears.

Yugi is seen weeping over the loss of his alter-ego, the ghostly Yami Yugi, at the beginning of the Millennium World storyline.

7. One Piece: Princess Shirahoshi Will Cry Over Waking Up From A Nap

One Piece-Princess Shirahoshi

Princess Shirahoshi in One Piece not only has a tendency to cry at random, but she also often appears to be going to cry, if she isn’t smiling.

To be honest, she confesses she’s a whiner. Even if she is awakened too early, she will cry. She’s had a rough time of it, having watched her mother die and then spent ten years in a virtual prison. Making new acquaintances, on the other hand, allows her to better regulate her emotions as the series progresses.

8. Smile Pretty Cure!: Yayoi Even Cries In The Opening

Yayoi from Smile Pretty Cure! is one of the characters in the Pretty Cure series that distinguishes out for their tendency to cry.

Even in the anime’s opening, she is shown crying at least three times. When she begins drawing, her eyes begin to flood up. During her second attack, she may be seen weeping.

9. Spirited Away: Chihiro’s Whole Journey Is About Growing Out Of Being A Crybaby

Spirited Away- Chihiro

At the beginning of Spirited Away, Chihiro has a hard time keeping her emotions in check. Her parents have been turned into pigs, and she is now a slave to an evil witch, so she has every right to be upset with herself. At one point, Yubaba labels her a “crybaby.” Chihiro, on the other hand, is forced to grow up in a matter of days and learn how to be emotionally mature in a matter of hours. Of course, when she helps Haku realize who he is, she doesn’t hold back the tears of joy.

10. Demon Slayer: Tanjiro & Zenitsu Juxtapose Each Other Well

However, in Demon Slayer, Zenitsu’s frequent crying is often used as a comical device, either due to rejection or his fear of demonic creatures. However, Tanjiro is seen to cry regularly, but this time it’s used to illustrate his emotional depth when he’s contemplating the traumas he’s been through, rather than being used for comedy’s sake.