24 Similar Movies Like Love Don’t Cost A Thing That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 07/2024

Atl 2006

If you enjoyed Love Don’t Cost A Thing, you’ll enjoy these even more. Movies like Love Don’t Cost A Thing are provided below.

1. Stomp The Yard 2007

Stomp The Yard 2007

A troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles is able to avoid juvenile hall after the death of his younger brother by enrolling in Atlanta’s historically black Truth University.

However, his attempts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are put on hold when he is courted by the top two fraternities on campus, both of which require his fierce street-style dance moves in order to win the highly coveted national step show.

2. All About The Benjamins 2002

All About The Benjamins 2002

Bounty hunter Bucum Jackson (Cube) has an attitude problem and is unwilling to work with anyone. Martinez Bail Bonds employee Jackson uses unconventional methods to find low-level criminals. However, these strategies have proven effective. Jackson hopes to one day run his own private investigation firm.

In order to avoid both the law and Jackson, Reggie Wright (Epps) is a sleazy con artist. The two come across a multi-million dollar diamond heist while chasing each other like a cat and a mouse. Wright, who is trying to avoid being discovered by Jackson, ends up in the getaway van of the crooks and is forced to flee after they discover their loot is a fake, much to their boss’s chagrin (Flanagan).

It turns out that Wright’s recently purchased lottery ticket is the sole winner of $60 million when he meets up with his girlfriend (Mendes). Sadly, the wallet he was carrying with him, which contained the ticket, was stolen, and he must enlist Jackson’s help to recover it.

3. Barbershop 2002

This is a day in the life of a south side Chicago barbershop. Calvin, the sole heir to his father’s failing business, sees it as nothing more than a burden and a complete waste of his time. One by one, Calvin comes to realize that he has sold out his father’s vision and legacy after selling the shop to a local loan shark.

4. A Thin Line Between Love And Hate 1996

This playboy nightclub manager spends as much time chasing after hot women as he does working at the club. Following his pursuit of Brandi Web, he goes all-out to win her affections.

It’s a love story in which Darnell learns the hard way that it’s not worth risking everything on someone else. Brandi is a lot more difficult to get rid of now that she knows she has a rival for Darnell’s love. Following his final breakup, Brandi turns into a murderous femme fatale intent on finding her ex-lover again.

5. Atl 2006

Atl 2006

As four friends get ready for life after high school, they face a variety of obstacles that cause their paths to diverge. Cascade Roller Rink is where the action takes place and ends.

6. House Party 1990

This is Young Kid’s first time attending a party, so he’s looking forward to it. Kid’s father, however, has grounded him as a result of an altercation at school. In spite of this, Kid sneaks away from home when his father finally nods off. Kid, on the other hand, has no idea that three of the school’s hoodlums have decided to teach him a lesson.

7. Two Can Play That Game 2001

Two Can Play That Game 2001

Vivica A. Fox is hot as a scorned woman determined to win back her lover through any means necessary. In this comedy, players and those who are “played” alternate perspectives on the game. as Shanté Smith, a high-flying corporate executive, Fox believes she has what it takes to keep her slickster boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) from leaving her for Shanté’s archrival (Gabrielle Union)

8. Love & Basketball 2000

In this drama, a young African-American couple struggles to balance romance and athletics. They’ve known each other since they were kids because Quincy McCall and Monica Wright grew up in the same neighborhood with Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan.

Eventually, they reach adulthood and meet someone special. They are also united by a common interest: basketball. They’ve been fans of the game their entire lives, and it shows on the court.

While Quincy and Monica try to make their relationship work, they pursue separate basketball careers in high school and college, with the goal of becoming big-league stars in professional ball.

9. Daddy’s Little Girls 2007

Daddy's Little Girls 2007

While raising his three daughters, Monty works as a mechanic and struggles to make ends meet. When a judge grants Monty’s shady ex-wife custody of their daughters, he makes a last-ditch effort to win them back with the help of Julia, a stunning Ivy League-educated lawyer. They couldn’t be more different, but a spark is lit between them, setting off a storm of passion and strife.

10. Why Did I Get Married? 2007

The story revolves around how difficult it is to maintain a healthy relationship in the present day. For their annual week-long reunion in Colorado, eight married college friends and one non-friend (all of whom have achieved middle or upper-class economic status) gather, but the mood changes when one couple’s infidelity is revealed. As secrets are revealed, each couple begins to doubt their own union.

11. Lottery Ticket 2010

opportunistic neighbors discover that Kevin Carson, a young man from the projects, is in possession of a $370 million winning lottery ticket and force him to endure a three-day weekend

12. Roll Bounce 2005

When their neighborhood roller-skating rink closes in the summer of 1978, a group of teenagers must find a new rink to skate at.

13. Waiting To Exhale 1995

Women who have been cheated on, mistreated, and stepped on hold their breath, hoping that the elusive “good man” will finally end their string of bad dates. Vannah, Bernie, Glo, and Robin, four close friends determined to find a better way to breathe, talk it all out.

14. New Jack City 1991

Nino, a member of the Cash Money Brothers gang, sells crack for $1 million a week and makes $1 million a week. Scotty, a cop, learns that the only way to break into the gang is to become a drug dealer himself. Scotty.

15. Juice 1992

Bishop, Q, Steel, and Raheem, four Harlem friends who dabble in crime, decide to take it to the next level by robbing a convenience store. Bishop, the charismatic group leader, is armed. Q, on the other hand, has a different set of goals. He aspires to be a DJ and was performing at a club the night of the robbery when he was approached by the assailant. It’s too bad for him that Bishop won’t accept no for an answer in a game that’s all or nothing.

16. Baby Boy 2001

When Jody, a misguided twenty-something black man who is really just a baby boy, finally has to face the obligations of real life, the story takes an unexpected turn. On top of having fathered two children by two women (Yvette and Peanut), he is unemployed and living with his mother. He can’t seem to maintain a sense of equilibrium or get a handle on the chaos in his life.

17. Set It Off 1996

For lack of money and because of the majority’s treatment of them, four black women commit bank robbery. Despite their initial success, a police officer involved in the shooting of one of the women’s brothers is now on the run. As the loot grows, the women’s tastes and interests shift, and their distrust of one another grows, leading to a climactic robbery.

18. The Players Club 1998

Diana, a single mother, juggles the demands of supporting her child while also going to school. In a nearby gentlemen’s club, Diana meets two dancers who convince her that stripping is a quick and easy way to make money fast.

19. The Wood 1999

A nervous groom and his two best friends reminisce about their childhood in Inglewood, California’s middle-class African-American neighborhood during the panicky, uncertain hours leading up to his wedding. Remembering the ’80s adventures of the three young adults evokes feelings of nostalgia and brings back fond childhood memories for the audience.

20. Paid In Full 2002

Ace, a young dry cleaner, is an impressionable young man. Mitch, a drug dealer who was a close friend of his, ends up in prison. He also finds some cocaine in his pants, which is unrelated. Ace soon finds himself working as a drug trafficker for Lulu’s benefit. Ace rises to the top of the Harlem drug trade thanks to a series of fortunate events and strong interpersonal skills. Evidently unfaithful coworkers and/or rivals conspire against Ace.

21. Poetic Justice 1993

A young African-American poet named Justice is the central character in this film, and he offers a unique perspective on the world. In order to make the long overnight delivery run go more smoothly, the mail carrier invites a few of his buddies.

22. Shottas 2002

A gritty urban drama about two friends growing up in Kingston’s seedy underbelly. To stay alive, Biggs and Wayne adopt the “Shotta” way of life. Their criminal careers begin as young boys in their native countries, and as they move to the United States, their ascent becomes increasingly ruthless. As they aggressively seize control of Jamaica’s criminal underworld, they remain bound together by shottas loyalty.

23. Brown Sugar 2002

To work on New York’s XXL magazine, Sidney left her job as a music critic for The Los Angeles Times. Dre is a New York-based hip-hop record company executive. Both of them were introduced to hip-hop as children and have been friends ever since.

With their relationship restored, they should be a perfect match, but Dre plans to wed lawyer Reese, and Sidney says she’s no longer attracted to the rapper.

While this is going on, Dr. Dre is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his company’s emphasis on profit over artistry, leading him to sign the gimmicky Ren and Ten duo while ignoring the talented Chris.

24. The Best Man 2005

When Olly Pickering’s literary ambitions are dashed by writer’s block, he is forced to move in with his friend Murray after losing all of his money on gambling. When Olly’s college buddy James asks him to be best man in his wedding, things start to look up for him.

The night before the wedding, Olly has feelings for a woman he believes is the bride’s sister. However, it turns out that woman is the bride, Sarah. Can Murray, who has a grudge against James, assist in bringing Sarah and Olly closer?