10 Best Shows Like Xavier Renegade Angel Update 07/2024

Shows Like Xavier Renegade Angel

10. Xavier: Renegade Angel

Xavier Renegade Angel

CGI has come a long way since its infancy, when it relied on a technology that produced crude, awkward, and sometimes buggy images. Indeed, the wonky style of early 3D video games seems to be captured by Xavier’s creators Vermon Chatman and John Lee.

Xavier, an oblivious, oddly-designed shaman wanderer, sets out on a journey to find wisdom, which leads him into a series of strange situations and self-imposed blunders.

In the midst of all the weirdness and shoddy visuals, Renegade Angel is laced with surprisingly clever, humorous, and spiritual satire.

9. You’re Whole

It only lasted eight episodes, but this live-action show’s clever, over-the-top satire of infomercials brought a lot of laughs.

Michael Ian Black, the comic who portrays informercial host Randall Tyree Mandersohn as “totally blind,” hosts your Wholewashosting. After Michael Showalter, Black is the co-creator (and writer) of this show. His subdued, awkward humor is prevalent throughout.

Weird objects and acts were showcased by guests in the episodes. You’re Wholeseems to have a lot of untapped comedy potential because of the ongoing supply of comedy fodder that infomercials have.

8. Home Movies

Home Movies

The low-key comedy offers plenty of funny and endearing moments throughout its early 2000s run, even if it doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal as shows like Family Guy or Rick and Morty.

There is a young filmmaker and a zany coach at the heart of the story. It is also notable for its vibrant characters and unique animation style, reminiscent of Dr. Katz’s “Squigglevision.” Impromptu dialogue lends the show a laidback vibe and zany randomness that other shows will try to replicate. Given the popularity of shows like Loren Bouchard’s Home Movies spinoff, Bob’s Burgers, this seems like a good time for a return.

7. Cartoon Planet

Cartoon Planet established the idea that a cartoon could stand on the strength of just funny dialogue for entertainment value in an era where action-packed animation dominated.

Even though it features Hanna-Barbera supervillain outcasts, this 1990s show is more concerned with character development and witty dialogue than violence. Despite the simple graphics and static sets, the ramblings of Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and the goofy Brak provided plenty of laughs. With rapid-fire sketches and songs featuring only a few characters, it was like an off-the-wall cartoon version of Saturday Night Live (SNL). That classic animation was resurrected in 2012, it should be able to handle another.

6. Moral Orel

Moral Orel

This spoof of the claymation showDavey and Goliath reinforces the idea that satire often makes for the best comedy. The show borrows from South Park’s dark, edgy humor under a cute, innocent facade. When it comes to poking fun at American values and religious fundamentalism, Moral Orel is an expert.

Moral Orel deserved far more time in the limelight than the few years it was given because of its unique visual charm and nuanced comedy.

5. Minoriteam

After only one year and a total of 19 episodes, this wild and crazy animated series came to an end. With a cast of memorable characters, Minoriteam made an impression with its various mischief.

Even though the show mostly parodies Marvel-style superhero adventures, its cast of heroes is based on stereotypically white or Asian characters. Miniteam is poised to make a strong comeback thanks to its unique premise, social commentary, and edgy humor. Marvel and DC comic book fans who want a lighter take on their favorite characters would probably enjoy it.

4. Metalocalypse


Heavy metal is a genre that seems ripe for parody because of its brash, overtly serious nature. Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha’s heartwarming animation, Metalocalypse, lends credence to this idea.

This show focuses on the antics and mishaps of the death metal band Dethklok, featuring a group of tough but illiterate musicians. This satire of heavy rock takes a Spinal Tap approach, but adds dark imagery and a twisted sense of humor to the mix as well. In 2012, Adult Swim lost this musical parody and Nathan Explosion and his crew’s zany antics when the show abruptly ended.

3. Sealab 2021

Even if it seems primitive now because of its adult humor and trippy goofiness, this Adult Swim classic was ahead of its time.

For many adult cartoons, Sealab’s ability to emphasize amusing ramblings over visual flair helped set the stage. A Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 1970s was all that Sealab needed to prove that substance is more important than style.

It would be wonderful if Adult Swim returned to its underwater roots with a new series.

2. Space Ghost: Coast To Coast

Space Ghost Coast To Coast

As long as there is a thriving entertainment industry, talk shows will continue to be a popular form of media. A cartoon talk show with the zany and entertaining Space Ghost should be equally universal.

With its goofy nonsequiturs and clever, often edgy humor, this show helped establish a formula in adult animation. There’s a lot of potential for a great reboot with all-new celebrity guests now that Space Ghost hasn’t been seen since 2008.

1. Frisky Dingo

With their hit FX show, Archer, showrunners Adam Reed and Matt Thompson may have been ahead of their time with this underrated cartoon.

Frisky Dingous uses superhero movie cliches as inspiration for its premise and zany cast, just like that show does. A supervillain named Killface and an arrogant billionaire hero named Awesome X are frequently at odds in this comic book. Due to its limited run, the thrilling adventures of these heroes appeared to have much potential that was not given the proper attention. At a time when Marvel is at the height of its cultural renown, aFrisky Dingoreboot would be a perfect fit.