Top 12 Movies Like Joy Ride That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Joy Ride

1. Joy Ride (2001)

Joy Ride (2001)

In order to see his friend Venna, college student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see her. Due to the fact that Lewis has to travel with his boisterous older brother, Fuller, the brothers and Venna find themselves in a nightmare when a psychotic truck driver takes offense to their road pranks.

2. The Hitcher (2007)

The college students Jim Halsey and Grace Andrews give a ride to hitchhiker John Ryder while driving through the New Mexico Desert on a rainy night. Jim is able to knock the psychopath out of their car while they’re driving and throw him out into the road as a result. During the night, they see John in another car with a family and try to warn the driver that the man is dangerous, but they end up having an accident because of it.

The family is found stabbed in the car, and John notices that the driver is still alive while they’re walking down the road. He drives to a restaurant in search of assistance, but when the police arrive, they suspect Jim and Grace of the murder and take them to the police station where they will be questioned. Nevertheless, John ends up killing the officers and then chasing after Grace and Jim in a bloody game of cat and mouse.

3. Midnight Special (2016)

Midnight Special (2016)

There is no other boy like Alton Meyer in the world, and his abilities are both bizarre and strange. To get back his son, Roy sneaks him away from the cult that practically worships him in the middle of the night. At the same time, the US government has taken notice of Alton’s abilities and is equally determined to solve the mystery, with Paul Sevier of the National Security Agency leading the Federal investigation with his own questions. Father and son are pushed into a desperate race against time as they face a meeting with destiny that could change their lives forever.

4. Drive Angry (2011)

Jonah King, the leader of a Satanic cult, has murdered Milton’s daughter and kidnapped her baby, and time is of the essence for John Milton. After three days, King and his supporters plan to make a midnight sacrifice of the child. While in Oklahoma, Milton picks up the trail and saves Piper, the fiancee of a brutal, double-crossing killer.

For example, his driver’s license is two years old, and he has an odd gun in his possession. Milton is also being hunted by someone wearing an FBI uniform and going by the name of the Accountant. As they get closer to King, Piper, who’s spent her entire life on the sidelines, must piece together what she’s learned on the fly.

5. Patriots Day (2016)

Patriots Day (2016)

On April 15, 2013, the Tsarnaev brothers detonated homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 264 others. Police Sgt. Tommy Saunders was on duty as a security guard. While the injured are being cared for, Saunders and his comrades team up with the FBI to figure out who carried out the attack. They realize that authorities are getting closer to identifying them, and so they try to flee the city to carry on their jihadi mayhem. It takes a massive dragnet and a bloody police manhunt to bring them in, but they can’t get away from the law if there’s a manhunt in place.

6. Logan (2017)

X-Men have disbanded in 2029 as mutant numbers have plummeted. Logan, whose ability to heal himself is dwindling, has given in to alcohol and is now working as a chauffeur to support himself. He looks after Professor X, who is ailing and whom he has hidden away. Logan is once asked by a female stranger to drive a young woman named Laura to the border with Canada. The Professor has been expecting her for a long time, so at first he refuses. It could be argued that Laura is somewhat akin to Wolverine in terms of her fighting prowess.

Because her DNA contains the secret linking her to Logan, she’s being hunted by sinister figures working for a large corporation. In this third film featuring Wolverine from the Marvel comics, we see the superheroes confronted with problems of the everyday kind. They’re getting older, sicker, and having a hard time making ends meet. A weakened Logan must decide if he still has the will or ability to put his abilities to good use. Those days of putting the world to rights with razor-sharp claws and telepathic powers don’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon.

7. North By Northwest (1959)

North By Northwest (1959)

When Roger Thornhill, a successful Madison Avenue advertising executive, is mistaken for George Kaplan, he is plunged into the world of espionage. Vandamm and his goon Leonard are out to get him, but when Thornhill tries to crack the case, he is falsely accused of the murder and imprisoned for life. With no place to go but Chicago on the 20th Century Limited, he meets beautiful blonde Eve Kendall, who aids him in his escape from the law enforcement. After learning that Eve wasn’t an innocent bystander, his world is once again turned upside down. As it turns out, not everything is as it seems on the summit of Mt. Rushmore.

8. Need For Speed (2014)

Tobey Marshall, a struggling custom-car builder and street racer, spends two years in prison after being falsely accused of murder by an ex-partner. When he gets out of prison, he buys the fastest car his shop has ever built and sold, and he plans to participate in the infamous DeLeon race.

His goal is to be redeemed, to be recognized in the racing community, and to find solutions to his issues. Even so, it’s nothing when compared to what’s really motivating him. Revenge. Revenge is the most important thing. Love, redemption, vengeance, and motor oil are all themes that run through this novel.

9. Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)

McClane has become a near-total alcoholic and has been demoted to the ranks of the NYPD. A bomb goes off in the Bonwit Teller Department Store, and the police go completely crazy trying to figure out what happened. Within a short period of time, a man by the name of Simon calls and demands to speak with McClane. McClane is going to play a game called “Simon Says” with Simon, according to Inspector Walter Cobb. McClane, he claims, will carry out his instructions. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll detonate another one.

Assisting him is a Harlem electrician, who helps John McClane solve the terrorist’s frustrating puzzles as he races around New York City. Things start to heat up, however, when a bomb goes off in a subway station near the Federal Reserve (which houses the world’s largest gold reserve).

10. Paranoia (2013)

Paranoia (2013)

We go deep behind the scenes of global success in Paranoia to a deadly world of greed and deception, a high-stakes thriller. There are two of the world’s most powerful tech billionaires (Harrison Ford (I) and Gary Oldman (I)) who have a complicated history and will stop at nothing to destroy each other.

They are fierce rivals. When a young superstar (‘Liam Hemsworth’ (qv)) is swayed by the promise of unlimited wealth and power, he gets caught in the crossfire of their high-stakes corporate espionage game. Even though he is now in grave danger, he has already dug himself into a hole so deep and knows so much that it would be impossible for them to just let him go.

11. Harry Brown (2009)

With his wife Kath dying of cancer, retired Royal Marine Harry Brown in England plays chess with only friend Leonard Attwell at Sid Rourke’s Barge pub every day. In the wake of Kath’s death, Len confides in his grieving friend that a local gang has been harassing him, and that he is armed with an old bayonet in case of self-defense.

The widower advises him to contact the police. Alice Frampton and Sergeant Terry Hicock are tasked with the investigation after a man named Len is found dead after being beaten and stabbed in a dark passageway. While they are there, Harry learns that the police have not found any other evidence besides the bayonet to apprehend the thuggish thugs. If the case goes to trial, the gang will say it was acting in self-defense. In the face of a lack of justice, Harry Brown takes matters into his own hands.

12. The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The Purge Election Year (2016)

A regrettable act of vengeance was avoided by Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) seventeen years ago on Purge Night. In his new role as Senator Charlie Roan’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) personal bodyguard, he has the difficult task of keeping Senator Roan safe while she runs for president, while also surviving an annual ritual that targets the weak and defenseless. If they are forced to the streets of Washington, D.C., by a betrayal, they must stay alive until dawn…or both of them will be sacrificed for their crimes against the government.