Top 10 Movies Like Cloud Atlas That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

movies like cloud atlas

If fans of Cloud Atlas want to broaden their horizons, they should see these 10 other thought-provoking films.

As a result of its massive scope and intricate plot, Cloud Atlas transported viewers through six different eras of history. It featured a number of well-known actors who took on various roles throughout the film’s history. It was a film that divided critics and audiences alike, with many finding it difficult to follow the plot.

Despite this, the film Cloud Atlas has a devoted following that includes both fans of David Mitchell’s novel and those who enjoyed the high ambitions the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer had when adapting the material for the screen. After watching Cloud Atlas, moviegoers should see what else is out there if they haven’t already.

1. V For Vendetta (2005)

V For Vendetta (2005)

Although Cloud Atlas marked the Wachowskis’ first collaboration with another director, it wasn’t the first time they had done so. V for Vendetta, based on the Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic book, was adapted by them and James McTeigue in 2005.

This film was an alternate history tale in which the British government was taken over by a neo-fascist supremacist regime. Because of this, anarchist V recruits a young woman as his protege and plots a terrorist attack in an attempt to reclaim the United Kingdom’s independence.

2. The Matrix (1999)

Of course, for fans of the Wachowskis’ work, their debut film remains one of the best sci-fi action films of all time. The Matrix was released in 1999, and despite the fact that the sequels veered off course, the original remains a modern classic.

The world has been taken over by computers, and the rebels rising up against it believe that Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is The One who can help them escape.

3. Run Lola Run (1998)

Run Lola Run (1998)

Tom Tykwer is the film’s second director. Run Lola Run, his breakthrough film, made him a household name in Germany.

If she doesn’t raise 100,000 Deutschmarks in 20 minutes, her boyfriend will die. This 1998 film starred Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity). The movie depicts numerous instances where seemingly insignificant events alter her trajectory, and thus, the course of her relationship with her boyfriend.

4. Magnolia (1999)

Magnolia is the best film to explore the concept of fate dictating people’s lives even when they aren’t aware of the strings being pulled. P.T. Anderson’s film is an ensemble piece about a group of people who are linked in some way.

Tom Cruise plays a self-help guru, while Philip Baker Hall plays a game show host. There are also cops (John C. Reilly) and a home care nurse (Philip Seymour Hoffman) in the mix. It all comes together to form a brilliant puzzle movie where every piece fits perfectly.

5. The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

The Double Life of Veronique is yet another film that illustrates how the actions of one person can have far-reaching effects on the lives of others.

Despite never having met, this film, directed by Krzysztof Kielowski, is about two women who are doppelgängers for one another and are somehow connected. Weronika is a singer, and Veronique teaches music.

6, The Fountain (2006)

If readers found the plot of Cloud Atlas confusing, they will have no chance of understanding The Fountain’s complexity.

This movie is from auteur director Darren Aronofsky and stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as two characters who share a love and bond across time and space. They take on the roles of various characters over the course of time, but they always remained connected.

7. The Nines (2007)

The Nines (2007)

The Nines is a film that has largely been overlooked by the general public, but it is well worth a second viewing. Ryan Reynolds plays the lead role in this film, which gives him the opportunity to shed his comedic persona and play a more serious role instead. Cloud Atlas does the same thing by introducing a variety of characters and then showing how they are linked.

Reynolds takes on the roles of three men, each of whom is searching for the meaning behind events in their lives. One is Gary the actor, another is Gavin the television writer, and a third is Gabriel the video game designer.

8. The Prestige (2006)

While working on the Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan found time to make The Prestige, a more intimate film. Following two rival stage magicians in 19th-century London, the film is based on Christopher Priest’s novel.

They used to be friends, but now they have a deep animosity toward one another due to the death of a woman. They become obsessed with annihilating the other and will do anything to do so.

9. Mr. Nobody (2009)

Mr. Nobody (2009)

Mr. Nobody, a sci-fi film from 2009, is the closest comparison to Cloud Atlas. 118-year-old Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto) is the last human on Earth after the rest of humanity has achieved immortality in this film. Leto plays Nemo Nobody.

In the film, Mr. Nobody recalls moments in his past when choices he made had a profound impact on his present and future. Despite its relative obscurity to mainstream audiences, the film has become a cult classic thanks to its philosophical plotline.

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

It’s possible Jim Carrey’s best non-comedy role came in 2004. The film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by Michel Gondry and written by Charlie Kaufman, examines how love and memories are deconstructed.

People can erase specific memories in the movie thanks to a procedure featured in the storyline. When Carey’s ex-girlfriend decides to forget about him, he does the same, and the movie depicts how Carey’s love memories fade away one by one.