12 Best Gog Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best gog games

When there are so many new games on the market, it’s hard to keep up with all the good ones that get lost in the shuffle. It doesn’t matter if they’re old games that haven’t become classics for some reason or a game that was overlooked because it came out at the wrong time. There are a lot of cheap gems worth your time on digital distribution.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have a computer that can play the most recent graphics-heavy game. If one of these games looks interesting to you and you want to give it a try, do so. Here are just sixteen games that came to mind. We’re sure we’ve missed a lot of good games out there. You can get some of these games for cheap at Steam’s fall sale.

1. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Emperor’s Tomb is a third-person game that is a prequel to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was made for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 3. It’s a platformer game with a lot of action set in 1935. It’s a good game, but more important, it captures the feel of Indiana Jones well. Indie games may get more attention than other games, but this one is still worth a look.

2. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

We used to play a space simulation called Starfleet Academy before we had the amazing Star Trek: Bridge Commander. The game is set in the era of Star Trek II to VI. There are FMV cutscenes that were all the rage in the 90s, and thanks to them, we get longer appearances from William Shatner, Walter Koenig, and George Takei. Command School: Cadets have to balance their simulation missions with their personal lives, which even has Bioware-style dialogue choices and different story lines. There are a lot of Star Trek references in the game. The space combat is fun, and there are a lot of Star Trek-themed things in the game. Case study? The Kobayashi Maru test is yours. Great!

3. Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Star Trek 25th Anniversary

It’s an adventure game that takes place during the original series. You can play as the captain of the Enterprise in what feels like a lost season of the TV show. All of the characters are voiced by their own actors, and the stories all feel like natural extensions of the show. The missions are even broken up into episodes, so you can watch them in order. The game also has a follow-up called Judgement Rites.

4. Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is one of the best adventure games in a long time that isn’t made by Telltale. The story is about a detective who is looking for his brother, who is in a mysterious prison/re-education facility on a different planet. The art is done in a classic pixel art style. There are some Cowboy Bebop and Blade Runner mixed in. Overall, this was a great movie with a great soundtrack that was inspired by noir.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Not at all. The gameplay isn’t very good, though. The writing, on the other hand, is great. Cersei and Varys are played by actors who appear in the show, but the game is set in a world that is very different from that. It tells a story that happened before and during the first book of the series. if you can put up with the bad combat, you can get a good look at the world outside of the main story. If you’re hungry for more Westeros between Game of Thrones seasons and you’ve finished Telltale’s series, you might want to pick this up.

6. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

As a fan of Battlestar Galactica, we think you should check this out. It’s not as big as Homeworld or Sins of a Solar Empire. Every move you make is important because you only have a few ships at a time. There isn’t a very good story, but you play this game for the space fights.

7. Penumbra


If you like Amnesia, check out this other scary game made by the same company. As it was one of their first games, it hasn’t been as well-known as its successor. This is true, though, because the game takes place in an icy setting. If you’re into John Carpenter’s The Thing, you might want to check this out.

8. Zombie Driver

There is a car that you can drive over zombies with. You can choose from many different cars. You can also make the cars more powerful. You don’t even have to think about this one, because the game is so much fun.

9. The Swapper

The SwapperDeveloper

Love Metroid games? You’ll like this one. The Swapper has a stop-motion-like art style and eerie lighting. It’s a great game for setting the mood and solving puzzles in a side-scrolling world. A lot of people have given the game a perfect 10 out of 10. If you like a good puzzle-based side-scrolling game, this one is for you. Lights should be turned off for this one.

10. Shadow Warrior Classic 

Lo Wang: I’m here. The name alone makes fortune cookie-eating Mafia men and small children afraid, even if they don’t know it. People who want to be ninjas have sold their combat shoes to a pawn shop because of him. As a Shadow Warrior, Lo Wang fights against the bad guys. One of the best assassins.

11. Flight of the Amazon Queen


Flight of the Amazon Queen is like a mix of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones. The game puts you in the role of Joe King, a pilot of the titular aeroplane who finds himself in a bigger-than-life adventure set in the Amazon jungle against a mad scientist who wants to take over the world.

12. Lure of the Temptress

When you play Lure of the Temptress, you play as Diermot, a young peasant who finds himself in a fight with the temptress Selena and her army of Skorls, warriors who look like orcs. The game was made by the same team that made the Broken Sword games.