7 Best Virtual Boy Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best virtual boy games

If you want to play crazy games on your Nintendo Virtual Boy, you’ll have to play the best virtual boy games.

This meant that the gamer had to put on a headset in order to use the console to its fullest potential. There was a small controller that came with it so that you could play the games on it.

Think of it as virtual reality from the 90s, but only from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Virtual Boy came out in 1995 and was said to be the first console that could show stereoscopic “3D” graphics.

Red and black colours made many gamers sick, have headaches after short game times, and even strain their eyes.

This is something Nintendo couldn’t change, so they had to deal with it a little bit while making the game.

Talk about having a great time playing games!

Only 22 games came with the virtual boy. Some of them were rare, some were popular, and some were not so popular at all.

The best virtual boy games are right here for you.

Galactic Pinball

Galactic Pinball

Galactic Pinball was released in July 1995 for Japan and August 1995 for the United States. It was the first pinball game to have a space theme. As long as they didn’t have migraines, kids could figure out the game quickly.

It showed a gamer moving a puck around four pinball courses set in the Milky Way.

When we played our best Gameboy Color games in the 1980s and 1990s, it looked a lot like the modern Pokemon Pinball game.

Is it possible that Nintendo used the design in other Gameboy games? It’s not clear.

The controls were easy to use: A made one side of the Pinball machine’s arms move, and B made the other side move, so you could use them to play.

In fact, it became very popular because everyone could play it together. It was one of the Virtual Boy’s “base” games because it could be played by everyone in your family.

Mario Clash

Isn’t it true that Mario was on the Virtual Boy? It’s one of our favourite Virtual Boy games for a good reason, too!

When it was made, it was meant to be a 3D version of the original Mario Bros arcade game. It brought many Super Mario fans back to the “virtual world.”

What you need to do is knock all of the enemies off the ledges to finish that level.

When you jump on Koopas and pick up their shells, you throw them at enemies with the control pad.

Afterwards, they will fall off the level and you can work on another enemy.

The enemies get faster, there are more platforms, and there are more ways to kill them.

A lot of people might have defences that you need to get past.

If you start “fever time” with the help of a mushroom, you can do that.

If you use Fever Time, you can kill any monster that has a shell with just one hit.

It’s like a real Mario game. The audio, the characters, the level design, and even the fonts used all make this game look like a real Mazza title, even though it’s not.

Take this game with you so that you can go back to the old Mario days in a more modern way.

Vertical Force

Vertical Force

It doesn’t matter that the Virtual Boy is trying to make things look like they’re in 3D. Vertical Force went with a top-down view.

Yet, it works, but at the same time, it doesn’t.

You might want to check this game out if you don’t mind that it looks weird and that you get confused after 30 minutes of playing. If you’re a big fan of the classic “Space Invaders,” this game might be worth a look.

Hudson Soft made this game, and the player controls a spaceship that must destroy malfunctioning supercomputers on a human planet before humanity is wiped out by the game.

In the game, you can find power-ups that can help you speed up, live longer, or fire more weapons.

You can move your spaceship left, right, forward, and back, but you can also move it down or up to make the game look like it’s in 3D.

We like this game so much because it takes this top-down space exploration game to a whole new level.

Because it’s not always fair for kids to have all the fun. Also, it was aimed at adults.

Mario’s Tennis

Mario is good at many things, but one of them is Tennis.

In the past, Mario’s Tennis was going to be called “Mario’s Dream Tennis,” but the team decided to change it.

Plus, the red and black colours make me feel like I’m in a hellish nightmare rather than a dream, so I don’t think it’s a dream.

This was one of the few games that came out at the same time as the Virtual Boy.

In Mario’s Tennis, you don’t have to think too hard. People buy it because Mario is on the game cart.

It’s possible to play with up to seven different characters from the Mario games. When you look at a game from behind, you can see where the ball is at all times.

Nintendo said that you could almost “see depth,” but in reality, it didn’t look very good.

A lot of times, when someone throws a ball at your head, it feels like your eyes are crossed.

Here, there are no power-ups or bonuses. There are also no power shots in this game at all. If you want to play tennis, this title is for you. It talks about the basics, which makes the game easier for you to play.

Red Alarm

Red Alarm

Think of this next game as the Virtual Boy’s version of the Star Fox video game. This is what Red Alarm is trying to do, and it does it very well.

As with Vertical Force, it’s all about where you’re going to put things. To make it look like it was made with geometric shapes in mind, this one has a grid-like design.

People still remember Red Alarm because of its beautiful graphics, even though it was a long time ago.

So many people bought it with the Virtual Boy because it came out at the same time.

As the player, you have to fight off an army of artificially intelligent enemies known as “KAOS,” which you have to defeat.

The three-dimensional polygonal graphics pushed the console’s graphics to the limit, but they were limited by a lot of hardware issues that had to be worked around. Some people liked this look, and some people didn’t.

What do you think? Confusing, or clever?

Waterworld (VB)

You thought the movie was bad. Waterworld is a bad game that looks bad and is very boring. People say the movie was bad, but it isn’t as bad as people think it is. The VB game, on the other hand, is so bad that you can call your mint-boxed Virtual Boy library “complete” even though this one isn’t there.

Virtual Lab (VB)

Virtual Lab (VB)

Virtual Lab is a slow-moving game that made our ears hurt. At times, it looks like it could be fun. They’re just empty threats, though, and the game never breaks out of its monotonous, crushingly dull loop again. On eBay, you can buy Virtual Boy games that are near-mint, but this isn’t the reason to do it.