20 Best Movies About Switching Bodies That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Switching Bodies

Freaky, Vince Vaughn’s new horror-horror flick, is the latest in a long line of body-swap flicks, including the classic Turnabout, Tom Hanks’ Big, and John Woo’s dizzying Face/Off.

20. Nine Lives (2016)

Nine Lives (2016)

When it comes to body-swap and body-switch films, there is a big difference. A body-swap movie is one in which two characters swap physical appearances for dramatic or comic effect. However, in the case of a body-swap film, only the soul of a human can be transferred to another body without reciprocation. Nine Lives is included on this list despite the fact that it is one of the worst body-swap movies ever filmed.

19. A Saintly Switch (1999)

On the other hand, I was torn about whether or not to include this because it was a TV movie that never had a theatrical release date. In any case, I’m going to include it because of the fact that Peter Bogdanovich directed it. Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show director Peter Bogdanovich in real life. A voodoo princess unwittingly imparts her knowledge of body swapping to a group of young people in this film. Whoops!

18. Like Father Like Son (1987)

Body-swap movies saw a resurgence in popularity in the latter half of the 1980s. All but a few were excellent. Others were in the same boat as I was. According to the plot of the film starring Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron called “What would happen if a Native American potion unintentionally transplanted teenage kid into respected surgeon’s body?” There are no “gallons and tons of careless bloodshed” in this picture, which makes it a failure.

17. The Cobbler (2014)

The Cobbler (2014)

The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler as a man who can step into anyone else’s shoes and experience their life, is another body-switch film, not a body-swap one. The final product is so sickeningly gloopy and tripping over its own feet that it’s actually offensive. As a penitent, it’s safe to infer Sandler decided to endure Uncut Gems’ anxiety-inducing environment.

16. Dream a Little Dream (1989)

Jason Robards’ spirit inhabits the body of Corey Feldman, an agonizing young Michael Jackson lookalike, via an implausible meditation-based bicycle accident. The actual Feldman and his wife, for whatever reason, can only be found in Robards’ dreams. For a picture that essentially exists to let Corey Feldman to dance like Michael Jackson at every chance, this is an extremely sophisticated premise.

15. 18 Again! (1988)

18 Again! is yet another 1980s body-swap comedy starring George Burns, and it’s based on a song he recorded eight years before. While Burns is in a coma for most of the film, it’s unclear why. A young man named Charlie Schlatter, 18, receives Burns’ soul and places it in the body of an 18-year-old who must salvage the family business, seduce a schoolgirl with his deep knowledge of Harry S. Truman, and prevent Burns’ gold-digger wife from turning off the power to his coma-ridden body. I’m not familiar with the song that inspired this film, but I’m sure it’s amazing.

14. Prelude to a Kiss (1992)

Prelude to a Kiss (1992)

The body-swap cliche is so obviously ridiculous that it usually works best in a comedic context. Prelude to a Kiss, a 1992 sugary romance in which an old man swaps bodies with Meg Ryan after kissing her on her wedding day, is another example of this. After marrying Alec Baldwin, Meg Ryan was diagnosed with cancer. I can’t believe how long this film has been.

13. Alison’s Birthday (1981)

It’s an Australian horror film called Alison’s Birthday where nothing happens for long lengths of time, and then a 16-year-old girl is forcibly implanted into the body of an old lady who is 104-years-old. If you’ve seen the 2016 Kevin Spacey cat-based body switch movie Nine Lives, you’ll note that this is a much worse film.

12. The Hot Chick (2002)

Small-time offender It’s a picture that allows Rob Schneider to expand his acting range by playing himself, albeit with a little higher voice. Rachel McAdams, on the other hand, is an entitled brat. It’s true that this picture has the potential to be surprisingly moving, but only if you go into it completely wasted and expecting nothing.

11. The Shaggy Dog (2006)

The Shaggy Dog (2006)

The Shaggy Dog, once again, must be considered a body-switch comedy unless there is a comparable film about a happy-go-lucky dog who continues being plunged into the waking nightmare of becoming Tim Allen. In this film, Tim Allen becomes a dog after being bitten on the hand by a Tibetan sacred dog that Robert Downey Jr. stole from Tibet. He subsequently befriends a snake that is also a dog. In fact, this is a genuine film.

10. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

Possibly the most 2004 film ever produced. Ruffalo plays an uninteresting romantic interest. A best friend is played by Judy Greer. Eminem sounds like M&Ms, according to a popular joke. Everyone’s brows appear to have been blown off in a gas explosion, because that’s what they all look like. Even so, it’s an enjoyable film about an underage girl who woke up as a pre-Affleck Jennifer Garner when she went to sleep at the age of 13. As bad as that seems, there are worse outcomes.

9. The Change-Up (2011)

It’s from Jason Bateman’s post-Arrested Development money-grab spree, where he acted in 18 films over a five-year period. So it’s easy to confuse this film with the one where he accidently gets Jennifer Aniston pregnant, or the one where Melissa McCarthy tries to steal his identity, or either of the two films in which he attempts to murder his boss. On the contrary, he becomes Ryan Reynolds after peeing into a fountain at the same time as the actor does. So there you have it.

8. Freaky Friday (1976)

Freaky Friday (1976)

Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris switch places in the original Freaky Friday. It’s one of the most influential films on the list, but its charm can’t mask the reality that it has aged very poorly. It’s less weird and more frightening than most of its counterparts. Even so, there are certain concerns with the film’s gender politics because Foster learns how to be a housewife quickly. There was a noticeable difference as soon as the update was applied. But that’s for another time.

7. Vice Versa (1988)

It’s one of the more popular body-swap movies to come out in the late 1980s. Because of Fred Savage’s convincing portrayal of a middle-aged divorcee and Judge Reinhold’s complete lack of respect, this is all down to this. Instead of a kid, he plays a man who has had a concussion and is now playing an 11-year-old youngster. The strangeness of its attractiveness sets it apart from other films like Like Father Like Son.

6. Turnabout (1940)

The film by Hal Roach hasn’t aged well. While it may have seemed like a smart idea to keep the characters’ original voices, this means that most of the film is heavily dubbing like a cheap kung fu movie from the 1930s or 1940s. Aside from that, having John Hubbard mime around like he was Carole Landis was probably amusing. However, when viewed today, it appears to be a time capsule. A good artifact of its period, though, is that it’s an amusing satire on 1940’s sexual politics.

5. All of Me (1984)

All of Me (1984)

Carl Reiner’s comedic style is a little more nuanced than the average comedian’s. It’s about Lily Tomlin’s spirit being unintentionally transferred into Steve Martin’s body, while Martin retains some control over it. Steve Martin. For the sake of brevity, this means that Martin will have to perform both leading roles at the same time, while maintaining subtle differences between his two personas. When it comes to reality, that means Martin gets to make a lot of silly expressions and flail his arms. What could possibly be better?

4. Face/Off (1997)

There is no body exchange in Face/Off since Nicolas Cage and John Travolta only swap faces. Fine. Because it’s Face/Off, of course, it’s on this list. It’s a work of art in and of itself. It’s awe-inspiring. The two leads go head-to-head in a game of cat and mouse. As a whole, it’s a lot of fun! This was the first time that we saw anything other than a body exchange involving the reanimation of statues from other cultures or the transformation of sacred pets. It’s incredible that this picture managed to top that level of absurdity. “Citizen Kane” of the body-swap genre, this picture is truly groundbreaking.

3. 17 Again (2009)

“Remember 18 Again, where George Burns essentially paid a youngster for the privilege of being a George Burns?” The new and improved version is here. Matthew Perry, a 30-year-old deadbeat, strikes a bargain to revert to his 17-year-old self and learns what he’s been missing out on in life. Zac Efron’s performance as Perry’s younger self is a big part of the film’s appeal. His career-best performance, it’s a complete, completely realized show.

2. Freaky Friday (2003)

Freaky Friday (2003)

In every way, this is an improvement above the original. Script changes (which make it less unsettling-freaky than its predecessor) are partly to blame, but the cast also plays a significant role. It is safe to say that Jamie Lee Curtis has the acting chops to play both the worried mother and the defiant adolescent. When it comes to acting as a disapproving adult, Lindsay Lohan is unquestionably the best. In order to remind the world of how good Lindsay Lohan used to be, this film should be protected in glass.

1. Big (1988)

If the worst body-switch movie ever has to start the list, then the best body-switch movie ever makes sense. When you’re big, you’re really big. It’s a classic that won’t go out of style, and it always will. It’s been done a gazillion times before. Everything about the film is familiar to you, from the cheesy moments to the heart-wrenching ones. One of the reasons Robert De Niro fought so hard to get the main role in this film is that it is a gift to everyone who watches it. Tom Hanks’ best film to date, possibly. Unbeatable.