12 Best Movies About Best Friends Falling In Love Update 06/2024

Movies About Best Friends Falling In Love

It’s one of the most common romantic comedy movie plotlines, although it’s not always a success. You can’t beat these!

Among the many subgenres of romance films, there is the rom-com.

When it comes to romance, some movies focus on discovering it where you least expect it.

But what about the love that was there from the beginning, but required a kick in the pants to understand it was real?

Those who have known each other for a long time and who one day discover they are in love are these. It’s a well-known narrative that one of the friends is either in love from the start or realizes that the person they actually loved was right in front of them. Movies depicting long-overdue relationships may not always be popular with audiences, but they’ve become a staple in the genre.

Gabriela Silva posted an update on April 8th, 2021: An awkward situation can arise if one of the main characters has emotions for the other character’s best friend. There are instances when the arrival of another love character brings these best friends closer to acknowledging their feelings for one another; other times, life circumstances pull them closer together. There are a plethora of movies about friendships that turn into love.

1. 13 Going On 30 (2004): 6.2  – Available to stream on HBO Max

13 Going On 30 (2004)

Everybody secretly wishes for “magic wishing dust,” but the best-friend-turned love story in this film is a little different. Embarrassed by the popular girls on her 13th birthday, Jenna (Jennifer Garner) dreams of being 30 years old and “flirty and prospering.”

She is 30 years old when she wakes up years later. When she meets Matty, she discovers that she’s become cold and aloof as an adult and has severed relations with her best friend (Mark Ruffalo). She goes to him for help with her history, and despite his engagement, they begin to develop feelings for one another.

2. Just Friends (2005): 6.2 – Available to buy on Amazon Prime Video

Just Friends, the title of Ryan Reynolds’ 2005 romantic comedy, sums it all perfectly. Being “friend-zoned” is made clearer by the comedy/romance. A high school student who is best friends with one of the most popular and beautiful girls in his class, Chris Brander, is played by Reynolds.

Graduate Night, he admits his feelings for her just to be told that she’s better off dating someone else. He gets up and walks out, vowing to do better next time. Ten years later, he’s a record exec with a six-pack. When he returns to his hometown due to a freak accident, he attracts the attention of his former best buddy.

3. When We First Met (2018): 6.4 – Available to stream on Netflix

When We First Met (2018)

When We First Met is a story of two people who become friends, then fall in love. During the Halloween party they first met at in 2014, Noah Ashby (Adam DeVine) regrets not being able to woo Avery (Alexandra Daddario).

Since then, she’s been in a relationship with a man she first met at the party the next day. Using the photo booth from the Halloween party, Noah finds himself in the year 2014 at their engagement celebration. Despite Avery’s reluctance, Noah succeeds in winning her over. However, he quickly discovers that everything happened for a cause.

4. The Duff (2015): 6.5 – Available to buy on Amazon Prime Video

A restored relationship is the focus of The Duff, which isn’t really about two best friends finding love. The bond between Bianca (Mae Whitman) and the popular football player faded as they grew older. “The Duff,” the designated “ugly fat friend,” is introduced to Bianca at the party.

Angry, she agrees to assist Wesley (Robbie Amell) pass science in exchange for him helping her get a date with her crush and changing her social status. However, when Bianca learns that Wesley brought his ex-girlfriend to their rekindled friendship, she is devastated. Wesley discovers that Bianca was always the appropriate choice for him towards the end of the story.

5. Zack And Miri Make A Porno (2008): 6.5 – Available to buy on Amazon Prime Video

Zack And Miri Make A Porno (2008)

Sex comedy movie Zack and Miri make a Pornofalls under the genre of best friends falling for each other. Two roommates who have been close friends since first grade star in the film, which was directed, edited, and written by the filmmaker Kevin Smith.

A new source of revenue is used when they can’t pay their utility bills. When a video made by adolescent lads showing off Miri (Elizabeth Banks) underwear went viral, they were motivated to do the same. Intercourse would not change their friendship, so they produce and star in pornographic films. Eventually, they begin to develop affections for one another.

6. Brown Sugar (2002): 6.6 – Available to stream on Cinemax

Moviegoers had a wealth of options to choose from throughout the 2000s. A rom-com called “Brown Sugar” was released in 2002 about two longtime friends who persevered through their jobs and relationships. A hip-hop magazine’s editor and a record label’s talent scout are the two main characters in the film, Sidney (Sanaa Lathan) and Dre.

Sidney has no idea what to do when her best friend, Dre, gets engaged to someone else. Sidney’s jealousy erupts as Dre gets married and begins a new business venture. A tug-of-war over how they really feel about each other ensues between the pals.

7. The F Word (2013): 6.8 – Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

The F Word (2013)

A second chance at love awaits Daniel Radcliffe in the romantic comedy The F Word. Wallace (Radcliffe) lives with his sister and nephew in Toronto, where he is struggling to make ends meet. He meets Chantry after his best buddy persuades him to attend a party and interact (Zoe Kazan).

However, Chantry already has a long-term relationship. It becomes clear to Wallace and Chantry as time goes on that they both harbor deep feelings for each other. Wallace and Chantry’s friendship/relationship suffers as Chantry’s connection with her boyfriend deteriorates. Is one of them going to make the commitment?

8. One Day (2011): 7 – Available to stream on HBO Max

One of my favorite movies ever, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions that centered around two main characters who meet on July 15th, which is the date of the film. Friendship blossoms after a passionate night together.

On the same day every year, both characters undergo a frenzy of life changes, occupations, and relationships. They had affections for one other all along the road. Don’t expect this movie to end happily ever after, despite the fact that they get married.

9. Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987): 7.1 – Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987)

In the best friends-turned-lovers genre, Some Kind of Wonderful is a stalwart. This 1987 film is set in the Los Angeles suburbs and follows the lives of three teenagers. His best friend is a tomboy named Watts (Eric Stoltz), who is also an aspiring artist (Mary Stuart Masterson).

Keith develops a crush on the school’s most beautiful student. He pounces on her when she finally breaks up with her ex-boyfriend and proposes a date. Watts discovers that she has feelings for her best buddy that she didn’t know about. For the sake of being a good buddy, Watts is forced to assist Keithon with his date. There’s a good chance Keith will soon discover who he truly loves.

10. Love, Rosie (2014): 7.2 – Available to stream on Paramount+ and Pluto TV

Featuring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as Rosie and Alex in the lead roles, it recounts their rocky road to love. Since the dawn of time, Alex and Rosie have been inseparable. Alex reveals his sentiments on a drunken night. The next day, Rosie’s behavior convinces him that she only wants to be friends with him.

As a result of Rosie finding a new partner, the two become parents. After several years, Alex becomes a parent and they remain close friends. In the wake of their divorces, they have turned to each other for support. They finally get to kiss at the end after Alex realizes Rosie didn’t remember his confession.

11. Love & Basketball (2000): 7.2 – Available to buy on Amazon Prime Video

Love & Basketball (2000)

For good reason, Love & Basketball is one of the most often aired movies on television. Due to the fact that the two main characters date on and off, this story is a little more unique. Since childhood, Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy McCall (Omar Epps) have shared a passion for basketball.

In 1981, the two get romantically involved, although they later break up but remain close friends. After a long period of time apart, they renew their feelings for one another. They drift away once more and go their separate ways, but they continue to communicate with one other through social media. It will all work out in the end, so don’t worry!

12. When Harry Met Sally (1989): 7.6 – Available to stream on Showtime

Can men and women ever just be friends? may have been sparked by When Harry Met Sally, a film released in 1989. There are various flashbacks that take place over a period of several years throughout the film. It all begins with a cross-country car ride that raises the issue of men and women not being able to maintain friendships because of sex.

Leaving on a negative note, the two protagonists reunite on a plane years later. After analyzing the situation, they conclude that they cannot be friends. Even so, they form a close bond after meeting for the second time. They come to discover that they had always been in love with each other, despite their many failed relationships and simmering feelings.