5 Best Movies About Surrogates That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Surrogates

5 movies on surrogate moms and their experiences are included in this collection:

1. Google Baby (2009)

Google Baby (2009)

Zippi Brand Frank’s documentary explores the globalization of the fertility industry on three continents. Google Baby tells the story of an Israeli entrepreneur, Doron, who has turned the creation of families into a lucrative economic venture. Doron refers to himself as “the baby producer,” and he uses technology and outsourcing to supply consumers with low-cost solutions.

Indian surrogates — usually poor country women — receive genetic material from customers online and implant it into the wombs of local surrogates. They travel to India at the end of the pregnancy to collect their child.

2. Unreported World: Mexico’s Baby Business (2014)

Unreported World Mexico’s Baby Business (2014)

It’s a documentary on the surrogacy industry in Mexico, which is expanding. Sofia, a one-day-old baby, and Diana, her 23-year-old Mexican surrogate, are introduced at the opening of the film. Diana bids Sofia farewell and expresses her joy at the birth of the baby’s parents in Spain.

But the program then turns to a darker topic: the unknown stories of the dark world of Mexico’s baby growing industry.

A number of surrogates have claimed that they were deprived of food and other necessities during their pregnancies. A number of Mexican women have been denied formal contracts and reimbursement for their work. Surrogates claim they were not notified the donor had HIV, which has caused some concern about their own health.

3. Cutting Edge: Addicted to Surrogacy (2009)

Channel 4’s “Serial Surrogates” documentary premiered in 2009, and it tells the story of women who have given birth to children for other people five, six, or even nine times. Surrogacy is “addiction” for these women, and one says she would do it “forever” if her body would allow her.

These serial surrogates’ thoughts and sentiments are explored in depth in the documentary, which helps us empathize with them and respect their decision to assist others become parents.

4. HAVING OUR BABY: The Surrogacy Boom

HAVING OUR BABY The Surrogacy Boom

Another country that’s seen an increase in surrogacy is the setting of HAVING OUR BABY: The Surrogacy Boom. Surrogacy is seen as a blessing by many couples who are unable to have children of their own. However, there are a number of problematic issues that arise during the process.

As a result of the country’s free healthcare system, everything is cheaper in Canada than in the United States. Surrogates can be paid only for their expenditures, not for the “service,” according to the legislation. The government should modify the law because many feminists, lawmakers, and ethicists are calling for it.

5. I’m an American Surrogate and I’m Carrying a Chinese Baby

I’m an American Surrogate and I’m Carrying a Chinese Baby

In this documentary, an American woman serves as a surrogate for a Chinese couple, as the title suggests. It’s taboo to talk to a surrogate about being a surrogate, yet Lisa Ling does just that.

Besides interviewing the surrogate, Lisa tries to get to know the couples who have chosen surrogacy. Additionally, she consults with a legal expert in the sector to better grasp the legal aspects of surrogacy.

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