10 Best Movies About Sleep Paralysis That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Sleep Paralysis

The prevalence of sleep paralysis and nightmarish experiences is startling. The brain creates devils when it’s stuck between waking and sleeping. It’s a fantastic movie idea!

“Sleep paralysis,” a frightening and surprisingly prevalent illness, is closely related to “night terrors.” Those who are afflicted by these disorders exist in a state of limbo between sleep and wakefulness. Their brain continues to function, but their body remains immobile.

Furthermore, the majority of people who suffer from sleep paralysis describe feeling a presence in the room that appears to be dangerous. It’s possible that they’ll see a shadowy figure or sense someone crawling on top of them. A few minutes of unable to move is alarming, even though it is brief.

Obviously, this situation lends itself well to the making of a horror film. Sleep paralysis is a common theme in horror films and television shows, and many of them will make you want to turn the lights on at night. We’ll start with the 10 best films about sleep paralysis (according to IMDB).

1. Desecration: 4.0


When his mother died, a teenage boy’s life was forever changed. Desecration chronicles his experience.

The teen is greatly disturbed by the incident, but things don’t improve afterward. It starts a chain reaction when he inadvertently kills a nun at his catholic school.

The youngster was then tormented by sights of demonic nuns and demons in his dreams. He soon finds himself in a horrible, unfamiliar environment. Fighting to survive, he must face his own demons while also trying to destroy this supernatural evil.

2. Sleep-Paralysis: 4.2

An author of children’s books decides to relocate to a lakeside house in this 2004 Australian chiller.

She and her husband are first pleased with their new residence. Things quickly deteriorate, however.

We see our heroine contacting medical specialists and even the clergy to find help when she begins to suffer from sleep paralysis. Nothing seems to work, despite her best attempts. With the horrific monster that stalks her at night, she quickly finds herself battling for her life in order to keep from succumbing to it.

3. Dead Awake: 4.6

Dead Awake

Kate, a social worker investigating a string of bizarre deaths in the wake of her sister Beth’s untimely death, is the focus of the new thriller Dead Awake. The condition of sleep paralysis affected all of the victims. Kate is warned by a doctor that an evil spirit has been stalking the ancestors of these people, but she dismisses the warning as nothing more than wishful thinking.

Eventually, Kate comes to believe in the monster and tries to bring it to life herself. She, on the other hand, comes dangerously close to death in the process. Kate discovers that the creature is far more powerful than she ever thought as her investigation gets her closer to it.

4. Marianne: 4.7

Krister, a man dealing with the recent death of his wife, is the focus of this Swedish horror thriller. Krister was left to care for a newborn child and a bitter adolescent daughter after her death. It doesn’t help that he suffers from bizarre and terrible nightmares during the course of the night.

Krister eventually comes to believe that he is being plagued by a Mare, a demon from Slavic legend, at night. It’s rumored that the Mare would ride on the shoulders of those who went to sleep, causing them to suffer from dreadful dreams. This myth was employed to explain the earliest occurrences of sleep paralysis, according to most experts.

5. Slumber: 4.7


In Slumber, Alice, a sleep doctor who follows the rules to the letter, helps individuals with their nightmares and other sleep issues on a daily basis. Nonetheless, when a young family brings in Daniel, her standard therapy methods have to be rethought. It is revealed that Daniel suffers from night terrors and that an evil thing is also haunting the rest of Daniel’s family.

As the family sleeps, Alice brings them in to watch. It’s a shame, because her comments merely elicit additional inquiries. It becomes increasingly difficult for Alice to keep the family alive as the creature rises in strength.

6. Mara: 5.1

The investigation into a strange death is the subject of the 2018 spooky horror film Mara. Kate, a criminal psychologist, looks into the death of a man who was reportedly suffocated to death while sleeping. Kate A woman who claims that her husband was murdered by an evil sleep monster prompts Kate to seek the help of mental health professionals.

It’s hardly a one-size-fits-all situation, however, as Kate experiences sleep paralysis herself. Increasingly, Kate is forced to face the notion that the sleep monster is real, as the death toll mounts. In the end, she runs into a doctor who tells her about “Mara,” a centuries-old legend about a slumber demon.

7. Shadow People: 5.3

Shadow People

“Shadow people” are haunting individuals in their sleep, according to a radio talk show presenter, Charlie, after watching a series of YouTube videos. He chooses to do his own investigation because he finds the accounts to be so believable. A few deaths in his village may have been the result of these “shadow people.”

CDC investigator Sophie, on the other hand, is desperate to find a more logical explanation for the mysterious illness. Despite this, she agrees to work with Charlie to try to uncover the truth. They’ll soon learn that the shadow people aren’t just a myth; they’re a serious threat to them both.

8. The Haunting of Mia Moss: 5.4

It’s about Mia Moss, a young woman plagued by dreams. To learn more about these dreams, she turns to her mother, who reveals that her mother had suffered from sleep paralysis and had experienced similar nightmares too. In their minds, the visions that plague Mia might be fatal.

As time passes, Mia’s nocturnal experiences begin to overlap with her waking ones. When she is awake, a nasty old woman follows and harasses her. Mia’s sense of reality begins to slip as the visions get more intense.

9. Between the Darkness: 5.6

Between the Darkness

Sprout, a 13-year-old girl, lives with her father and younger brother on an isolated sanctuary in Between the Darkness. In order to “pray in silence,” the family relocated to the sanctuary. Sprout, on the other hand, is plagued by nightmares in which he sees a bizarre and horrifying monster.

Soon, Sprout is convinced that the monster is lurking in the woods nearby. She sets out into the woods in search of answers. Sprout uncovers disturbing information about her family as she searches for and defeats the monster.

10. The Nightmare: 5.8

The lone documentary on this list is The Nightmare, although true-crime horror films tend to be the scariest. Real-life accounts of sleep paralysis are depicted in the movie. While every instance is different, they all have a similar experience.

The victims discover that they are unable to move when they arise in the middle of the night. A black figure appears in the room with them whenever they feel a presence. The person may even feel a heavy weight on their chest, making it difficult to breathe, in certain instances.