15 Best Movies About Sea Monsters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Sea Monsters

We’re taking a look at some of the best examples of sea monsters in the horror genre, from Oscar winners to cult classics.

There have been sea monsters since the beginning of time. There are innumerable tales of aquatic mystery just as there are tales of fear in the cosmos.

There have been a lot of bad movies about sea monsters, but there have also been a lot of good ones, generally in the horror category, but not necessarily. Here are some of the best films about sea monsters, including Academy Award winners as well as enduring B-Movie classics.

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Over 70% of the planet’s surface is still uncharted, a fact that continues to enthrall scientists and explorers. The fear of the unknown has long been a staple of the horror and science fiction genres, inspiring countless tales of sea monsters and other dreadful aquatic creatures. Some of the best sea monster movies ever made will be examined today in an effort to keep humanity from straying too close to a genuinely terrible ocean.

15 An Underwater Mining Facility Falls Under Attack From A Mutant Creature In Leviathan


As the geologist in charge of a mining operation that uncovers a wrecked Soviet submarine at sea and discovers a safe with information on the crew as well as a lethal infection, RoboCop’s Peter Weller made his film debut in Leviathan in 1989.

As the illness spreads throughout the mining plant, it begins to kill and mutate the workers, transforming them into a monstrous aquatic monster known ashomo aquaticus and earning a place in film history.

14 Deep Rising Features A Giant Sea Monster That Attacks A Luxury Gambling Cruise Ship

When a crew of jewel thieves attempted to get into a luxury gambling cruise liner, they discovered that the ship had already been assaulted by weird tentacle-like monsters that began devouring the survivors.

A massive Octalus was nesting inside the ship and feeding on its crew and gamblers after attacking and crippling it, and as they make their way through it in search of their big score while struggling to stay alive, they realize that their tentacle-like nemesis is nothing more than an Octalus.

13 The Giant Monster That Attacked New York In Cloverfield Was Awakened By Deep-Sea Drilling

Cloverfield (2008)

Clover, the creature that terrorized Manhattan in 2008’s Cloverfield, was revealed to have begun its rampage after fleeing the water in the newfound-footage horror film.

Deep sea drilling disaster that unleashed monster teased beginnings in an alternate reality game that was launched during film marketing to promote the picture. Slusho drinks from J.J. Abrams films were used to create a Slusho-flavored environment for the drilling.

12 Godzilla Is A Classic Kaiju With Numerous Appearances That Calls The Ocean Home

Following his debut appearance in 1954’sGodzilla, the legendarykaiju went on to star in more than 30 films, cementing the sea monster’s cinematic reputation even further.

It’s important to remember that Godzilla has appeared both as a villain and as a defender of humanity against other Kaiju, including sea monsters. InGodzilla vs. Kong, a sea monster faced off against a giant ape to further satisfy genre fans, 2014’sGodzilla launched a new MonsterVerse of films.

11 Toxic Chemical Dumping In The Ocean Created A Deadly Monster In The Host

The Host

Toxicity in Seoul’s Han River is mutating an aquatic lifeform into the monster Gwoemul, which was the original name of the South Korean film. The Host investigated this phenomenon and its effects.

Gwoemul assaulted Seoul residents and kidnapped a little child after spreading sickness around the city, highlighting the hazards of unlawful garbage disposal, which has resulted in an excessive number of hazardous sea monsters over the years.

10 A Stranded Deep-Sea Research Team Encountered Deadly Monsters In Underwater

It took a few of years before Underwater was finally awarded an early January release date, but it appeared destined to go unnoticed. There are a few inventive moments in the Kristen Stewart-led thriller, despite the fact that it has an unavoidable air of being stitched together from previous sci-fi thrillers.

The Lovecraftian conclusion, which features one of the most expensive recreations of the legendary Cthulhu, is the most memorable of these scenes. Underwater is a great movie to watch from the comfort of your own home, and unfortunately one of the first fatalities of 2020.

9 Lake Placid Starred Betty White And Featured A Giant Cow-Eating Crocodile

The success of Lake Placid can be boiled down to two words: Betty. White. “Lake Placid” isn’t even close to being considered a “excellent movie.” The movie, on the other hand, is a lot of fun. Scientists Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt and Bridget Fonda are leading an effort to stop a crocodile from devouring cattle.

However, Betty White is what makes this picture memorable since she plays a local who makes light of everything that happens in the film with her on-screen anecdotes.

8 Sea Fever Is An Atmospheric And Claustrophobic Parasite From The Deep Tale

Sea Feveris

An Irish indie from rookie filmmaker Neasa Hardiman has just been added to the list and the subgenre. Sea Feveris a claustrophobic ‘parasite from the deep’ thriller that relies on atmosphere and increasing suspense over spectacular effects and setpieces.

Immediately upon the arrival of a nervous biologist to the crew of a fishing boat, the captain takes the vessel into uncharted waters. There are at least two scenes in the following story that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Sea Fever, a film with cult-like potential, is also a promising debut for its writer/director.

7 A Survivor Stranded On A Desert Island Is Hunted By A Sea Monster In Sweetheart

This year’sSweetheartis one of Netflix’s best original horror films, combining elements ofJawsandCast Away. It becomes increasingly difficult for a young woman to survive on a tropical island when she discovers that a humanoid water creature is lurking just offshore in an alarming pit on the ocean floor.

In Sweetheart, the tension grows steadily throughout the entire film, culminating in a climactic conflict between man and beast. Kiersey Clemons is the film’s lead, and he’s more than capable of taking on the role.

6 Tale Of Tales Is An anthology Movie That Featured A Unique Take On The Classic Sea Serpent

Tale of Tales begins with a weird sea monster story that sets the tone for the bizarre events that follow in this dark fantasy collection of fairy tales. Taking a change from her normal seductive role, Salma Hayek stars in the tale of a marine monster.

Computer-generated and practical effects were used to bring the leviathan-like sea monster to life in this film, creating a disturbing sequence of images. This is one of the more traditional interpretations of the sea serpent, Tale of Tales.

5 The Lure Is Part Disco Musical, Part Mermaid Horror Film, And Part Modern Fable

The Lure (2015)

When discussing genre films, the term “original” is frequently bandied about. There is no doubt, though, that the Polish oddityThe Lureis a good fit for the title. The Lureis a modern fable about two mermaid sisters who become land-walking, lounge-singing, love-seeking mermaids in a small town.

The film has a devoted audience and a Criterion edition due to its unique blend of amusing cinematic entertainment and genuinely horrific body horror sequences.

4 The Creature From The Black Lagoon Was One Of The Original Sea Monster Movies

Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of the best B-Movies of the 1950s and one of the most pure pulpy and enjoyable Universal Monsters pictures. The titular monster wreaks beautiful havoc on the crew’s steamboat after an Amazonian monster with gills and fins is discovered during a geological excursion.

Despite being less well-known than Dracula and Frankenstein, the picture still generated a sequel series, none of which could approach the original’s campy heights. It’s one of the greatest movies of its kind.

3  The Lighthouse Is A Dreamy And Surreal Descent Into Nautical Madness And Merfolk

If you were looking for one of the year’s most talked-about horror films in 2019, look no further than The Lighthouse. Essentially, it’s a one-on-one conversation between an aging lighthouse keeper (Willem Dafoe) and his new hire (Robert Pattinson).

A horrifying representation of merfolk is one of the most frightening depictions in cinematic history of the sea creatures and myths of the old sailor worlds. In terms of tough and unique horror experiences, The Lighthouse ranks as one of the best of the last decade.

2 James Cameron’s The Abyss Explored The Deep Ocean Alongside Extraterrestrials

The Abyss

When it came to making a movie about an oil crew exploring a buried submarine thousands of miles below the ocean’s surface, James Cameron had a bad reputation. In the later passages, where computer-generated effects were groundbreaking, Cameron’s vision is rarely as focused and innovative as it is here.

As a suitable capstone to Cameron’s remarkable run in the 1980s, The Abyss serves as a sign of what he would do in the next decade as he continued to merge technological progress and blockbuster filmmaking.

1 The Shape Of Water Is An Academy Award-Winning Romantic Sea Monster Movie

Guillermo del Toro’s magnum opus is one of the most inventive and well-executed horror films in the last two decades, combining elements of classic monster movies with the tragic love stories of the past.

This dark love story of a deaf woman falling in love with a reptilian aquatic humanoid still amazes me to this day because it won the Academy Award for Best Picture! “The Lonely Deaf Woman” is a classic thanks to Sally Hawkins’ career-defining portrayal as a lonely deaf woman.