15 Best Movies About Rich People That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Rich People

A film that provokes thought isn’t something you get to see every day. This list is not about mindless entertainment, which is something I enjoy doing from time to time. Those moments when I’ve aspired to live like the affluent and famous have inspired this list of things I’ve tried to emulate.

A jacuzzi loaded with dollar notes would be nicer than a balti-lota in your bathroom in these movies.

1. Aisha


Aisha, the Indian version of Clueless, isn’t so far off the rich and spoiled mark in normal conditions. There is a rumor that the movie ran over budget because of Ms Kapoor’s outfits. Do you suppose anyone else noticed the Beatles? I had to look it up because I was more interested in riding in a real Beatle than in a car.

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Everyone adored the movie because the privileged guys were channeling first-world issues into it. Nothing new here. A bachelor celebration is celebrated with a trip to Spain. A bachelor celebration at Aishwarya Bar is clearly insignificant in this context (Yes, I know people). They indulge in copious amounts of alcohol, eat tons of tomatoes, toss their cell phones in the trash, rent luxury cars, and generally have a great time with stunning women in opulent settings. It’s a wonderful surprise.

3. Sex and the City

Sex and the City

A TV series has evolved into two full-length movies. All the money these women make is spent on expensive clothing, residences that make mine look like shoeboxes and trips to places like Nashik that make my journey to India seem like a waste of time.

4. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby tree would be if money grew on trees, which my mum tells me it doesn’t. The place where the affluent and famous bet with more than their money and where the American Dream is realized in a film about bling.

5. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

You’re probably wondering, “WTF?” Because you probably missed Mr. Rahul’s arrival in his own fucking helicopter, possibly because you were wondering what was going on with Jaya at the time. When you visit the Raichand mansion and see the vase that came with it, it all makes sense. It’s not uncommon for a kid to run away from home with no money to go visit Bandra, let alone London.

6. Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street

What is the sum total of all of this in one movie? MONEY. He has a yacht, guy! In comparison to this, I don’t even have a fishing boat. As Wall Street is referred to, ‘The Business’ returns more to them than our country does.

7. Citizen Kane

Having a job as a journalist and then a politician is an exciting career path. When he married the President’s niece, he was married to a member of the White House staff. Despite the fact that it was considered one of the best films of its era, this is a compelling tale of overcoming adversity and achieving financial success.

8. Goodfellas

A wealthy lifestyle is what the criminal underground has to offer. In order to become a mafia, this guy gives up his education and gives up his future. So he becomes a drug lord in the future. If he’s making that much money, you can only image the kind of woman he’ll attract as a result.

9. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

So when you think of Legally Blonde, the first thing that comes to mind may not be wealth. The transformation from “Bimbo” to “Smartass” is taking up your time. But did you ever pause to wonder where she obtained such a great automobile, a massive mansion, clothes that I’d die for, and hair that requires a lot of money to keep in such good condition. Daddy dearest, you’re quite correct.

10. The Devil Wears Prada

I’m not even going to mention Andrea, I’m focusing on Miranda. Being wealthy and famous can have its downsides, and this film is no exception. What happens when money takes precedence over all other considerations in one’s life? It all comes down to the work. When viewed against Andrea’s life, it’s an excellent contrast.

11. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

She embodies everything that is wrong with the royal family. She’s notorious for partying, splurging on designer clothing, and generally having an affair with her money. When she was the Queen of France, her social life was more important than her subjects’. It’s a joy to watch her live her life to the fullest!

12. Iron Man

He’s the kind of hero I’d like to emulate. It would be nice if we could talk about his enormous mansion, considering the high cost of land. In addition to that, he owns his own company! He can afford to create as many Iron Man outfits as he likes, as long as he has the money.

13. Arthur


As far as I can tell, this is a movie about a millionaire living in New York City. Basically, he’s getting married to another rich person, but he falls in love with a normal guy, and I think it’s adorable. However, be sure to check out the original and not the one from 2011.

14. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

He’s a movie star, and he’s trying to improve his public image. It’s not natural for him to go out on dates because he lives in his own world and just has his own interests in mind. Tad and Pete’s stark differences are what make this film so enjoyable to me.

15. Princess Diaries 2

Princess Diaries 2

My favorite author, Meg Cabot, is the author of this series, so I won’t pretend to be impartial. However, this movie is about a princess who lives in a palace with other rich people and sleeps on a wide stairway with mattresses. All of the usual suspects are here, including adorably cute canines, an abundance of housekeepers, a slew of gorgeous males, and more.