Top 10 Movies About Miami That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Miami

Miami has been the setting for some stunning films, as well as some high-octane, dramatic fare. These 10 Miami-based films, whether a comedy, thriller, or drama, wonderfully portray the city’s charm.

1. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight (2016)

Even while this film displays Miami’s glitz like many others, it does more than simply show the city’s appeal. Moonlight isn’t afraid to show the darker side of Miami, and it doesn’t hold back when it comes to depicting the city’s least impoverished residents. At night, we witness Chiron heading to the beach, as well as visiting his lover at Jimmy’s Eastside Diner in the Upper Eastside. In contrast to earlier films about Miami, Moonlight shows the city’s lesser-known enclaves such Little Havana and Little Havana instead of relying on the glamour of Ocean Drive and Bal Harbour.

2. Miami Vice (2006)

An adaptation of the television series of the same name is what this film is all about. In this suspenseful film, scenes were filmed at the now-defunct Mansion nightclub. The Dodge and Fisher Islands, as well as Brickell and the Miami Beach Marina, are all included in the video. At night, Miami, especially downtown, is breathtakingly gorgeous. There are several fantastic night scenes that show this off.

3. Nude on the Moon (1961)

Nude on the Moon (1961)

Doris Wishman directed eight nudist films, the last of which is about a man landing on the moon and finding a world populated by naked women. Coral Castle in Homestead, one of South Florida’s most magnificent attractions, served as the backdrop for many sequences. For some reason the love of his life broke up their engagement the day before they were set on being married, and Ed from Latvia moved to Florida to build a limestone structure as a gift for her. All kinds of coral constructions, from moons to hearts to revolving pieces, can be seen at the site.

4. Scarface (1983)

This is the film to see if you’re looking for old Miami landmarks. Some of Miami’s most well-known landmarks, such as Ocean and 13th, are featured in Scarface. Currently, the Johnny Rocket’s on Ocean Drive where the chainsaw action takes place is just a few blocks from the Colony Hotel. This film will delight Art Deco architectural fans as well as those who appreciate the splendor and elegance of the high-end hotels in Miami. Filming took place at the infamous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, which serves as a symbol of the city’s glitz and luxury.

5. Step Up: Revolution (2012)

Step Up Revolution (2012)

A Miami backdrop is the perfect setting for anyone who enjoys watching dance competitions and routines. Among the many areas that can be seen are Ocean Drive, Downtown Miami, the Lincoln Road Parking Garage, and even the New World Symphony’s wall. Miami River and American Airlines Arena are also visible from here, making this a must-see location in the city. Dancers engage with various Miami environs, from the traffic on Ocean Drive to the opulent hotels, in addition to spotting the city’s most spectacular landmarks.

6. The Birdcage (1996)

The Art Deco District of Miami, a distinct region of the city that dates back to 1923-1943, is nicely featured in this film. At The Carlyle on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, a hotel with a stunning view of the Atlantic, the film’s “Birdcage Club” is actually The Carlyle. As a filming setting for Bad Boys 2, Random Hearts, and Scarface, the hotel’s 1939 construction hasn’t changed much since then. You’ll fall in love with Miami’s Art Deco District after watching this film.

7. Dostana (2008)

Dostana (2008)

Watch this Bollywood film about two Indian men in Miami who persuade each other to pose as a gay couple in order to approach a woman they both like if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Art Deco District, and Crandon Park are all featured in this film. Set to the music of Bollywood, this mash-up of Indian culture and the city of Miami makes for an entertaining movie experience.

8. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Stunt drivers race through several parts of Miami, including the area in front of Bayside Marketplace, on their way to Downtown Miami in this exhilarating clip. Passing the Freedom Tower, New World Tower, and American Airlines Arena, they arrive at their destination. These landmarks give visitors a taste of what Miami looks like at night, with glittering lights and skyscrapers that glow in a variety of hues illuminating the streets. The South Miami Avenue Bridge, which featured in multiple episodes of Miami Vice, is crossed by drivers. You’ll want to rent a car and take a trip to Miami after seeing this movie.

9. There’s Something About Mary (1998)

There’s Something About Mary (1998)

The Big Pink Diner, south of the Art Deco District and toward South Pointe, is one of many Miami landmarks included in this rom-com. The Brickell Key Causeway and the Miami-Dade Cultural Center are also prominently displayed. The Cardozo, a gorgeous Art Deco hotel on Miami’s Ocean Drive and one of the city’s oceanfront hotels, is also highlighted. After seeing this movie, you’ll be itching to get out of town.

10. Wild Things (1998)

There are many lovely locations in Miami included in this sensual thriller, including Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Oleta River State Park and Coconut Grove. While Wild Things is a gruesome and sexually explicit film, there is no greater setting than Miami’s bright, sultry, alluring scenery to set the mood. Beaches, palm trees, and azure waters await you in this paradise.