10 Best Movies About Escape Rooms That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Escape Rooms

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Are you a fan of the suspense and challenge that escape rooms provide? Want more escape room excitement in your daily life? Here’s your chance. And now you’re stranded at home?

There aren’t many movies featuring actual escape rooms, but there are a slew of movies with similar themes: being stranded in a strange location, becoming lost in a mystery, and facing death if the clock runs out of time.

Isn’t it the excitement of solving puzzles that draws us to escape rooms in the first place? If you’re a fan of escape rooms, check out these movies!

1. SAW


As much as the SAW films are puzzle movies, the first one is most like an escape room, with two characters who are locked in a room full of puzzles and must solve them in order to get out (and survive).

In the end, the solutions to the puzzles are far less enjoyable than the enjoyable escape rooms we enjoy playing. Is SAW the right choice for you if you enjoy gory horror and escape rooms?

2. Escape Room

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Escape Room is the name of this film. If you’re still unsure if this film is right for you, check read the synopsis: “Six strangers are trapped in a labyrinth of dangerous mystery rooms and must rely on their wits to stay alive.”

This is a narrative that pushes real-life escape rooms to the next level, and I don’t know what else is out there.

3. Cube


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Several people are trapped in an unending maze that is littered with lethal traps, as depicted in the cult classic film Cube. Cube was a huge hit with moviegoers even before escape rooms became a popular pastime.

4. Exam

When you take a look at the plot of this film, you’re left wondering how they were able to produce an entire movie out of it. A group of job applicants is imprisoned in a room and forced to pass a single-question test.

While it may appear simple at first, the movie progresses in a similar way to an escape room, where things get increasingly complicated and intriguing.

5. Panic Room

Panic Room

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When their new house is broken into, a mom and her daughter seek sanctuary in the safe room.

Fans of escape rooms will enjoy the film’s plot, which centers on two people locked in a room.

6. Breathing Room

This film’s narrative is remarkably similar to SAW’s. While the reviews aren’t great, fans of escape rooms will enjoy the story, which revolves around a deadly game in which players must solve puzzles to avoid death.

It’s a good movie if you can get beyond the problems, so long as you’re willing to put up with them.

7. The Killing Room

The Killing Room

In this twisted film, four people are paid $250 to take part in psychological tests in exchange for their cooperation.

To be fair, it’s a lot harder than it appears, and they’ll be put through their paces in a brutal government program. They must attempt to pass a test in which they are given questions and clues.

8. Devil

When a group of people are locked in an elevator, M. Night Shyamalan’s film is about their ordeal. They realize that one of them is the devil while they are in captivity.

They don’t like being trapped in the elevator, as you might expect, and they need to get out. The Shyamalan twist alone will make you want to watch it…

9. Nine Dead

Nine Dead

There will be a death every ten minutes for the nine strangers who are confined in the same room unless they figure out how and why they are all related.

While it’s less about puzzles and more about reasoning, it still has a very escape room feel that’ll entertain and thrill!

10. Identity

In a violent storm, eleven strangers are trapped in a Nevada motel and are being killed one-by-one. All-star cast includes John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and Amanda Peet in this escape room-themed film.