10 Best Movies About Elizabeth Bathory That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Elizabeth Bathory

As far as female serial killers go, Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary may be the most prolific. It’s impossible to say for sure how many people she killed because she was active between 1585 and 1609. However, it is apparent that she had a talent for kidnapping, torturing, and killing young women that was unmatched.

The terrible details of Báthory’s mythology have only become worse over the years, making the legend even more terrifying. What is the most well-known legend? To keep her skin fresh and beautiful, Báthory washed herself in the blood of the young ladies she had murdered.

Horror films about the deranged countess have benefited greatly from the gruesome details of her torture chambers and the shattered remains of her victims. Movies on Elizabeth Báthory have been many, but these 10 are among the greatest based on her chilling story.

1. The Night of the Werewolf

The Night of the Werewolf

As part of a long-running story about werewolf/Count Waldemar Daninsky, The Return of the Wolfman sees the wolfman and Elizabeth Báthory put to death for their crimes. The two are trapped in a scary and violent combat since they are practically difficult to kill.

2. Chastity Bites

Liz Batho, a pseudonym for our great buddy Báthory, runs an abstinence program at a high school in modern-day California. While her “Virginity Action Group” has been keeping her well-supplied with the virgin blood she requires, a high school blogger begins to scent something fishy about the whole situation..

3. Mama Dracula

Mama Dracula

Those who depend on fresh, uncontaminated blood to maintain their youth and vitality face difficult times, yet Mama Dracula persists. There aren’t enough virgins to go around for Báthory-inspired Mama in 1980. To watch Nurse Ratched in the role of Báthory in this bizarre 1980 film is worth seeing in and of itself.

4. Daughters of Darkness

According to this account, Báthory was in Belgium in 1971 when this event takes place—and her trick of bathing in the blood of young girls has really kept her fresh and alive throughout the years. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time you watch this intriguing horror thriller.

5. Immoral Tales

The Elizabeth Báthory films that have been made have a sensual edge, but this one is straight up about sex, unlike the others. Paloma Picasso, daughter of Pablo Picasso, portrays Báthory in this anthology’s Báthory story. The last of Walerian Borowcyzk’s art that was praised by critics was this surrealist collection.

6. Countess Dracula

Countess Dracula

Reworking the original story of Dracula using Countess Báthory’s character is a natural progression. Both stories include underlying themes of sensuality, lust for youth, and Eastern European wealth. Hence, mixing the two was a no-brainer, and the outcome was the seductive and eerie film about the “Countesses Elisabeth Násady.”

7. The Countess

For years, Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise) has been trying to raise money for and produce her own Báthory film. It’s a bloodbath of a biopic starring and directed by Delpy.

8. Stay Alive

Stay Alive

As Countess Báthory and a revenge epic come to life in this inventive horror flick, it’s an unforgettable experience. After this, we were done with the PS2s.

9. Bathory: Countess of Blood

Many have speculated that the Countess was the victim of a smear campaign over the years. This biopic claims that Báthory was poisoned with hallucinogens, wrongly accused of witchcraft, and put to death to pay for acts she would never have committed on her own. When it comes to the ridiculousness of the Báthory story, director Juraj Jakubisko takes full advantage of it.

10. Hostel: Part II

Hostel Part II

If you’ve got steel in your bones, this pick is for you! During the course of Eli Roth’s second torture film, one of the film’s main characters is lashed until the killer below has enough blood to bathe in. Yes, the Countess Báthory is a major influence on her.