13 Best Movies About Asteroids That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Asteroids

Numerous films have been made regarding aliens and asteroids in Hollywood. These stories take place in the far reaches of the universe, while others take place right here on Earth. Meteors striking the Earth and wreaking global devastation are the most common examples of the latter. Because it may happen at any time, this is horrifying to viewers because they have no control over their own fate. Despite the fact that many space movies are scientifically accurate, they have also contributed to a number of misunderstandings.

The term “near earth object” refers to any minor solar system body with an orbit that passes close to our planet’s. There are several examples of rocky bodies that orbit the sun, such as asteroids. The asteroid belt, which lies between Mars and Jupiter, is home to the vast majority of these space rocks. Meteoroids are the tiny bits of an asteroid that break off and fly away. There is a difference between a meteoroid and a shooting star when it enters the atmosphere.

Since so much about our solar system remains a mystery, the idea of a meteor striking Earth is extremely unsettling. A meteor, as shown in science fiction films, has the potential to devastate our biosphere or even bring in extraterrestrial life. It could lead to a complete breakdown of society or even the extinction of life on Earth. The following is a complete list of the best asteroid movies ever filmed. They may not all be scientifically accurate, but they’re all fun to look at.

1. The Green Slime (1968)

The Green Slime (1968)

An asteroid that’s heading straight for Earth is the subject of this sci-fi flick. The asteroid is destroyed by a team of scientists, but they return with a weird green substance. This substance soon transforms into a creature that could be more hazardous than the asteroid itself. A group of children dressed as slime monsters portrayed the creatures in this film. In spite of their ridiculous appearance and corny narrative, the film has been voted one of the funniest awful movies ever.

2. Moon Zero Two (1969)

This space western is a science fiction film. In it, a crew of crooks tries to steal a sapphire-encrusted asteroid. When it was written, it was considered futuristic for its day. As a whole, it’s a delightful film with a distinct flair and a stellar ensemble. Mysterious Science Theater 3000 even highlighted it in the eleventh episode of season two (1991).

3. Meteor (1979)

Meteor (1979)

Sean Connery and Natalie Wood feature in this disaster film. It’s about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth that pushes the US and Soviet space agencies to work together. First-generation Russian Wood wanted to play a Russian because she was born to Russian immigrants. Natalia Nikolaevna Zakherenko was her birth name. In real life, she is also fluent in Russian, just like her on-screen persona.

4. Night of the Comet (1984)

A comet wipes out the majority of humanity in this hysterical horror flick. Only Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney, who play the Valley Girls, are able to escape. Cannibal zombies and nefarious scientists are two of the enemies they face in order to survive. Teenage Mutant Horror Comet Zombies was the film’s working title. In order to make the scenario as plausible as possible, screenwriter Thom Eberhardt talked to real kids about what they would do if the world ended tomorrow.

5. Without Warning (1994)

There are news reports of meteors hitting the United States, France, and China that interrupt this sci-fi film. October 30, 1994 was the intended air date for this picture. On this date in 1938, a renowned radio show about a false Martian invasion of Earth was broadcast. In light of the fact that Without Warning was based on the show, this is appropriate Overall, this is an outstanding film that is frighteningly resembling the genuine thing.

6. Armageddon (1998)

Armageddon (1998)

This disaster picture, directed by Michael Bay, is about an asteroid on a collision course with our planet. A team of deep-core drillers is brought in by NASA to stop it. According to director Michael Bay, the film’s nuclear bomb approach to stopping the asteroid is brilliant but would never work in real life. Of course, this has had no effect on the moviegoers’ opinion of it. Disney’s biggest grossing action film at the time of release was this. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names appear in this film: Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis star alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Liv Tyler, while Steve Buscemi and Owen Wilson round out the cast.

7. Deep Impact (1998)

An approaching comet threatens to obliterate the planet in this blockbuster sci-fi flick. Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood, Morgan Freeman, and Tea Leoni are among the cast members. They are, however, not the only familiar faces in this movie. Gerry Griffin, a NASA flight director, plays a NASA scientist in the film. The Apollo 12 mission was strongly influenced by Griffin’s involvement. Johnson Space Center in Texas appointed him as its director.

8. Post Impact (2004)

An asteroid strike causes a new ice age in this action-adventure flick. In this film, a group of survivors tries to find a life-saving device that will bring hope to humanity. This is a delightful movie, despite the fact that it is scientifically incorrect. Bettina Zimmermann and Joanna Taylor are among the cast members. Cristoph Schrewe, known for his work on Fear the Walking Dead (2016), Mr. Robot (2015), and Criminal Minds (2010), directed the episode (2018).

9. Meteor Apocalypse (2010)

Meteor Apocalypse (2010)

Joe Lando and Claudia Christian feature in this meteor movie. An enormous meteor threatens to enter Earth’s orbit and endanger the whole human race. Debris from the meteor rains down on Earth as it begins to disintegrate. The dialogue is a touch corny, despite the fantastic actors. It’s a good catastrophe movie, but don’t take it too seriously.

10. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (2012)

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star in Lorene Scarfaria’s comedy, which she also wrote and directed. His wife abandons him after she learns of a near-Earth asteroid, which she believes to be an imminent threat. In the absence of anyone else, he embarks on a cross-country journey to see his high school girlfriend. Preaching the End of the World, a Chris Cornell song, served as the inspiration for the film’s title. His album Euphoria Mourning contains the song.

11. Christmas Icetastrophe (2014)

A meteorite crashes into a tiny community near Christmas in this action-adventure film. It brings with it snow, ice, and extremely low temperatures, putting the lives of residents in jeopardy. A Christmas Carol’s Marley, Crooge, and Ratchet are all references in the film (1984). Filming took place in Canada, despite the fact that the plot takes place in Washington. A few years earlier, in 1982, the first Rambo film, First Blood, was shot on location here.

12. Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Ice Age Collision Course (2016)

The fifth film in the Ice Age series is this animated animation. In addition, it is the longest film in the series. Running time is 1hr 15min. Several animals are attempting to stop an asteroid that is headed right for them in this narrative. Many major science fiction films are mocked in this picture, including Alien (1979), Prometheus (2012), The Martian (2015), and Gravity (2016). (2013).

13. Don’t Look Up (2021)

In the film Don’t Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play two astronomers from Michigan who detect a comet heading toward Earth. Six months from now, the comet is expected to strike and cause an extinction-level event. They seek to warn the government and subsequently the general population about the approaching doom of the world with devastating consequences in the sci-fi comedy